How to check Canara Bank Balance Online

The Canara Bank Balance Enquiry Number displays a summary of all money deposited or withdrawn from an account. It keeps track of finances, monitors Canara Bank account balances, protects against fraud, and analyses spending habits regularly. Canara Bank is regarded as one of India’s premier financial institutions. If you are a Canara Bank customer, you can utilize this service if your mobile number is registered with the bank. If you haven’t registered your cellphone number with the bank yet, you can do so by contacting your nearby Canara Bank local branch.

Canara Bank Balance Check Number 2023 Check Balance By Missed Call Or SMS

Canara Bank Balance Enquiry No.

Canara bank balance check number is 09015483483. To check your Canara Bank balance, you have to give a missed call on this number, and the bank will then notify you with an SMS of a mini bank statement on your registered mobile number.

Canara Bank Balance Check Number 2023 Check Balance By Missed Call Or SMS
  1. For Canara Bank Balance Enquiry through SMS, you have to type SMS CANBAL<space>userid<space>MPIN” and send it to 5607060 
  2. For Canara Bank Balance check number through Missed Call, give a missed call on 09015483483.
  3. Get Canara bank mini statement on phone, give a missed call on 09015734734.
  4. For Canara Bank Balance check through USSD, you have to enter *99#.
  5. For Canara Bank Balance Enquiry through Net Banking Click Here
  6. For Canara Bank Balance Enquiry through Mobile Banking: Click Here

Check Canara Bank Balance by giving a missed call.

Canara Bank account holders should give a missed with their registered mobile number to find out their account balance. In addition, you can contact Canara Bank customer service and check your bank balance by dialing the toll-free number listed below. The Canara Bank balance check number and customer service numbers for Canara Bank are 09015483483 and 09015483483, respectively.

Canara Bank Balance Check Number 2023 Check Balance By Missed Call Or SMS
  • Canara Bank Balance check Number – 09015483483
  • To check last the 5 Transactions Mini Statement – 09015734734 (English)
  • To check the last 5 Transactions Mini Statement – 09015613613 (Hindi)

Customers should contact the following number with their registered mobile number to acquire a list of their previous five transactions. After you have registered the phone number, you have to dial 09015483483. The call will automatically get disconnected, and the Bank will send an SMS to the customer’s registered mobile number with account balance information.

When a missed call is made to the numbers mentioned above, the call is promptly ended. Canara Bank account holders receive their account balance through SMS to their registered mobile number, making this the simplest way to find out Canara Bank Balance Enquiry.

Check Canara Bank Balance with Net Banking

Canara Bank account holders who have opted for net banking can use the service to check their account balances. Account-holders should log in with their User ID and password and check their account balance on the dashboard’s account balance tab.

Canara Bank Balance Check Number 2023 Check Balance By Missed Call Or SMS

Customers of Canara Bank can access their account balances via the CBI net banking website or the Canara Bank mobile banking platform.

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Check Canara Bank Balance with Mobile Banking

Account-holders can check their account balances by downloading the Canara Bank and UPI apps to their smartphones. On Google Play and App Store, you may download the Canara Bank mobile app. The UPI app from Canara Bank is accessible in 12 different languages.

Check Canara Bank Balance with SMS Banking

When an account holder needs to check the Canara bank balance with SMS, they have to SMS “CANBAL<space>userid<space>MPIN” to 5607060. This SMS should get sent from the registered mobile number, and the account should be a single account.

To get a Canara bank account Mini Statement, you have to send the following message to 5607060.

For multiple accounts, the account holders need to SMS from the registered mobile number. Secondary account balances will then get displayed.

Know your account balance with Passbook

The most straightforward approach to finding out your account balance is to go to a Canara Bank location and update your passbook. Every customer who opens a bank account with Canara Bank receives a passbook. Therefore, customers can check the Canara Bank Account Balance by visiting the local bank branch and updating their passbooks. The account holder’s Canara Bank passbook contains all of the account holder’s debit and credit activities.

Account-holders can also check their Canara Bank balance through online banking or mobile banking services from the comfort of their own homes.

Check Canara Bank Account Balance with ATM Cards

The procedure for checking your account balance with an ATM card is as follows:

  • Canara Bank account holders must go to any bank’s nearest ATM with a valid Canara Bank ATM card.
  • Insert Canara Bank ATM card.
  • Select “Canara Bank Balance Enquiry.”
  • The account balance will get displayed on the screen.

Canara bank balance enquiry with Customer Care

Canara Bank account users can check their account balance by calling the customer service number 1800 425 0018:

  1. Select the “language” and “banking choice” when you call.
  2. Enter the account number (12 digits) or the debit card number (16 digits).
  3. To get the account balance, enter the ATM pin.


What is the Canara bank balance check number?

You can call 1800 425 0018 to enquire about the account balance.

How can I check the Canara Bank balance by miss call?

Give a missed call to the Canara Bank toll-free number 09015483483 to find out your Canara Bank account balance. You can acquire the short statement by making a missed call to a different toll-free number.

How can I check the Canara Bank balance by SMS?

If you have a Canara Bank account, you can check your account balance by sending an SMS ‘CANBALuseridMPIN‘ to 5607060 from your registered mobile number. The stated balance will be for the primary account.

Is it essential to visit the bank branch to enquire about account balance?

No, you do not need to go to the Canara bank branch to check your account balance. Instead, account-holders can get their Canara Bank account balance by dialing 09015483483 from their registered phone number. Also, you can check the account balance using net banking or mobile banking. Another easy way to check the balance is to SMS “CANBALuseridMPIN” from registered mobile number 5607060.

How can I use net banking to enquire about the account balance?

Canara Bank account holders can check their account balance by logging into the net banking portal using their Login User ID and Password. If the account holder is not already registered for net banking, he must go to the branch to do so.

Can I check the account balance using smartphones? If yes, how?

Smartphones can get used to checking the balance of an account. On their smartphones, they must download the Canara Bank app and the Canara Bank UPI app. Go to the Google Play and the App Store, you can find Canara Bank.

Can I use ATM cards to check account balances?

Yes, an ATM card issued by Canara Bank can get used for checking account balances.


Here are all the ways mentioned that you can follow for the Canara bank balance enquiry. Choose the method that is apt for you and check your balance. In case of any problems related to the Canara bank balance, inquiry write to us in the comment section below.

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