iHRMS Punjab Login | HRMS Punjab Employee Salary Slip Download August,2022

Easily download of iHRMS Punjab Employees Salary Slip/payslip online via hrms.punjab.gov.in.

iHRMS Punjab login allows checking the salary and payslip online without visiting the HR office. iHRMS Punjab gov website (hrms.punjab.gov.in) has significantly decreased the offices’ congestion and provided useful cash information to workers. Employees can now log into the iHRMS Punjab portal to access new user IDs and default DDO passwords to handle ESS portal services.

Employees earn their fair share of salary at the end of every month. The employee salary also goes through some deductions, such as tax, benefits, and loan cuts. The final amount transferred to the employees’ account is the net salary. This process takes place every month. Employees must, however, know about their earnings payslips, what they receive, and salary deductions. The employee has to seek salary slips from the HR offices in various companies. The procedure is tiring; the records are often lost or can not get recovered. The Punjab state government has launched a website for employees to reduce the hassle.

New online software for Punjab employees: Integrated human resources management system (IHRMS). With ihrms login, employees can launch their complaints, tax deductions, check salary slips, insurances, etc. For ihrms login or to access the website, employees have to log in using a password and username.

Let us move ahead with the services provided by the HRMS Punjab portal to the employees.

iHRMS Punjab Registration

eHRMS Punjab Registration

By connecting with DDO officers, the employees working in the Punjab state government can get their access enabled on the iHRMS Punjab portal.

To get your iHRMS Punjab access enabled, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Department Account office and ask for a DDO or Nodal officer.
  • Provide the details as per the personal employment record to the officer. The details include active mobile number and date of birth; the details are required for future verification.
  • The DDO officer will manage your employee Punjab Registration
  •  request and issue you the User ID.
  • Now access the iHRMS Punjab Employee page (ihrms.gov.in Punjab) using the User ID and Default Password.

Employees can log in to the iHRMS Punjab website to manage their iHRMS Punjab services. Employees should know how to check salary slips online.

iHRMS Punjab Login: The employee login process (online)

It is easy to access the HRMS Punjab gov portal, but you need to log in. The method is quick; use the steps below.

eHRMS Punjab The employee login online process
  • Visit the official page of the HRMS Punjab gov website. (hrms.punjab.gov.in Punjab)
  • Check for the login tab on the homepage and then pick the iHRMS Punjab payslip.
  • A new page will appear when you click on the login tab. Now, fill in your User ID and passwords and then enter the Captcha code on the same page to proceed.
  • Recheck the details on iHRMS Punjab login, and then press the login button.
  • Now the details will get verified on the iHRMS Punjab portal.
  • Now you will have access to the hrms Punjab portal.

IHRMS Punjab is regulated by the Department of State Finance, which oversees employees’ salaries on the ESS site, including the timely update of their Punjab employee salary slip.

iHRMS Punjab: Forgot the password

Without a password or user ID, the login process can never get completed. People many times forget the password/. An incorrect password may lead to the account getting blocked.

eHRMS Punjab: Forgot the password
  • Visit the iHRMS Punjab website hrms.punjab.gov.in.
  • Choose the login option on the right side of the login portal page.
  • Click on the forgot password option, then proceed.
  • Enter your department and employee code details correctly.
  • Recheck the details and click ‘search.’
  • Other verification details, such as your registered mobile number, may also be required.
  • The details will now get verified, and iHRMS Punjab login will send a new password on the registered mobile number

How to get iHRMS login Punjab employee code

If you want to get the IHRMS Punjab employee code account, details are essential. Every piece of detail is attached to the other. The employee user ID is a necessary credential. The employee user Id is used as the IHRMS employee code.

How to get iHRMS login Punjab employee code

You can get the IHRMS Punjab employee code through the online method as follows:

  • Visit hrms.punjab.gov.in, the IHRMS Punjab website.
  • To continue, click the login tab.
  • Now you are on the homepage. Go to the menu bar, click on the ‘get employee code’ option.
  • Enter the word Punjab under the Request for State choice.
  • Fill in the date of birth or the Aadhaar card details.
  • Enter the registered mobile number.
  • Fill in the captcha code. (make sure the captcha code is correct to avoid repetition)
  • Select the tab indicated as “fetch employee code.”
  • The employee code will get sent to the registered mobile number.
How to get iHRMS login Punjab employee code

Note: The information must be correct to produce the code. To avoid blocking the page, insert all the information correctly. The hrms.gov.in Punjab verifies all aspects before resetting or giving personal information.

