How to close Bank of Baroda account online?

Bank of Baroda is one of the finest nationalized banks, providing advanced services to meet the demands of its customers. The bank makes great efforts to fulfill the requirements of its customers, and as a result, it has a successful presence in all of the country’s main cities. Do you have a Bank of Baroda account? Are you happy with the services provided by the bank? If you are dissatisfied with your banking services, you may terminate your Bank of Baroda (BOB) account; here are a few simple steps about how to close Bank of Baroda account online?

How to close bank of Baroda account online
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Important note: Although you cannot close the Bank of Baroda account online, you may download an account closure form (available online). To close the account, you must go to a local nearby BOB branch.

How to Close Bank Of Baroda Account Online?

How to close bank account in bank of Baroda

Opening a bank account procedure can be done online, but when it comes to closing a bank account, one must visit the nearby respective bank branch. Many people look for opening and closing bank account procedures online, but very little information is available. In this article, we will find all the details related to ‘how to close bank of Baroda account online.’ Follow this procedure given below:

  1. Download bank of Baroda account closure form online. The BOB account closure form is available on the bank of Baroda’s official website. You can also download the form PDF format from this page. Any difficulty in getting the account closure form online, visit the nearby bank of Baroda branch and collect the BOB account closure form manually.
  2. Fill out the details in the account closure form; make sure you fill in details in block letters. The firm requires information related to the account holder’s name, joint account holder names (if any), city, state, pin code, details of the remaining security balance in the bank account. After filling in all the details, double-check the form and put your signature. In the case of joint account holders-they also have to sign the BOB account closure form.
  3. The next step is to attach KYC documents to the BOB account closure form. The KYC documents here are the PAN card and the Aadhaar card. These documents will serve the purpose of identification for the Address proof and identity proof. The bank can also ask the account holder and the joint account holders to self attest to these documents.
  4. Submission of the balance cheque leaves, Passbook, and debit card back to the bank is essential. The account closing process will only proceed after submitting the passbook, debit card, and balance cheque leave.
  5. After the document verification, you will be requested to withdraw the remaining balance from your bank account. There are several options available to withdraw the amount from your account, it can be via DD, cheque, cash withdrawal, or can the amount be transferred to another account.

If you follow the stepwise procedures above, you will close BOB bank account without any problems. After your account is terminated, banks often send an email or SMS to your registered email address and number.

Download Bank of Baroda account closure form PDF Format.

Bank of Baroda account closing form is readily available online. As you see, all download the form when filling in the form itself has all the details to fill. The account closure form is simple to fill and is a single-page format. Ensure you enter all the details in block letters and recheck them before submitting to the bank official. 

Application Format to Close Bank Of Baroda Bank Account

The Bank Manager,
Branch Name
Branch Address

Subject: request to close bank of Baroda account.


I have Account No. xxxxxxxxxx with the Bank of Baroda Branch, and I am now unable to manage this account because of personal reasons. Therefore, please close my savings account and do not proceed with any transactions. Along with my application, I will be returning my passbook, chequebook, and cards.

I with this request to close my bank account with BOB and transfer the funds to the account information shown below. It would be appreciated if you could start the closure process as soon as feasible.

[Account Holder name], [Bank Account Number], [IFSC Code]

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely

Note: Along with the application, include a self-attested copy of your address proof and Aadhaar card. Then, submit the form, together with Debit Card and Cheque Book, at BOB nearby branch, or you can also submit it at the home branch. You will get notified about closing the BOB bank account within a few days of submitting the form.

Bank Of Baroda minimum balance requirement.

The minimum balance acquired in the bank of Baroda account list is given below:

RuralRs 500/-
Semi-UrbanRs 1000/-
Urban / MetroRs 2000/-
How to close Bank of Baroda account online


Bank of Baroda does not offer an online alternative for closing an account. Therefore, Account-holders must choose the manual option to close bank of baroda account. In this article, we have tried our best to cover the subject ‘How to close Bank of Baroda Account online.’ However, in case of any problems concerning to above, please write us below in the comment section. For Bank of Baroda customer care helpline, you can call 1800 102 4455

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How to close Bank of Baroda current account?

Account closure may get accomplished by obtaining an Account Closure form from the bank branch. The closure form must be filled out correctly and should include:
(i) The account holder’s name.
(ii) Account number.
(iii) Mobile number.
(iv) The method they would like to receive funds in their account, such as cash, cheque, or transfer to another account.

How to close BOB bank account online?

There is no means to close bank of Baroda account online. The bob account can only be closed by submitting an application/ account closure form to the home branch.

What are the charges for closing bank of Baroda account?

Rs. 275/- if the account is closing charge beyond 14 days but within one year of the first customer-induced transaction. (Accounts in Small Savings Bank and Basic Savings Bank are excluded.) if the bank account is closed within the 14 days of the first customer-induced credit being credited to it. if the account is closed owing to the death of the account holder

What if the minimum balance in the Bank of Baroda bank account is not maintained?

The penalty for failing to maintain the minimum necessary balance is Rs.100/- + GST every quarter. The account opening requires a minimum deposit of Rs.1,000/-.

What is the limit of the Bank of Baroda saving account?

The maximum balance on the credit of such an account shall never exceed Rs. 1,00,000/-. There is no maximum balance limit on accounts for kids above the age of 14.

Can I close bank of Baroda account without submitting the Account closure form?

No, you cannot close bank of Baroda bank account without submitting the account closure form.

Can I close bank of Baroda account without submitting the written application to close bank account?

Yes, you can close bank of Baroda account without submitting the written application. But you have to submit an account closure form to the bank official in order to get your bank account closed.

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