How to activate Canara bank ATM Card

Canara Bank is one of India’s fastest-growing public sector banks. The recent merging of Syndicate Bank and Canara Bank has accelerated its progress. Canara Bank offers its customers Net Banking in addition to physical facilities. Canara Bank provides its customers with various plastic cards, such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Prepaid Cards, and supports cashless transactions. Here we’ll look at the complete process of How to activate a Canara bank atm card.

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Customers are given an ATM/Debit Card when they open a Savings or Current Bank Account with Canara Bank. They must first activate the Canara bank atm card before utilizing it to conduct transactions. Canara Bank provides Green Pin service to customers to start their newly issued ATM cards.

How to activate Canara bank ATM Card

When you receive the ATM cum Debit card from the bank, you cannot use it until you activate the Canara Bank ATM card. Here we’ll look at the complete Canara bank atm card activation process. Canara bank customers can check Canara Bank Mini Statement By Number, Missed Calls, SMS, and Mobile Banking.

Things required for Canara bank ATM Card Activation

Things Required For Canara Bank ATM Card Activation

Before activating Canara Bank ATM Card, you must have a few items on hand to ensure a smooth activation process. These are the following:

  • The newly issued Canara Bank ATM/Debit Card 
  • Registered Mobile Number with bank account
  • The Canara Bank 13-digit Account Number

How to activate Canara bank ATM Card Green PIN

Many people look forward to the Canara bank green PIN activation process but fail to find the proper steps to follow. Given below are the actions that you can follow the steps likewise to activate Canara bank green PIN:

How To Activate Canara Bank Atm Card Green PIN
  1. Locate a Canara Bank ATM near you to activate or generate a Canara Bank Green PIN. 
  2. Insert the card into the machine and, from the ATM screen
  3. Select Generate Green PIN/Forgot PIN
  4. Enter your bank account number, and the bank will issue an OTP to your registered mobile phone number.’
  5. Enter the OTP into the ATM Machine and press the Validate button.
  6. Enter the PIN again and click “Confirm PIN.”

Process: How to Activate Canara bank ATM Card

The above-given process was to activate the Canara bank ATM PIN. After activating the Canara bank ATM PIN, you can follow the respective steps mentioned below to activate the Canara bank ATM card / Canara bank debit card activation.

How To Activate Canara Bank ATM Card / Debit Card
  • You have to look for a nearby Canara bank ATM. Make sure you do not use ATMs from other banks. It has to be Canara Bank.
  • Now you have to insert your card into the Canara Bank ATM.
  • As you insert the ATM card, the machine will show the language options to select. Select ‘English.’ (One can choose the language according to your preference.)
  • Next, the machine screen will ask you to enter the four-digit ATM PIN.

As you have entered the PIN, you’ve completed all the steps required for Canara bank atm card activation / Canara bank debit card activation. You can learn more about How To Find Cheque Number On SBI, HDFC, ICICI & Axis Cheque | How To Check Canara Bank Balance Through Sms, and more

Canara Bank offers personalization in consumer banking through its customized services and products. These include personalized account statements, customized credit cards, and tailored loan packages. Through advanced technology, Canara Bank can gather and analyze data on customer preferences and needs, allowing them to offer highly targeted and personalized financial solutions. This level of personalization enables Canara Bank to provide a more convenient and fulfilling banking experience for its customers.

How do you activate a Canara Bank ATM card by calling the Customer care Number?

Using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service to complete the ATM activation or Green PIN generating process is also a user-friendly option. You have to the following easy steps outlined below:

How To Activate Canara Bank ATM Card By Calling Canara Bank Customer Care Number
  1. You have to call the Canara Bank Customer Care toll-free number: 1800 425 0018 / 1800 103 0018. 
  2. Now choose the option of Debit Card 
  3. Next, select the ATM PIN option. 
  4. You must enter your 13 digits Canara Bank Account number and a 16 Digit Canara Bank Card number. 
  5. Enter (DOB) Date of Birth in DDMMYY format at the next step. 
  6. Enter the Expiry date of the ATM/Debit Card. 
  7. Also, you have to enter your New 4-digit ATM PIN again. 
  8. At last, your registered mobile number will receive a confirmation message concerning the completion process of ATM PIN generation. 

Important Points to Remember

Please keep a few things in mind to ensure the safety of your assets. When utilizing an ATM for transactions, it is critical to remain vigilant because a moment’s inattention might result in a significant loss. The following are some crucial considerations to keep in mind:

How To Activate Canara Bank ATM Card
  • Always cover the keypad with your hand when entering your PIN on an ATM or POS machine.
  • Never write your ATM/debit card PIN on the card itself.
  • Do not respond to calls, emails, or messages requesting your ATM/debit card information. Canara Bank never requests such information.
  • Do not disclose the OTP you receive on your phone while generating the green pin.
  • Do not give out your debit card details or CVV to anyone.
  • Do not use a PIN identical to your birthday, phone number, account number, or anything else.
  • When using Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, avoid using public Wi-Fi.
  • Enter your Canara Bank ATM pin in the presence of no one else.
  • It would be best if you always looked for keypad manipulation and heat mapping when utilizing a Canara Bank ATM or POS machine.
  • After each transaction, carefully dispose of your transaction slip.
  • After completing your ATM transaction, always collect your ATM card.
  • Sign up for transaction alerts (by message or/and email) to secure your transactions.
  • You must change your ATM pin from time to time to ensure your Canara Bank ATM Card.
  • Always remember your ATM pin or write it down somewhere secure and inaccessible to others.


What is the Canara Bank Customer Care Number?

If you want to connect to Canara Bank customer care, you can dial 1800 425 0018.

If I’ve lost my Canara bank atm card, can I still change my ATM PIN?

You cannot change your ATM PIN if you have lost your Canara bank atm card. IN this case, you have to take action and block your debit/atm card immediately.

Are there any charges to generate the Canara bank Green PIN for the Canara bank atm card activation?

No, there are no charges to generate the Canara bank Green PIN for the canara bank atm card activation.

How to register my ATM card with Canara Bank?

Fill out an application for a debit card at the Canara Bank branch, where you have your account. You can also get the form online. Enter all of the essential information from your KYC documents. Make sure that there are no irregularities.

Can I do my Canara bank atm card activation online?

Yes, you can do your canara bank atm card activation online.

What is Canara bank’s Green PIN?

“Green PIN” is instant PIN generation and regeneration functionality accessible for Debit Card via ATM with One Time Password (OTP) emailed to the customer’s registered mobile number. Customers can set their debit card PIN using the OTP at Bank of India ATMs.

What if I don’t activate a debit card?

If you haven’t activated your card after a particular amount of time (usually 45 to 60 days), your card issuer may contact you to see if you received it. Card companies frequently cancel accounts that haven’t been used in a fixed amount of time, usually more than a year. If this occurs, it may have an effect on your credit score.


We hope this information has helped you comprehend the two procedures for generating a green pin or activating a Canara Bank ATM card. Both solutions are simple to implement and user-friendly. If you have problems with the method, call Canara Bank Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800 425 0018 / 1800 103 0018. They will adequately assist and guide you.

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