We use credit or debit cards very often for shopping, paying bills, and withdraw cash from the ATM machine. ATM card is one of the easiest ways to withdraw cash anytime you want. You don’t need to visit the bank each time to withdraw the cash. Some ATM machines even provide a deposit facility as well. There are a lot of benefits of ATM machines but there is some downside too. 

Sometimes cash doesn’t come out from the machine and the machine shows that the amount debited successfully. Many users get scared in this situation but to overcome these problems all banks allow you to report the failed ATM transaction and after inspection banks return your money in your account. If your money gets stuck in the SBI ATM machine then here are the ways to report failed SBI ATM transactions to get your money back. 

Ways To Report Failed SBI ATM Transaction

Currently, there are three ways to report failed SBI ATM Transactions

Sbi Atm Transaction Failed But Amount Debited
Sbi Atm Transaction Failed But Amount Debited

Report Failed SBI ATM Transaction Through Customer Care

This is by far the easiest way to report your failed SBI ATM transaction. Almost every bank provides customer care numbers to its user. In case your money gets stuck in the ATM machine and you got money debited SMS then simply call on the SBI customer care and tell them the whole scenario. After hearing from you they will register your complaint and provides a tracking number for your issues. If your case is true then you will get a refund in your account within 7 business days. 

SBI Customer Care Number: 1800 425 3800

Report Failed SBI ATM Transaction By Visiting The Branch

Another way to report a failed ATM transaction is by visiting the branch. Simply visit your nearest State Bank Of India branch and tell your issues to the SBI employee. The SBI officials will forward your complaint to the technical support and they will inspect your issues and once your case verified you will receive your money back. 

Report Failed SBI ATM Transaction Through Online Portal

SBI has a dedicated CMS portal for sbi transaction failed complaints. Follow the below steps to complain about your issue with the SBI. 

  1. First of all visit the official SBI CMS Portal.

2. Now a form will appear and you need to fill the form with the required details. 

How To Report Sbi Atm Transaction Failed But Amount Debited

3. Select customer type, Account Number, and in the Complaint Name section type your issue which you are facing. 

4. Now enter your Branch Code, Registered Mobile Number, and Email. 

5. In the category of complaint select ATM Related.

How To Report Sbi Atm Transaction Failed But Amount Debited

6. In the Products & Services related option again selected ATM Related.

How To Report Sbi Atm Transaction Failed But Amount Debited

7. After that in the Nature of Complaint section Select the issue. If your money gets debited but cash not dispensed then select the first option.

How To Report Sbi Atm Transaction Failed But Amount Debited

8. After choosing the three option you need to enter your Debit Card Number, Txn Amount, Txn Id/ UTR No, Transaction Date. In The Dispensed amount enter 0 if you didnt receive any amount. Now enter the ATM Id/Terminal ID and write the details of your complain in 500 characters.

Note: You can find the Terminal ID/ATM ID on all of your transaction and settlement receipt.

How To Report Sbi Atm Transaction Failed But Amount Debited

9. Finally enter the captcha and click on submit button. After submitting the form succesfully you will receive a mail on your registered email ID and SMS on your mobile number for the same.

10. A complaint number will also be initiated to track the status of your complaint. Within 48 hours bank will call you about the issue and if your case is genuine then you will receive a refund back in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complain about the failed transactions in SBI?

By following the above ways you can complain about the failed transactions in State Bank Of India. Bank will resolve your query within 7 working days. 

What to do if the ATM transaction failed but the amount debited?

In this case, do not worry or scared. It is an ATM machine fault, not yours. If it happened to you then simply contact the ATM card and tell them the issue. If the ATM guy is not available then call on SBI customer care, visit the branch or do online complaint through the SBI CMS portal. 

How can I refund my failed transaction in SBI?

You can no refund your failed transaction by yourself. You need to complain to the SBI bank for the same and they will look into your matter and resolve it as soon as possible. 

4. Why does my ATM say transaction Cancelled?

Usually, you will receive a Transaction Cancelled error due to Wrong PIN or insufficient Funds. However, in some cases, ATM can show this error due to technical glitch or error. 

Final Verdict

By following the above methods you can resolve your issues and get your money back in your account. You need to lodge the complaint by any of the methods and the bank usually takes 7 days to inspect and resolve your issues. However, in some cases, banks can take more than 7 days depending on your issue. In case if you receive you just received your ATM card, you can check here How Can I Generate SBI Atm Pin By SMS

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