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14 thoughts on “How to close Indian Bank account Online”

  1. I want to close, it takes a month to get the ATM card, then I understand what services can be provided tomorrow, I want to close the account with all refunds

  2. Hi Customer care/Support,

    I have an Indian bank Account which I am not using for more than 4 years now, it is In active/inoperative and has 0 balance in it. I have submitted the Application to close the account as I don’t need any SMS to come form an account which I am no longer using. The SMS says “maintain Minimum balance” I am not using this account.

    The bank person and the Manager said only a deceased persons account can be closed if it is In Operative. if you are alive you cannot close a Inoperative account.
    They are asking me to give a new KYC and they said they will Activate the Account first, then I need to put deposit money into the a/c and then later after some transactions then only they would allow me to close the account.

    This is a cumbersome procedure and its not at all customer friendly. The details of the Bank are given below.
    Bank: Indian Bank
    Branch: KASTURI NAGAR, Branch, Bangalore

    Please provide me the simple procedure to close the SB A/c with Zero Balance and Inoperative. Please help me to get the A/c Closed at the earliest.