How to Close ICICI Bank Account Online

ICICI Bank (आईसीआईसीआई बैंक) is a private bank based in India that offers financial services. The bank’s headquarters are in Mumbai and a private bank. ICICI Bank requires a balance of Rs 10,000 in a conventional saving account at an urban branch. Furthermore, if the minimum balance is not maintained, the bank will charge you for it; you can close your ICICI bank account online by downloading the ICICI bank account closure form. Unfortunately, some people are unaware that a minimum balance is required, and as a result, they lose money. Therefore, it is better to close the account to avoid further penalties. Here’s how to close the ICICI bank account online.

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Important Note: While it is not available online to close an ICICI bank account online, one can download an ICICI account closure form from the official website, and then you can proceed.

close ICICI Bank account online

How to Close ICICI Bank Account

How to CLose ICICI Bank Account
The good news is that if you want to close your ICICI Bank account, you can now do so. Closing an ICICI account on the internet doesn’t take long, which is a good thing. We’ll go through the steps to close an ICICI bank account in this article.
Withdraw the Balance Amount from your ICICI Bank Account
The first step is to withdraw all funds from the ICICI bank. You can do this online by going to the net banking website and transferring funds from your ICICI account to another bank account. One can even do this with your mobile phone net banking.
Download the ICICI Bank Account Closer Form
After transferring all of the funds from your bank account, You can also download the Account closure form from the official ICICI bank website and take a filled form to the branch. Click Here To Download the ICICI Bank account closure form PDF.
Fill Out The ICICI Bank Account Closer Form
After obtaining the ICICI account closure form, (one can download the ICICI bank account closure form online.) fill in the form with the correct details. You can skip the information about the balance amount because you have already transferred the funds from the bank.
Attach your KYC Documents
With the ICICI Bank Account Closure Form, all account holders must attach a copy of KYC documents, such as a copy of PAN, which also serves as proof of identity and also a proof of address. Account-holders may be requested to self-attest these documents as well.
Submit Leftover ICICI Bank Cheque Leaves, Debit Card, and Passbook
Submit Balance Now Submit the completed form, along with the Debit card, Passbook, and Chequebook, to the bank’s customer service representative. Make sure to carry identification with you, as the executive may ask for proof of your identification.
Collect The Acknowledgment Receipt
Don’t forget to get the bank’s acknowledgment slip.  Following that, the ICICI bank account will be closed within the next ten working days.

The above mentioned is the process to close the ICICI Bank account. If you run into any problems, please call the toll-free customer service line at 1800 102 4242 and ask for assistance with your problem. Alternatively, if the problem is not being handled for you, you can file a complaint.

How to Close ICICI Bank Account Online

Unfortunately, one can’t close the ICICI Bank Account Online However, to close the ICICI bank account, there’s no need to visit the home branch. Instead, you can download the account closure form online below and visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch to close your ICICI Account online.

ICICI Bank Account Closure Form PDF Download

You can download ICICI bank Account online below. If you are having any problem with downloading the icici bank account closure form in PDF format let us know via comments, we will be happy to help.

You can also check How to close an HDFC bank account online.

How to close ICICI Bank Salary Account

To close an ICICI Bank NRI account online, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ‘Request for Closure of a Savings Bank Account for an NRI’ form.
  2. Print it, fill in all the requested details, and sign it.
  3. Attach a photocopy of a valid passport that has been self-attested.
  4. Send the form to the ICICI Bank office in Mumbai.


  • This request will disconnect the NRI Trading and Demat Accounts from the NRI Bank Account.
  • If the account is inactive or dormant, it must be activated before it may be closed.
  • The proceeds from the closure of an NRO Savings account cannot be transferred to an NRE or any other third-party account.

How I can close ICICI Direct Demat account online.

It is not permissible to close an ICICI Direct Demat account online. To close your Demat account, you must fill out a form and submit it to the firm. There are no fees associated with closing the account. However, the account can take seven days to get close.

How to close ICICI Direct Demat Account

Print the Account Closure Form after downloading it. Alternatively, go to your nearest ICICI Bank branch and request an Account Closure Form.

  1. Fill in the details in the account closure form and attach all required papers, such as a copy of the ledger and also the unused DP slips.
  2. Return the form to the branch office.
  3. You will receive an SMS with an account closure request number on your mobile phone.
  4. The account may be closed in up to two working days. As the account gets closed, you will receive a confirmation SMS.


How To Close My ICICI Bank Account Online?

To close the ICICI bank account, you must go to your nearest ICICI branch and request an account closure form. After collecting the form, please fill out all required information and return it to the bank executive along with your Debit Card, Passbook, and CheckBook. Your account will get terminated in the next ten business days.
Bring an ID card with you to the bank if the bank executive requests verification.

Can I Close My ICICI Bank Account Online?

Currently, you can not close your ICICI bank account online. However, one can download the ICICI account closure form from the ICICI official website and visit the branch to close your account.

Are There Any Charges For Closing The ICICI Bank Account?

If the bank account is closed within 14 days, there won’t be any charges. A closing fee of Rs. 1000/- will be charged if the icici bank account is closed between 14 and six months. If it is closed after six months, the charges will be Rs. 500/- and the Speed Clearing fee is Rs. 150/-.

Can I Close My ICICI Bank Account In Any Branch?

Yes, you can close your icici bank account at any icici bank branch. 

What Is The Minimum Balance In The ICICI Bank Account?

The minimum balance required to open an ICICI Bank Regular Savings Account is Rs. 10,000 in metro and urban areas Rs. Five thousand in semi-urban areas, and Rs. 2,000 in rural areas.

What Will Happens If I Close A Bank Account With Money In It?

Most banks prefer to close an account with a zero balance before closing it. You can withdraw funds from your ICICI bank account, transfer them to another account before closing the account.


So this post was about “How to Close Your ICICI Bank Account.” We will explain all you need to know about closing your ICICI Bank account. However, if you have any queries about any of the points, please leave them in the comments section, and we will willingly answer them. You can also contact ICICI Bank customer service for further information.

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    1. ICICI Direct demat accounts cannot be closed online. In order to close your demat account, you would need to fill out a form and submit it to the company. There is no charge for closing the account. Accounts are typically closed within seven days.

      How to close an ICICI Direct Account

        You can download the Account closure form and print it, or you can visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch to request one.
        The form must be filled out and all required documents should be attached, such as a copy of the ledger and unused DP slips
        The form should be submitted to the branch office.
        An SMS with a request number for account closure will be sent to your mobile phone.
        Closing an account can take up to seven working days. Once the account is closed, you will receive a confirmation SMS