How to Find the CIF Number of Allahabad Bank?

Banks’ launch of internet banking services prompted them to issue CIF numbers and customer IDs. A customer Identification File (CIF) Number is a must to access internet banking facilities according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. If you’re an account holder at Allahabad Bank and want to find the Customer Information File (CIF) Number of your Customer ID, you’ve landed at the right place. I have concisely given how one can find it out through both offline and online modes.

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About Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank (now a part of the Indian Bank) is one of the oldest joint stock banks, established in 1865. It was national by the government of India in the late 1960s, and after providing services for over 155 years, it was merged with the Indian Bank in 2020.

The headquarters of the bank is in the lovely city of Kolkata. The bank, which had more than 3200 branches across the length and breadth of India, achieved a business of rupees 3.8 trillion in FY 17-18. The bank was ranked in the 1800s on the Forbes Global 2000 list.

Allahabad Bank CIF Number / Customer ID - Quick Guide

What is CIF Number in Allahabad Bank?

A customer Information Number popularly referred to as CIF, is a 10-digit number containing all a customer’s personal and banking details. Account balance, transactions made and, the type of accounts owned by the customer, loan history are a few crucial data that the CIF contains.

This information contained within the CIF number is frequently updated, thus ensuring security and can be used to assist future bank users whenever required. CIF numbers are of high importance for the account holders as these numbers are used for the registration of Net Banking. Also, when an individual wish to transfer the account, the Customer ID is of utmost requirement.

Allahabad Bank offers its customers two types of CIF numbers,

The first one is the Individual CIF number which stores all the information regarding the person directly related to the bank account.

The second one is the Related CIF Number given to account holder with joint accounts at the bank,

Methods to find CIF Number of Allahabad Bank

Both online and offline methods can be used to find the CIF Number/Customer ID for an account holder at Allahabad Bank.

Offline Methods To find Customer ID in Allahabad Bank

There are a few offline methods that can be used to find a customer’s Allahabad Bank ID. The first is to look through the customer’s account statements. This will usually have the customer’s ID printed on it. Another way is to ask the customer for their ID directly. They should be able to provide this information. If not, the customer can always contact Allahabad Bank customer service and they will be able to help the customer find their ID.

Online Methods To find Allahabad Bank CIF Number

One can use the following online methods to find their CIF Number/Customer ID in Allahabad Bank.

  1. By checking the Bank Account Statement:
  2. By downloading Allahabad’s empower Application:

How To Find Your Allahabad Bank CIF Number Online

How To Find Your Allahabad Bank CIF Number Online

The CIF number of Allahabad Bank is a unique nine-digit number assigned to all the customers of Allahabad Bank to facilitate easy identification and payment of the bank’s customers. The Allahabad Bank Customer Identification Number (CIF Number) may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Download Allahabad Bank’s IndOASIS App

    To get access to your CIF Number through this method, you’d have to download Allahabad Bank’s IndOASIS App from your play store or app store.

  2. Login into IndOASIS App

    Please note that to access the IndOASIS app you need to enter either Internet Banking or Debit Card by entering personal details. So keep it handy.

  3. Open mPassBook in the IndOASIS app

    The passbook’s first page contains the account holder’s CIF Number details. Along with this, one can find other relevant information concerning the account.

  4. Check your Allahabad Bank CIF Details

    You should be able to see your CIF number next to your account number.

Check Allahabad Bank CIF number in Passbook:

An account holder trying to find his CIF Number can do so from the Bank’s Account Statement. It is advisable to print out account statements between two days. On the top of the printed page, you will find your Customer Identification Number.

Allahabad bank CIF Number

Allahabad Bank CIF Number On Cheque Book

One can also find their CIF number on the first page of their Cheque Book. Other important details such as telephone numbers, bank IFSC code, MICR code, and account numbers can also be found on the same page.

Allahabad Bank Customer ID On Welcome Kit

A welcome kit is provided to every new customer who has opened an account with Allahabad Bank. One can find their Customer Information (CIF) Number in the welcome kit.

Find Allahabad Customer ID By Calling Customer Care:

A bank account holder with Allahabad Bank can find out his CIF number and other details by calling the customer care number provided by the bank. Before giving out your CIF number, the customer care executive on the other end of the phone will ask you some questions to verify your identity and account.

The customer care number of Allahabad Bank is 18005722000.

Visiting the Local Allahabad Bank

Find Allahabad Customer ID By Calling Customer Care:

This can be the last resort for any customer trying to find their CIF Number/ Customer ID with Allahabad Bank. One can visit their nearest branch of Allahabad Bank with relevant ID proofs to find out their customer ID.

In case of inconvenience with regarding finding out your CIF number or Customer ID with Allahabad Bank, you can reach out to them through the following contact information,

Toll-free number18005722000
Head officeKolkata


I hope you found this article helpful and understand how you can find your Customer Identification Number or Customer ID through both online and offline methods. Post-reading this article finding your CIF Number won’t be a daunting task for you.

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