How to check online HDFC FASTag Balance?

FASTag, after its introduction a few years back, has revolutionized the toll payment system in the country. And to facilitate this, cashless payments through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) hopped along. The FASTag toll collection systems operational aspect is only restricted to the government of India and its authorized collaborators.

How to check online HDFC Bank FASTag Balance?

At the same time, the cashless payment services were open to operation to anyone in the market under the watch of the Reserve Bank of India or popularly referred to as the RBI. After the flagging off of the Digital India Campaign in 2015 and the demonetization in 2017, loads of UPI payment apps have flooded the Indian app market over the years. One among them is PhonePe, which started its operations in 2015. This article will look at how to check HDFC FASTag balance. For more bank-related details you can click here.

What is FASTag and how one check HDFC FASTag balance?

FASTag is nationwide on-the-go toll payment technology introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway in collaboration with NHAI, i.e., the National Highway Authority of India, in October 2017. This is an entirely electronic process wherein, on approaching the toll plaza, the RFID scanners are mounted to scan the unique FASTag rectangular code of the vehicle (which is placed on the vehicle’s windshield) and automatically deduct the toll amount from the car owner’s FASTag wallet. This revolutionary technology-enabled quick toll payment reduced the length of the queues at toll plazas and saved countless commuters on Indian highways their valuable time.

How to check online HDFC Bank FASTag Balance?

Over the years, numerous vehicles on Indian highways have adopted the FASTag technology. With easy internet, one can easily HDFC FASTag balance.

How to check HDFC FASTag balance?

Below are the ways one can check HDFC Bank FASTag Balance.

how to check online hdfc fastag balance?
  1. Checking HDFC FASTag Balance through the app:

HDFC FASTag balance can be easily checked in the FASTag app. Log in by entering your vehicle number, and your balance will show up for you.

Different color codes denote the amount of balance in your FASTag account. They are of three types,

  • Green: A green color indicates enough balance in your FASTag account.
  • Orange: An orange color indicates that you might need to top up the balance in your FASTag account.
  • Red: A red color indicates a meager balance in your FASTag account; you will have to top it up at the earliest to prevent getting blacklisted.

2. Checking HDFC FASTag balance through a missed call:

For the benefit of its millions of users, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has provided them with a missed call feature. FASTag users can now easily enquire about their balance by giving a missed call on the number 7208053999.

Please note that you can avail of this service only if your mobile number is registered with your FASTag account. For the benefit of the users, this number is toll-free and is available for all mobile operators. Another feature is that the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In case of a low balance in FASTag, an SMS alert will be sent to the registered mobile number.

3. Checking HDFC FASTag Balance through the Website:

One’s FASTag balance can be checked by logging onto the HDFC Bank’s FASTag website ( Post logging in, you can see the FASTag balance check option, where you can check the amount available by submitting your vehicle’s documents.

4. Checking HDFC FASTag balance through SMS:

Alerts regarding your FASTag account and its balance amount will be sent to your mobile number if registered with your FASTag account.

5. Checking HDFC FASTag balance through a toll-free number:

Users can also find the balance in their FASTag account by calling the toll-free number 18001201243. The executive on the other side will ask you a few questions to check your identity before giving us the balance amount in your FASTag account.

Conclusion on HDFC fastag balance check:

How to check online Check HDFC FASTag Balance?

I hope through this article I have explained to you how you can check your HDFC Bank FASTag balance online in an effortless manner. The FASTag has made our lives easier with technology, but sometimes it becomes difficult for some of us to comprehend it correctly. On a cautionary note, please be double-sure while doing any money business online, as many fake websites are ready to trick their users.

In case of an issue arise, please reach out to the concerned officials through the following,

  • For any services and sales queries, call 1800-120-1243
  • For Emergency roadside assistance, call 022-67872087
  • If you have any issues with your FASTag, then dial helpline number 1033

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