How To Close Punjab National Bank Account Online

Punjab National Bank, abbreviated as PNB, is a nationalized bank in India. The company’s headquarters are in New Delhi, India. PNB is owned by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The bank was created in May 1894 and is India’s third-largest government-owned bank in terms of business volume and network. The PNB bank has more than 180 million customers, 12,248 branches, and more than 13,000 ATMs. Still, some people might not be interested in keeping their accounts in the Punjab National Bank. This post will guide you on ‘How To Close Punjab National Bank Account Online.’

How To Close Punjab National Bank Account Online
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Important Note: You cannot close Punjab national bank account online. You close the bank account in Punjab national bank, and you have to visit the PNB branch. Closing a bank account in PNB also covers account closure charges.

How To Close Punjab National Bank Account Online

You can follow the outline steps to close your Punjab national bank saving account or current account. The steps to close the saving/current account are the same.

How To Close Punjab National Bank Account Online
  1. Collect the account closure form: go to your nearby PNB branch and ask for the account closure form. The Punjab national bank account closure form can be downloaded online from the PNB website or downloaded from our page.
  2. Fill the PNB account closure form:  enter all the details very carefully in the account closure form. The form has blanks for you to enter the account number, account holder’s name, customer ID, mobile number. Also, it requests you to write the reason for closing the account, how you want to receive the balance amount, and your signature.
  3. You have the option of receiving the balance amount in cash, cheque demand draft, fund transfer to another PNB account, or fund transfer to another bank account.
  4. Submission: now, you have to submit this duly filled account closure form to the Punjab national bank home branch. You also need to submit your passbook, debit card, and cheque leaves with this account closure form.
  5. Attach KYC documents: along with passbook, debit card, and cheque leaves, also submit a copy of your ID and address proof.
  6. Following the bank’s processing of your application, you will get the balance amount in the manner you choose.

Alternatively, the better option is to directly visit the Punjab National Bank home branch with all the required documents you need to attach along with the account closure form. Then, please fill the form, attach your documents and submit it to the bank.


  • You will receive the amount if your PNB account balance is less than the minimum balance requirement but greater than zero.
  • If it comes that your account balance is negative, you have to pay the non-maintenance fine.
  • If you have a Punjab national bank facility linked to the PNB account, you must first close that facility before closing the account.

Minimum balance in PNB

Follow the below-given table to find the required minimum balance in Punjab national bank:

PNB Area of BranchPNB Minimum Qty. Average Balance
How To Close Punjab National Bank Account Online

Punjab National Bank account closure charges

Yes, there are charges when you close your Punjab national bank account. 

DetailsPNB Charges for non-individualsPNB Charges for semi-urban, urban, and metro branches (individual customers)Charges for rural branches, senior citizens, and pensioners (individual customers)
Closing recurring deposit PNB account within 1 year of openingRs.100Rs.100Rs.100
Closing PNB SF account within 1 year of opening the accountRs.500Rs.300Rs.200
Closing PNB’s current account within 1 year of opening an account.Rs.800Rs.600Rs.500
PNB Bank Account Closing Charge

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Download PNB Account Closure Form PDF Format

If you want to close the PNB Bank account, use the PNB Bank Account closure Form in PDF format. Download below in pdf format online. You will get the necessary details for closing an account with PNB Bank in the closure form. You can also find directions and details on how to fill it. 

Application format to close PNB bank account

You can also apply to the branch manager and ask them to close your PNB bank account. The application format for closing the PNB bank account is provided below. Then, in the same format, submit your request to close your bank account to the corresponding PNB bank branch official.

The Branch Manager,
PNB Bank (Branch Name)

Subject: Request to Close PNB Bank Account No.- xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Mr./Miss XYZ of [address] has an account with PNB Bank [account number xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx]. This application is a request to close the bank account at the account number mentioned earlier number.

I have created a new bank account with another bank. I'd like to shut my PNB bank account. I've also moved all of my funds from the previous account to the new one, leaving only the minimal funds.

I would be delighted if you could fulfil my request and close PNB bank accounts as soon as feasible.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully,
(Name and Signature with Date)
Account No.- xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx


Can I close my PNB bank account online? 

First, you should be aware that you cannot close your PNB account online. You close your Punjab national bank account; you have to visit the Punjab National Bank home branch and submit the documents to close PNB account along with the account closure form.

How do I close a PNB bank account online?

Your PNB bank account cannot be closed online. You must go to the branch where you first opened the account. As a result, you must go to your home branch, where you have an account, and seek account closure.

Can I transfer my PNB account online?

Essential Points to Consider When Transferring Your Business How To Update Your Address In Your Punjab National Bank Savings Account. Some banks now offer the ability to change your bank branch via the internet. However, even if you transfer your account to another branch, your account number, customer id, and other details will remain the same.

Is it necessary to close a bank account?

It’s best to close your bank account if it’s no longer beneficial.  The problem is that in many banks, a zero-balance account is automatically transformed into a standard savings account after three to six months, necessitating the maintenance of a minimum average amount.

What if the minimum balance is not maintained in PNB?

To open a savings account with Punjab National Bank, you must have a minimum quarterly average balance of 1,000 in metros. If the minimum account balance (mab) is not maintained in PNB, the bank charges a penalty of Rupees 200 per quarter.

Is it possible to close a bank account over the phone?

A personal or business bank account can usually be closed over the phone. However, you can capture and close out any pending transactions, as well as any interest owing/payable on the account being closed, by speaking with a banking representative.

How long will it take to close PNB bank account?

If you close the bank account in person, the bank will immediately give you the leftover money. However, the bank will mail you a check for the leftover funds if you close the account over the phone. The closure could take up to a week for the bank to close an account after you send a letter requesting that it be closed.


This post is about “How to Close Punjab National Bank Account online.” Here we tried to guide you with all you need to know about closing your PNB Bank account. If any doubts, shoot them in the comments section, and we will gladly answer them all. You can also contact PNB Bank customer service’s toll-free number 1800 180 2222 for more information.

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  1. Please guide me, how to close a pnb saving account online. As I am out of the station where my PNB Accounts belongs to.

    1. Print the PNB account closure form, fill it in, attach the required documents, and mail it to the branch. They will close your PNB Account.