We suggest never to submit erroneous data or face the repercussions.

iHRMS Punjab payslip mobile app

eHRMS Punjab payslip mobile app

The government launches an easy way to access the portal via a smartphone app. iHRMS Punjab payslip mobile app makes the job simpler for employees as they can search the data anytime. The mobile app has a few steps:

  1. Visit the IHRMS Punjab homepage hrms.punjab.gov.in.
  2. Select the IHRMS Punjab payslip mobile application.
  3. Select the ‘install’ button to continue.
  4. Now the application will get installed in a few seconds.
  5. Open the app—login with your user id and password.

As most people have mobile phones, the mobile app is easy. However, one has to download the right iHRMS Punjab/hrms Punjab mobile app.

Benefits of the iHRMS Punjab website

Both the government and staff benefit from the IHRMS Punjab website.

IHRMS Punjab website has brought a great deal of digital improvement to the administration. The employees do not have to worry about the queue or lost payslips.

  • The portal saves time and resources.
  • The iHRMS Punjab portal is easy to use.
  • All the details are readily available on the iHRMS Punjab portal, Starting from salary slip to solving employee grievances.
  • The portal helps employees get the salary slip fast; the Salary slip often gets used for loans or new job positions.
  • The administration can conveniently track every aspect of every employee and rapidly fix the issue as well.
  • Here you can learn about how to check salary slip online & also the loan application process or your tax deduction.
Benefits of the iHRMS Punjab website

Salary changes and all modifications are submitted to employees to follow through the website. Unless you share your account, no one can use it. We advise protecting employees’ data to prevent hacking or leaking of information.


How Can I Apply For Leave In HRMS Punjab?

To apply for leave, you have to do ihrms.punjab.gov.in login.
1) Go to Menu on the left-hand side and select “Leave request.” 
2) Now select “Leave Apply.” 
3) Leave application will appear on your screen.
4) Fill in the necessary details correctly and click the ‘Process’ button.
Now the leave status will appear on your screen.

How Can I Get Leave In HRMS In Punjab?

When you apply for leave on hrms.punjab.gov.in login, the leave status appears on your screen after processing the leave application. You can check the leave approval or denial status on the iHRMS Punjab portal.

How To Create A Salary Bill In HRMS Punjab

To create a Salary Bill in HRMS Punjab: Go to the DDO Account, then pick Administrator. Select Payroll Master and then Create Category Wise Bill.

What Is HRMS Punjab?

HRMS is a Human Resource Management System; this an application for employees that tracks employees’ whole service life from entry to exit from service. Integrated human resources management system (IHRMS) is the new online software for Punjab employees.

How To Get The HRMS ID Card For Punjab Secondary Teachers?

Login to your HRMS account, With the help of a user ID and password. Now you will be asked to enter a captcha and then log in. As you log in, your profile page will get presented on your screen. Scroll on the right-hand side, Click the ID card option with an icon. As you click, the file will start downloading. The ID card will get downloaded in PDF format in the download folder.

How Can I Change My HRMS Password In Punjab?

To update a password, use the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the HRMS login Screen and recover the password with the help of OTP received via SMS.


For all staff, the IHRMS Punjab portal serves a great function. The government can conveniently track every aspect of every employee and rapidly fix the issue as well. The website (iHRMSPunjab/hrms Punjab) has a support network that listens to employee complaints. The support team addresses the problems by giving the proper feedback via the account or registered mobile number and solves them.

There is editable information, such as telephone phones or addresses, if the employee wants changes to reflect on the account. Please refer to hrms.punjab.gov.in, the official website. You can also check the iHRMS Manav Sampada Website: hrms.nic.in/

If you have any questions or ideas for this column, please feel free to ask in the comment section. We’d love to give you assistance.

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