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How To Find Cheque Number On Sbi, Hdfc, Icici &Amp; Axis Chequehow To Find Cheque Number On Sbi, Hdfc, Icici &Amp; Axis Cheque

How to Find Cheque Number on SBI, HDFC, ICICI & Axis Cheque

In this digital era, Cheques are still used by many persons and companies. There is no doubt that digital payments such as UPI, IMPS, NEFT are gaining popularity in India but still, most of the companies prefer major payments through Cheques. Each Cheque contains a cheque number, IFSC Code, MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition). MICR …

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How To Activate Sbi Credit Card Online

How to activate SBI Credit Card Online

State Bank of India provides a wide range of credit cards for its customers. As a safety measure, the bank delivers an inactive credit card, which can later be activated by the user. Hence, we have created a stepwise guide to the whole process of activation of SBI credit cards. You can activate your Credit …

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How To Activate Sbi Debit Card

How to activate SBI debit card

Earlier, State Bank Of India’s debit card came with its PIN inside the delivery packet. Nowadays, they send us only Debit Card as a part of the green earth initiative. However, activating SBI Debit Card by generating an ATM pin is really easy. In this post, I will share the process on how to activate …

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Check Sbt Account Balance Online/Sms/Missed Call

Check SBT Account Balance Online/Sms/Missed call

In older times, we have to visit the bank to check account balance. But in the modern era, most banks are adding new facilities for users to make their work simpler. Now we can check the SBT balance without visiting the bank on our mobile or laptop using various methods like Internet Banking, By Sms, …

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How To Find Cif Number In Sbi Without Passbook

What is CIF number? How to Get CIF Number in SBI Without Passbook

CIF is the most important term in banking activities. CIF is a file that stores all the demographic information about the account holder. Every CIF file has a unique CIF number. SBI is the leading bank in the Indian banking sector, with over 24000 branches only in India and 190 offices in 35 other countries. …

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How To Report Failed Sbi Atm Transaction

How to Report Sbi Atm Transaction Failed but Amount Debited

We use credit or debit cards very often for shopping, paying bills, and withdraw cash from the ATM machine. ATM card is one of the easiest ways to withdraw cash anytime you want. You don’t need to visit the bank each time to withdraw the cash. Some ATM machines even provide a deposit facility as …

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How To Change Address In Sbi Account Online

How to change address in SBI Account Online

Banks send confidential parcels to your home location such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Important papers, etc., and if you changed your address or moved to another city, it might be hard for you to visit the old place to collect your documents. Banks give you the facility to change your address with a new …

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