How to Close Bandhan Bank Account

The Bandhan Bank offers its clients a wide range of financial products and services, spanning the full spectrum of the financial sector, from loans to fixed deposits and various accounts. There is no doubt that the bank’s reach has expanded across the country, but the bank’s focus continues to be on the eastern and northeastern regions. The bank seeks to offer its customers the best financial service quality and products in these regions by providing them with the best products and services available. However, you may be considering closing the Bandhan Bank Account for various reasons. Before you decide to close your Bandhan Bank account, consider that Bandhan Bank is one of India’s largest banks, with thousands of branches and ATMs throughout the country. Here let us head to the topic ‘How to close Bandhan bank account online.’ However, several causes could arise for closing a current bank account, for example:

  • Banks unsatisfactory Customer Service
  • Lower rate of interest
  • Having Multiple Bank Accounts and Having a Bad Relationship with Bank Staff
  • Bank does not effectively provide online services
  • Higher financial transaction charges or other
How To Close Bandhan Bank Account Online

Today’s post will provide you with details on “how to close the Bandhan bank account.” Then, you can follow the steps and proceed to close your account. Important Note: While it is not available online to close a Bandhan bank account online, one can download the Bandhan account closure form from the official website, and then you can proceed.

How To Close Bandhan Bank Account Online

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How To Close Bandhan Bank Account Online
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Method to Close Bandhan Bank Account Online

To know the process of how to close a Bandhan bank account online, follow the instructions stepwise and be careful while entering your generic Cialis details in the Bandhan bank closure form.

  1. Fill the Account Closure Form of Bandhan Bank: The first step in closing your bank account is to complete the Bandhan Bank Account Closure Form. You can either download it from the bank’s website/ or download from the link provided in this post or go to your local branch and collect an account closure form. 
  2. Submitting the account closure form: You must sign it and submit it to the branch manager or officer-in-charge. Keep in mind that if your account has any joint holders, they must all sign the account closure form.
  3. Attach KYC Documents: In addition to your KYC documents, you must attach your PAN (which serves as additional proof of identity) and proof of your address with the account closure form. These documents may also be required to be self-attested by account holders.
  4. Submit Cheque Leaves and Passbook: If you have any left-over cheque leaves or a Passbook, you must return them. Only once you’ve submitted all of these items then only your bandhan bank account closing request gets processed.
  5. Withdraw the Balance Amount in the Bank Account: After you submit all the documents required to close bandhank bank account, banker checks the documents you’ve submitted, and if everything matches, you’ll be requested to withdraw the remaining funds in your Bandhan bank account. You also have the option to withdrawing cash from your bank account, or the bank issue a check/DD in your name or will get the money transferred to another account.

Note: If you follow the instructions above, you should close the Bandhan bank account without any difficulty. After your account is terminated, banks usually send you an email or SMS to your registered email address and mobile number.

Bandhan Bank Account Closing Form PDF

You can use Bandhan Bank’s Account Closing Form in PDF format may be used to close an account at the bank. The PDF form contains all the necessary information and instructions for closing an account with Bandhan Bank.

Bandhan Bank Account Closure Form Pdf Download

Below is the application format you can use to close the Bandhan bank account. Then, please write your request to complete a bank account in the same layout and submit it to the respective bank branch manager.

The Branch Manager,
Bandhan Bank (Branch Name)

Subject: Request to Close Bandhan Bank Account No.- xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Mr./Miss XYZ, residing at [address], having a bank account with Bandhan Bank with account number xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx. This application is a request to close the bank account with the account mentioned above number.

I want to close the Bandhan bank account as I have created a new account with another bank. Also, I have transferred all my money from the old account to the new one. But I have the Bandhan bank account remaining with the minimum balance.

I am hereby asking you to heed my request and close the Bandhan bank account as soon as possible.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully,
(Name and Signature with Date)
Account No.- xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx

Note: It will be great if you attach an ATM card or a chequebook, as well.

Important Points to Remember When Close Bandhan Bank Account

  • Banks typically do not allow you to reopen a closed account, so only close it if you are sure you won’t need it in the future. 
  • For the future reference, one should retain a soft copy or printout of the entire bank statement (from account opening to account closing).
  • If you are proceeding to close Bandhan bank account, then cancel your automated payment instructions.
  • Before terminating the account, you need to clear all your outstanding dues or charges.

Bandhan Bank Account Closure Charges


How to close the Bandhan account Online?

To close your Bandhan bank account online the first step in closing your bank account is to complete an Account Closure Form. You can either download it from the bank’s website or our page. You can also visit Bandhan bank’s local branch manually, collect an account closure form, and fill it incorrectly. Then you must sign it and hand it over to the branch manager or officer-in-charge.

How Many Transactions Are Free in Bandhan Bank?

For Visa Platinum, the first ten transactions are free; after that, each transaction costs Rs 20, and you can only make 15 transactions each day. Only five free transactions are allowed per day for Visa Classic and Rupay Debit Cards, after which Rs 20 is charged, and only five transactions are allowed per day.

How Much Can Get Withdrawn from Bandhan Bank ATM?

If you have Bandhan Bank Visa Classic Debit Card, you will have a daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 40,000, while Visa Platinum Debit Card users will have a daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 1,00,000.

What Is the Interest Rate of Savings Accounts in Bandhan Bank?

The interest rate of saving accounts is 3.00% for Daily Balance up to Rs. 1 lakh, 4.00% for Daily Balance above Rs.1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh, and 6.00% for Daily Balance above Rs. 10 lakh to rupees ten crores.

How Can I Check My Bandhan Bank Account Number?

Customers can check their account balance by dialing 9223008666, the Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry Number.

How Many Types of Debit Cards Bandhan Bank Offers?

SB – Sanchay RuPay Debit cum ATM Card is issued to Bandhan Bank SB – Advantage account holders. SB – Advantage account holders of Bandhan Bank are issued the BSBDA & BSBDA Small RuPay Debit cum ATM Card.


So this post was about “How to Close Bandhan Bank Account.” We will explain all you need to know about closing your Bandhan Bank account. However, if you have any queries about any of the points, please leave them in the comments section, and we will willingly answer them. You can also contact Bandhan Bank customer service for further information.

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