How to Close ICICI Bank Canada Account Online

ICICI Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited, a Mumbai-based Indian bank. ICICI operates in 14 countries throughout the world. The ICICI bank provides a comprehensive range of financial services in Canada, including personal, commercial, corporate, investment, treasury, and trade banking. This article tells you ‘How to Close ICICI Bank Canada Account.’

How To Close ICICI Bank Account Online In Canada

Continue reading if you have a bank account in Canada and wish to close it. You can close an ICICI bank account in Canada for any reason. For example, people might fail to move to the country, or students who live there after finishing their degrees return to their home countries. There is no requirement for a foreign national bank account in such conditions.

Unfortunately, when talking about an Indian Bank account, it is impossible to close an account without visiting the bank account. But in the case of an ICICI Bank account in Canada, the customer can ask for a return of funds. The bank will automatically close the customer hello Canada code after the refund process. To get a better understanding, keep reading.

How To Close ICICI Bank Account Online in Canada

The ICICI Bank will repay the available balance in your Hello Canada Account if you cancel your moving arrangements and demand a refund.
To get a refund, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get the refund application form: Get the refund application form from the ICICI Bank Canada website or download it through our post. The applicant may request a refund by completing this Refund Application and providing supporting documentation. You can attach the documentation mentioning (i) The application for a visa/study permit has been denied/cancelled. (ii) The application for admission to a Canadian educational institution was denied. (iii) Admission to the Canadian Educational Institution has been withdrawn by the applicant.
  2. Fill out an application:  Fill in the details carefully. The customer will receive your refund within six weeks after processing your request.
  3. Return of funds: The return of funds will only be initiated to the account from which money was formerly received.
  4. The ICICI Canada bank will close the customer’s Hello Canada Account after successfully processing the customer refund request without accepting or processing further transactions.
How To Close ICICI Bank Account Online In Canada

Important: To close your hello Canada account, you have first to file a refund application form. This refund application form is readily available online, or you can download it here—Refund Application Form.

Process of Return of funds application submission

To submit the return of funds application to close the ICICI bank account in Canada. You have to first log into ICICI Bank Canada Secure Email Service. 

The subject line must affirm ‘ICICI SGP – Full Name (First name and/Last name) – Passport Number – Refund Request.’

You authorize ICICI Bank Canada to close the Investment Account and the GIC and refund the money to the specified bank account with this mail.

Instructions for Completing this Application Form PDF Download

  • You can go to the Refund Application Form from here.
  •  The fillable PDF form; please fill out all of the blanks in ‘TYPE’ format.
  • Make sure that all of the information provided is correct.
  • Fill out the form completely and click the Validate button at the bottom.
  • Print, Sign this form.
  • While applying, the following supporting documents must be attached and submitted: (i)—refusal Letter (all pages) provided by Canadian Visa Authorities in India (ii). The Canadian visa office’s cancelled Visa/Study Permit in India is shown on the passport page. (iii). The applicant must sign a letter confirming that they have not applied for a Visa/Study Permit.
How To Close ICICI Bank Account Online In Canada

Read more about the ICICI bank account closure details here- Close ICICI Bank Account


How To Close ICICI Bank Account Online in Canada

Call Hello Canada Account 24-hour Customer Contact Centre:

  •  Canada and the U.S. customers, toll-free: 1-888-ICICI-CA (1-888-424-2422)
  •  For Indian customers, toll-free: 1-800-200-3340
  •  Philippines, toll-free: 180011102974
  •  South China, toll-free: 108001402844
  •  Vietnam, toll-free: 12280928
  • Elsewhere, call collect: 1-416-847-7979


Today’s post is about “How to Close ICICI Bank Account Online in Canada.” Here we have explained all you need to know about closing your ICICI Bank account in Canada. If you hold any questions regarding any points, post them in the comments section, and we will gladly respond. 


What is an ICICI Hello Canada Account?

The ICICI Hello Canada Account is meant for people who will relocate to Canada to live, work, or study. It offers three different types of personal chequing accounts in Canadian dollars, each with its own set of benefits. Customers can open a Hello Canada Account from their home country, put monies into the account, and acquire a Certificate of Balance to satisfy the Government of Canada’s Immigration Department’s proof of funds requirement.

How to obtain a Certificate of Balance?

After the bank receives the customer’s funds into your Hello Canada Account, the bank will promptly send the customer a Certificate of Balance via your ICICI Bank Canada Secure Mailbox.

Can a customer operate the account while sitting in the home country?

Once you’ve finished your account activation in Canada, your account will be completely active. However, you will only be able to remit funds to your Hello Canada Account up to a maximum of CAD 100,000 while you are in your home country.

What is the least amount required to open an ICICI Hello Canada account?

There is no minimum deposit to open a Hello Canada Account.

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  1. If I have a Hello Canada account with ICICI bank, how can I close it without visiting the branch?

    1. Yes, you can close your Hello Canada account without visiting a branch. Take a printout of the hello Canada account close form and send it to the branch via post.