How to close IDFC First Bank account Online

While opening a bank account is not a difficult task and is pretty straightforward, some might get stuck while trying to close an IDFC First Bank Account online. Opening an account online is similar to going and opening an account in a regular bank, but closing an account online is not easy. Here are the steps you need to follow to close your IDFC First Bank Account online.

Process To Close Idfc First Bank Account:

Typically when someone starts a bank account, they rarely close it, and the account remains open with the bank for an extended time. Nowadays, with most banks working through an online platform, there is rarely a need to close a bank account. (you can visit any IDFC FIRST bank branches near you to close bank account)

How to close IDFC First Bank account?

It is not possible to close an IDFC bank account online, but one can open idfc bank account online. The only step you can do to close an IDFC bank account online is to download the IDFC bank account closure form. To close a bank account is a straightforward process, but all the steps should be followed correctly. Ensure filling in all the details, including your bank account number, in the account closure form while closing the bank account properly. 

ArticleIDFC Bank Account Closing Form
BankIDFC Bank
BeneficiaryIDFC Bank Customers
Form PDF DownloadDownload Here

How to close IDFC First Bank account?

To close a bank account (savings), you may be interested in knowing how to close IDFC Bank Savings Account? It seems tedious, but it’s effortless to get your account closed. First, however, you need to follow a few steps. How to Close IDFC FIRST bank Saving Account, find below steps.

How to close IDFC First Bank account
  • Nonetheless, there could be various reasons to shut a bank Savings Account, such as a lower interest rate or poor customer service. The minimum account balance must be maintained at a higher level. Having a bad relationship with bank employees and having multiple bank accounts The bank is not giving adequate online services. Increased fees for Financial Transactions You could be wondering how to close idfc bank savings account if you want to close your.
  • It seems tedious, but it’s straightforward to close idfc bank account online. First, follow the steps for the same.

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How to close Idfc Bank Account Online?

  1. IDFC FIRST Account Closure Form: The first step to close IDFC bank account is to get IDFC bank Account Closure Form. You can either download it from the IDFC bank’s website or our page or go to your IDFC bank branches nearby to collect an account closure form.
  2. Fill up the IDFC FIRST Account Closure Form: Fill in all the details in the account closure form correctly, including your bank account number. Double-check the details after filling the form. Sign on the right place and after completing the form, submit it to the branch manager or the IDFC bank officer-in-charge. 
  3. Keep in mind that if you have any joint holders on your account, they must all sign the account closure form.
  4. Attach your KYC Documents to the IDFC Account Closure Form: With the account closure form, all the account holders must attach a copy of their KYC documentation, including a copy of the PAN (which serves as proof of identification) and address proof. Account-holders may also be required to self-attest these documents.
  5. Submit Balance Cheque Leaves and Passbook: If the account holder has any balance cheque leaves or a Passbook, they must submit it back to the bank. Once relinquished, all balance cheque leaves and passbook, then your account closure application gets processed.
  6. Withdraw/Transfer the Balance in your IDFC Bank Account: The bank verifies the documents you’ve submitted, and if they’re correct, you’ll be asked to withdraw the remaining funds from your account. You can withdraw cash, have the bank issue a check/DD in your name, or move the money to another account.
How to close IDFC First Bank account?

If you follow the methods outlined above, you will close your IDFC bank account quickly. In addition, the banks usually send you an email or SMS to your registered email address and mobile number after closing your bank account.

Important Points regarding Closing Idfc Bank Account (Savings Account).

  • Only close the account if you don’t need it in the future, as banks generally don’t allow re-opening a closed account.
  • Cancel your automated payment instructions. 
  • Take and save a copy or printout of the complete bank statement from inception till closing for any future reference. 
  • Keep in mind and follow all the closing formalities when closing bank account.
  • Please make sure you only have the minimum balance in your bank account before closing it.

IDFC First Bank Account Closure Form PDF Download

To close an account at IDFC FIRST Bank, use the IDFC Bank Account closure Form (PDF format). You will find the required information and directions for closing an account with IDFC Bank in the form.

It’s a one-page form that includes all of the information you’ll need when closing a bank account, as well as directions and details on how to fill it out. Account closure necessitates collecting a few crucial pieces of information from the customer, including their name, address, bank account number, customer ID, date of birth, etc. After giving this information, customers must sign the form and email, fax, or mail it to the nearest branch office with all relevant attachments.

Application Letter for Closing IDFC First Bank Account

The application format for terminating your bank account is provided below. You can use the below-given application format and fill in the blanks as needed. You can also include your KYC information. Make sure you submit an ATM card and a chequebook if you have them.

The Branch Manager
IDFC FIRST Bank (Branch Name)
Bhopal, MP.

Subject: Request to Close IDFC Bank Account

Mr./Miss XYZ, residing at [address], has a IDFC Bank bank account number xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx. I'm writing today because I'd like to close the account with the account mentioned above number.

I'm terminating the bank account since I can't use it because I opened a new account with another bank. I've already transferred all of my funds from my old account to my new account, leaving only the minimal funds. I'm willing to close this IDFC bank account, and I'd appreciate it if you could do so as soon as feasible.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully,
(Name and Signature with Date)
Account No.- xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx

How to Close IDFC Bank FD Account

A term deposit, often known as a fixed deposit, is a savings account in which you can deposit large sums of money for a predetermined time and earn interest at the rates in effect on the day you start the account.

IDFC provides a variety of services. Fixed Deposits are available in various terms and at desirable interest rates. Instead of renewing a fixed deposit, you may be able to close it prematurely or at the end of the term.

How to close IDFC First Bank account?

Steps to Close IDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Account

  •  Fill in the account closure form/fixed deposit liquidation form.
  • Attach your KYC documents.
  • Now submit the Fixed Deposit Certificate or the FD Receipt.


Today’s post is about “How to Close IDFC Bank Account Online.” We have outlined all details you should know about closing the IDFC Bank account (Savings account). If you hold any questions regarding any points, post them in the comments section, and we will gladly respond. 


 Is IDFC Bank a government bank?

IDFC Bank Limited (“IDFC Bank”), marketed by IDFC Limited (“IDFC”), is a professionally managed new private sector bank in India. After receiving the final banking licence from the RBI, IDFC Bank began operations on October 1, 2015.

Close idfc bank account?

The first step in closing bank account is to fill an IDFC first Account Closure Form. Download it from the bank’s website or go to your local branch and pick up an account closure form to fill out properly. Sign it and submit it over to the IDFC branch manager.

How to close idfc first bank account online?

To close an IDFC bank account, the customer must fill the IDFC FIRST Account Closure Request Form available on the IDFC bank’s website. Submit the application online after filling out the required information.

What is the minimum balance in IDFC Bank?

The minimum account balance asked to be maintained monthly in the IDFC FIRST Bank Savings Account is ₹25,000 or ₹10,000.


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