How To Get Vijaya Bank Account Statement Online

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Vijaya Bank’s net banking facility allows its customers to see all the account-related information in one place. You don’t need to visit the branch to get balance inquiries, fund transfers, bill payments, credit card statements, and almost everything related to banking. Net banking allows you to download Vijaya bank account statements online without printing your passbook. So if you want to know your Vijaya bank account statement online then you just need to have a Vijaya bank internet banking facility with you.

If you are not familiar with the Net banking process here is a step-by-step on How to Get Vijaya Bank Account Statement Online. Make sure you have internet banking otherwise you won’t be able to check your bank statement online.

Vijaya Bank Account Statement Download Online

  1. In order to get the Vijaya Bank account statement online, you need to visit the official Vijaya Bank Website.
How To Get Vijaya Bank Account Statement Online

Note: Here you can see a Bank Of Baroda logo as well. This is because the Vijaya bank is merged with Bank of Baroda.

2. Now enter your User ID, Password, Captcha and click on Login button.

3. After entering the correct details you will be redirected to the Vijaya Bank net banking dashboard.


4. Now go to the Accounts tab and click on the Account Statement option.

5. After that you need to select your account number, transaction date and click on search.

Note: You can see a maximum of 3 months statement in one time. You can filter the transaction with categories as well to check online debit or credit amount statement. Last N Transaction filter allows you to check N number of transaction statement.

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6. After clicking on the search tab your Vijaya Bank account statement will be shown to you. You can view or download your account statement by simply clicking on the Download Details as (Select your file format like PDF, XML, XLS, Text) and click on Ok button to download.

7. The downloaded statement will be stored in your device storage and you don’t need to enter any password to view the statement.

Why to Download Vijaya Bank Account Statement Online

Net banking gives you the freedom to make a transaction from anywhere. You can access it from your home, office, or even when you are abroad. For senior citizens and pension holders, it is hard to visit the branch on a regular basis to print passbooks and complete the basic banking tasks such as fund transfer, etc. In this situation, Net banking comes in handy and you just need to activate your Vijaya bank internet banking once and after that, you will be able to banking from any device anywhere. Not only this you can even download your bank statement online in PDF or other format or save them later for future references.

One of the best features I found about Vijaya internet banking is that you can keep monitor all your Vijaya bank accounts in one place. So in case if you have multiple Vijaya bank account in different branches then you can save tons of time by doing your basic banking tasks through Vijaya bank net banking.

FAQs on How to download Vijaya Bank Account Statement

How Do I Download My Vijaya Bank Statement online?

1- Login to your Net Banking and click on Accounts > Account Statement
2- Select The Account for which you want to get the statement.
3- Now select the statement period and click on the search button.
4- After that, you can view, print, or download your bank account statement

How Can I check my Vijaya Bank statement?

By following the above steps you will be able to get your bank statement online. No matter which bank you have the process remains same for all banks.

How Can I Buy The Vijaya Bank Passbook Online?

You can get a passbook by visiting your bank branch. However, V- ePassBook App allows you to check your account statement without login to your Vijaya bank net banking. You just need to download the V-ePassBook app and follow the required procedure to log in to the app. Once you followed the steps you will be able to see your account statement directly from your smartphone.

How Can I Check My Balance In Vijaya Bank Online?

1`- First of all login to Vijaya Bank Internet Banking:
2- After that, you will be redirected to the Internet banking dashboard where you can check your Vijaya bank balance online easily.

How can I know my Vijaya Bank User ID?

Open your physical passbook front page and here you can see your customer ID. Enter this ID and log in to the net banking account. You can also check your account customer ID by login to the Vijaya mPassbook application. If this application is active on your phone then login V-ePassbook.


So it was the post about “How To Get Vijaya Bank Account Statement Online”. You can view or download the statement by just login to your Vijaya bank net banking or alternatively you can also download the Vijaya ePassBook mobile application and register your account on it to view your passbook online anytime.

By following the above statement you can easily check your detailed account statement. However, if you face any problem or difficulty while checking the bank statement you can comment down below along with your query and we would love to help you as soon as possible.

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