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How to reach us?

We are available else fill the form below we will get back to you in a day or two.

Do you accept guest post?

We often get asked if we accept guest posts. We do, and we love receiving them. Guest posts provide our readers and us with points of view that differ from ours and sometimes even challenge our own. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for HRI Day India, please read on, and we’ll let you know what we are looking for and how the process works.

Guest posts we like

Our readers know what’s going on in the Credit Card and Banking industry, so they’re looking for exciting and different articles full of helpful information and tips also relevant to our website.

Guest posts we don’t like

  • We don’t accept posts that are too promotional of either the writer’s own business or of someone else’s (AKA Ads)
  • Rewritten/Copied/Copyrighted/Spinned articles are not accepted.
  • Make sure your article is free from Plagiarism and Grammatical errors.
  • We don’t accept links out to adult, gambling and gaming sites.

What we need

We need a  Well written, grammatically correct, and insightful post that is a minimum of 750 words and relevant to our site. We need a photo, bio, and social media links. We need a professional featured image (1800px*1000Px) and all pertinent photos minimum 900px width.

The Price We Charge

Our pricing is different based on the type of content. If it suits, it can be free, or else the minimum charge is $50. For your quote, please fill out the form here.

El Fine Print:

  • We do reserve the right to edit articles as we see fit, include call-to-actions, and update in the future to maintain freshness and accuracy.
  • We may share your posts on, but not limited to, social media, our website, and newsletter.
  • We cannot allow you to republish your post on other sites. Social sharing is fine but duplicating it will lead to penalties.


  • Length: A minimum of 750 words but no more than 2,500.
  • Paragraphs: Dividing your content into clear paragraphs makes it easier for users to read, keeps ysers engaged.
  • Links: Only genuine and relevant links can be included.
  • Media:  You can include media such as images, videos, maps, tweets, etc in your post.
  • Be a Real Person- Your picture, bio & social media Links are required.