How to Change login and Transaction Password in PNB Netbanking

If you are a Punjab National Bank and face problems accessing PNB Internet Banking, you can solve the issues by doing the following tasks. If you are a new user, you must create your Login and Transaction Password to log in to your PNB Internet Banking. You can do this by resetting the Login and Transaction Password. If you don’t know how to do that, read the full post where we added a step-by-step guide that allows you to easily reset the Login and Transaction Password In PNB. The good thing is that the process is entirely online, and you don’t need to visit the PNB branch to do any other stuff. Having a smartphone/laptop/tab with a working internet connection would be best.

Here’s How To Reset The Login and Transaction Password In PNB

  1. First of all, visit the PNB Official Internet Banking Site.
    And click on PNB. 
PNB internet banking
  • Now Click On Retail Internet Banking which can be found on the left side of the screen. 
PNB retail internet banking login

3. After that, you will be redirected to a new page to enter your User ID and click the Continue button.


4. To reset the Login and Transaction Password of PNB, click on the Forgot Password button.

PNB Forgot Password

5. Now again, you will be redirected to a new page where you need to enter your User Id again and click on the Submit tab. 

PNB online password reset

6. After submitting, an OTP will come on your mobile number linked with your PNB bank account. Just enter the One Time Password (OTP) and click on Continue.

PNB one time password

7. It will now ask you to enter your Debit Card Number, Linked Account Number, and ATM Pin to complete the process. Just enter the required details and click on the Continue button.

8. After that, a new page will open where you find two options (Set Login Password and Set Transaction Password). Just click on both options and enter the password of your choice.

Note: You can choose a different password for Login and Transaction Passwords. Use at least one upper case, one lower case alphabet, a number, and special characters to make a strong password.

9. After adding the password, click on submit button.

10. That’s it! You have successfully changed your Login and Transaction password in PNB, and a message will appear on the screen saying Password Changed Successfully.

Tip To Secure Your Login and Transaction Password of PNB

  1. Never share your password with anyone else.
  2. Always add two-step authentication for more security.
  3. Keep your Email and Password Updated with your Bank.
  4. Please do not log in to your Net Banking on Public Wi-Fi, as they can access what you are searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Transaction Password In PNB One App?

Every transaction is authenticated through a transaction password. It safeguards your account from unauthorized transactions.

How Do I Change My Transaction Password?

By following the above guide, you can change your transaction password easily.

How Can I Get My PNB Customer ID Without A Passbook?

Your User ID is your Customer ID, and you can find it on your Passbook. In case you don’t have a passbook with you, then you can go to PNB’s official website and click on “Forgot User ID.” After that, enter your account number and click on verify. You may need to prove it with the OTP password to know your PNB Customer ID.

What Is Customer ID In The PNB Passbook?

You can see a Customer ID printed on the PNB Passbook. You can use the same Customer ID as a User ID to login into your PNB internet banking. If you don’t have internet banking, you can visit the branch to activate your PNB internet banking.

Final Verdict

So it was the post about How to Reset the Login and Transaction Password In PNB Internet Banking. We’ve mentioned all the processes step by step so that you won’t face any issues while changing the transaction password in PNB. Just follow the process and change your password in a minute or two. Apart from this, if you have any problems and queries regarding PNB Bank, feel free to ask us in the comment section, and we would love to help you.

33 thoughts on “How to Change login and Transaction Password in PNB Netbanking”

  1. I am unable to use jeevan pramaan app for my family pension account in PNB.This account was earlier in UBI.After merger of UBI with PNB I am facing this problem.I have a net banking account and tried to link bank account with ADHAR .It was sucessful but still unable to make life certificate online.What is wrong? Bank branch also could not help.

  2. When I try to reset the pnb transaction password, I receive the message “password insertion failed.” Therefore I am unable to transact .

  3. While doing step number 5 (Inputting debit card number, account number, and ATM pin), there is an error [host invalid] which prevents me from changing the password.
    Though I have verified my account number multiple times, it still says it is invalid.

    • Hey firoz if u are not using any card and it was never issued to you, you can visit your home branch and submit application form for internet banking.

  4. There is a lot of confusion in this PNB. The process of changing the transaction password is so lengthy that only a few people can accomplish it. Entering debit card numbers, etc., is absurd. PNB’s net banking is not user-friendly. SBI’s process of changing the password is very simple. It is probably the Mehul Cauksy effect.

  5. If you have exhausted your four attempts to change the transaction password. Select the activate transaction password option under personal settings. Transactions will be enabled.

    Let me know what you think

  6. Thank you for sharing this information. Really helpful to me, I’ve been trying for a year. The problem is now solved. Once again, thank you

  7. Thank you for providing the solution, sir. It worked perfectly after I followed your instructions. I have been looking for a solution to reset the transaction password for some time,
    Earlier, the website said your transaction password was disabled and I attempted to enable the password several times. The website indicated that you had already enabled a transaction password, but this did not work.
    I have now followed your instructions and have reset my transaction password.
    I thank you very much, sir.

  8. Does the above apply to Mobile banking also.
    My mobile banking does not open now after updating the PNB one app.
    The app goes haywire in case it opens. Do advice. I just can not get my last year statement to submit for IT submission. The app has gone crazy.

  9. I had been using my internet banking since some time.Recently it started showing that My user id has expired.The same user id I had been using earlier.I don’t have a debit card to reset my login id password.I had applied for re-issue of new login and transaction password in December.Due to covid I couldn’t visit my branch and now I took the internet banking passwords and trying to log in,but it says,user id expired.I don’t have debit card,how can I log in to my account?

  10. I am OBC customer and my id not accepted as I receive message to put O in the start from the bank it not working.

    • You can change your transaction password in pnb by clicking “Trouble signing in” -> Forgot Password -> Enter your User ID -> Enter the OTP -> Enter the details of your linked debit card and account number -> Reset your password.

    • If you forget your password, you can reset it online by clicking the forgotten password link. The Bank’s website will guide you through the process of completing the transaction automatically. Your ATM card may be necessary for the reset of your online password.

  11. I had been using net banking with registered user id and pe. But since my net banking has been disabled/deactivated may be fue to multiple use of wrong pw. Now after clicking on forgot pw, I get OTP and after adding OTP, the screen shows error with some three four point statements. Hence I am not able to log in. Please help by solving the problem. I have registered complaints in customer service, care, and also SMSin customer care no. But not received any reply from anywhere.


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