How To Enable International Transactions On SBI Debit Card

State Bank Of India (SBI) is India’s largest public sector bank. SBI provides Debit cards and Credit cards to their customers to use for their domestic transactions without any inconvenience. However, according to the new law by RBI International, transactions on SBI Cards are deactivated by default. If you want to do the international transactions through your SBI card, you need to activate the International Transaction for your State Bank of India Debit card. 

There are three working ways to enable international transactions on SBI Debit Card.

Steps To Activate SBI Debit Card for Internation Transactions via Internet Banking

To activate International transactions services for your SBI Debit card, you need to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, visit and login to the site with your User ID and Password provided by your nearest branch. 
  • After login in to your Net Banking, you will be redirected to the dashboard of internet banking. There is a menu tab featured on the page, you have to click on ‘e-Services’.
  • When you will tap on e-Services you will visit the next page, in which there is a list of related e-Services. You have to click on ‘ATM Card Services’.
International Transactions On state bank Debit Card
  • When you click on ATM Card Services you will visit the next page in which there is a List of different ATM-related services like Block ATM Card, Request Debit/Credit Card, New ATM Card. You need to click on ‘ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change’.
SBI Debit card international transaction
  • Now simply click on ATM Card/Limit/Channel/Usage Change and write your account number and then click the continue button.
  • After that, you have to choose Change Usage Type in Select Services.
  • Now simply select ‘International Usage’ and ‘Enable International Usage’. Then you have to click on the Submit button.
  • Finally, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. You have to enter the OTP and then click the submit button.
  • That’s It! You have successfully enabled your SBI debit card for international transactions. 

Steps To Activate SBI Debit card for International Transactions with SBI YONO App

This is the simplest way to enable international transactions on your SBI debit card. You need to download the SBI Yono App and follow the below steps to activate international transactions on your SBI debit card. 

  • First, you need to open the Play Store on your mobile and Download SBI YONO App and get it installed on your mobile.
Download Yono App For Android Download Yono App For iPhone

2. After a successful installation, open the app and log in with the User ID and password of your internet banking.

3. Now click on the hamburger menu situated on the top left corner of the app and click on Service Request.


4. After that, click on the ATM/Debit card section.


5. You need to click on the Manage Card tab on the next screen. 


6. Now, select your Debit card number and account number and enable the e-commerce transactions and Internation usage option.


7. So, this is how you can enable your SBI debit card for international transactions. 

Steps To Activate International transactions by SMS

To enable your SBI debit card international transactions, you need to send your registered mobile number an SMS. Make sure to have a working plan and validity in your Sim card; otherwise, you won’t be able to send SMS. 

You have to send SMS from your registered mobile number in the format mentioned below:

  • SMS “SWON<space>INTL<space>last 4 digit of your card number” and send to 09223966666 (e.g: SWON 5465)
  • SMS “SWON<space>ECOM<space>last 4 digit of your card number” and send to 09223966666 (e.g: SWON 5465)

So these are the following ways by which you can activate International transactions on your SBI Debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The SBI Debit Card Be Used Internationally?

Yes, The SBI Global International Debit Card can be used internationally. But you have to apply for an international debit card by login into your SBI internet banking. After the bank’s approval, the card can buy goods online or offline internationally. 

How Do I Activate International Transactions On My Debit Card?

To Enable International transactions on your debit, you have to log in to your Personal Internet Banking. Follow the steps to enable international transactions. 
1- Visit the Internet banking portal. 
2- Login to your internet banking with your details. 
3- Navigate to the Card tab and go to Debit cards Menu.
4- Click on Request and select “Set International / Domestic Usage”.
5- Now, Enable the card for International and Domestic Use.

What Are The Charges For SBI International Debit Card?

You will be charged Rs. 25 + GST for Balance inquiry at ATMs. On ATM Cash withdrawal transactions, you will be charged Rs. 100 + 3.5% transaction amount + GST, and last for PoS / eCommerce transactions you will be charged 3% of transaction amount + GST. 

Is SBI Visa Card International?

All SBI Card can be used internationally for Pos, ATM, and online Transactions, but you have to enable international banking in your internet banking.


So this is the Article on How To Enable International Transactions On SBI Debit Card. We covered this topic from every aspect; however, if you doubt any details we mentioned, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in the comment section. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  

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  1. I am unable to use my Rupay international debit card even after enabling international transactions. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Anmol,

      There aren’t any charges for enabling international transaction on SBI debit Card, However each international transactions attract 3.5% + 18% GST as fcy fees.