How to Find the Central Bank of India CIF Number

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How to find the central bank of India CIF number

The Central Bank of India is a nationalized bank in India that offers consumers internet banking services. Every Central Bank of India customer is given a CIF number, which is a one-of-a-kind identifier. For example, suppose a customer has various accounts at a central bank branch, such as a savings account, a deposit account, a loan account, a Demat account, and so on. In that case, this number is used to identify the customer and their accounts. Here we’ll look at ‘How to find the central bank of India CIF Number.

How to find the central bank of India CIF number

Some services require a CIF number, and if you don’t have one, you won’t be able to use some of the services online or offline. We’ll look at how to find the Central Bank of India CIF number using several ways in this guide.

What is the CIF Number of Central Bank of India?

CIF is the Customer Information File, and this number is assigned to every bank customer. The CBI CIF number is a unique 11-digit number.

By entering this CIF number, bank operators will have access to all of your account information.

When is the Central Bank of India Customer ID number required?

Although CIF is only used internally by the Bank, some services demand a CIF number.

  • During the registration process for Internet Banking with the Central Bank of India.
  • Bank account transfers from one branch to another.

How to find the Central Bank of India CIF number online and offline.

How To Find The Central Bank Of India CIF Number

Finding the CIF number of the Central Bank of India is not always an easy task. There are many different ways to find a central bank customer id, such as viewing their website, calling them on a specific phone number, or finding it in your bank statement. We Have listed all possible ways you can find central bank cif number by sms

Find the Cif Number Central Bank of India Offline

You can find out your CIF number of Central bank of India offline in four different ways. They are-

Find the Cif Number in Central Bank of India Using Your Passbook:

There is a CIF number on the first page of your Passbook.

Find the CIF number in the Account statement: If you have requested an account statement for your CBI account, the CIF number will be printed on the first page.

Find the Central Bank of India CIF number using your Chequebook: The first page of your account chequebook has a CIF number printed on it.

Get the CBI CIF number by calling Customer Care: You can obtain your CIF number by contacting the Central Bank of India’s customer service department. (CBI Customer care number1800221911)

The Process To Find The Central Bank Of India CIF Number Online And Offline.

When you contact customer service, give them your account number and inquire about the CIF number. The executive will provide you with the CID number for your account.

2) There are two methods to find the CIF number online

Find a CIF number with the help of Internet BankingIn the Central bank of India, log in to internet banking using your internet banking account user id and password. You can see your CIF number beside your name on the homepage after you log in.

Mobile App – Cent-mPassbook

  • You have first to Download the Cent-mPassbook app on your mobile phone.
  • Once you download it, open the app and log in using your login id and password. (You have to register on the mobile application if you are first time user)
  • Now, go to the menu.
  • Click on the User Profile option.
  • You can now see the CIF number on your screen.

How can I get the Central Bank of India’s CIF number via SMS?

The Central Bank does not provide the ability to check the Central Bank CIF number via SMS. You can only check your account’s e-statement by sending an SMS.

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Several methods exist for obtaining the CIF number of your Central Bank of India account. The CIF number of your Central Bank of India can be found both online and offline. All of the ways listed above are 100% accurate, and you can use any of them. This guide shows how to find the Central Bank of India CIF number. In case of any questions or concerns about this article, please leave them in the comments box below.


Can I find Central Bank of India CIF number in my passbook?

If you have a bank account with the Central Bank of India, you will have access to the bank’s passbook. On the first page of CBI passbook, you must check. Your CIF number can be found there.

CIF number and account number are the same?

There is never a match between a CIF number and a bank account number. Your bank account number will be different, and your CIF number will be different. No, with a bank, you can have many account numbers, but only one CIF number. As a result, it can’t be the same.

CIF number and IFSC code are the same?

If you have two bank accounts, you will also have two account numbers. Your CIF number, on the other hand, will be the same for both accounts. CIF stands for customer information file, and it comprises information about all of the account holder’s accounts. The account number and CIF will not change; however, the IFSC code (which is branch-specific) will.

Can I find the CBI CIF number on the account statement?

If you get your bank statement every month in the mail. Alternatively, it can be delivered to your home via mail. As a result, you must examine the first page of your bank statement. Your CIF number can be found on the first page of your statement. Your CIF number can also be found on your bank statement in this manner.

What is the importance of the CIF number?

You’ll need CIF every time you sign up for Internet Banking with the Central Bank of India. You will be unable to access Internet Banking without a CIF number. Aside from that, you’ll be asked about CIF if you want to move your bank account to a different branch. As a result, a CIF number may be required in a variety of situations.

Central bank of India and the bank of India the same?

Many individuals are unaware that the central bank and the bank of India are the same entity. So I’d want to inform everyone that these two banks are not the same. Both of these banks are government undertakings (public sector). Both are distinct from one another, and both banks operate in different ways.

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