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Indian Bank is a government-owned bank with approximately 21000 employees, 6000 branches, and 5000 ATMs spread over India. It is one of India’s best-performing public-sector banks. Indian Bank provides a self-service portal explicitly designed for its workers. Thanks to the Indian bank retirees portal, everything is more convenient and fortunate for its employees and staff. Indian Bank has a great deal of admiration and respect for its retired staff. They had worked for the company for decades, and to demonstrate their gratitude, they created a retirement portal. 

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It is a fundamental and straightforward website that keeps retirees informed of bank announcements and other important information. If you’re an Indian Bank user and looking for information related to the Indian bank retirees portal and Indian Bank Retirees portal login, then this post has all the details for you.

How To Register in Indian Bank Retirees Portal | Indian Bank Retirees portal login

Important Details About Indian Bank Retirees Portal | Indian Bank Retirees Portal Login

We describe the complete process to register in the Indian bank retirees portal. In order to do “ib retirees portal registration” you have first to open the official Indian Bank website. After going through the official Indian bank website, follow the steps given below systematically:

The Process To Register In Indian Bank Retirees Portal | Indian Bank Retirees Portal Login
  • Create a new user by clicking on the retiree website link.
  • Fill in the SR NO and DATE OF BIRTH fields with your information.
  • Enter the verification code and click verify.
  • A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Lastly, you have to enter all the details related to the security questions, and you are done with indian bank retirees portal login.

How To Register Mobile Phone with CO HRM?

  1. Call Indian Bank at 044 28134490 or 044 28133300, and use extension 4644 for assistance.
  2. Speak with their agent about getting your phone registered.
  3. The Indian bank customer assistance offers crucial assistance and information on pension accounts.
  4. You can clear all your doubts about getting a mobile phone registered with CO HRM or Indian bank retirees portal login.
Important Details About Indian Bank Retirees Portal | Indian Bank Retirees Portal Login

Otherwise, you can get your mobile phone number registered with CO HRM through your local branch. You can visit your nearby local Indian bank branch and get all the details from there.

Remark: It is essential to register your phone number with CO HRM. They are website developers who work on behalf of the Indian Bank to maintain the platform. Without it, you will not be to access the website.

IB Retirees Portal Benefits | Indian Bank Retirees portal login benefits

Indian Bank Retirees Portal Login

Below listed are the points about Indian bank retirees’ portal login benefits. If you are an Indian bank retiree, read all the benefits carefully and use them.

  • You will be able to view the pensioner’s pension slips and tax forecasts.
  • You may easily download it as a PDF from the website.
  • Learn about the latest statement about pensioner welfare measures.
  • You can keep track of the seniors’ loan policy.
  • Get quick information from any location and at any time of day.

People For whom Indian Bank Retiree Portal is made

Indian bank has always provided services and benefits to its customers and employees with the best assurance and trust. Below are some points describing for whom the Indian bank retirees portal is created.

People For Whom Indian Bank Retiree Portal Is Made
  • Indian Bank provides a fantastic site that satisfies the demands of all retired employees.
  • They are regularly adding important material to the website.
  • We strongly advise all Indian Bank pensioners to be active on the indian bank retirees portal.

Facilities available for Indian Bank Retirees

IB Bank Portal Offers various facilities like free medical care, free transport services, subsidized meals, and much more. ib retirees portal registration Some of the major facilities that the Indian Bank Retirees Portal offers are –

  1. Employees retired on superannuation will be reimbursed for medical expenditures up to a maximum of Rs.4,000/- per year, beginning with the next year of retirement.
  2. Reimbursement of Health Insurance premiums for a cover of Rs.2.00 lakh under M/s United India Insurance Co., Ltd’s “AROGYARAKSHA POLICY” is now done with a cap of Rs.3827 for coverage of Account Holder+ Spouse+Two Children (1+3) applicable to all staff employees retired on superannuation.
  3. Ex-staff workers retired on superannuation would be reimbursed for annual health checkup expenditures of Rs.3500/- per year. (Circular ref: HRM 177/2010-11, dated January 20, 2011.)
  4. Subject to availability, employees who retired on superannuation may use the holiday home facility. Udhagamandalam, Shjimla, Kodaikanal, Kanyakumari, Guruvayoor, Mahabaleshwar, Tirumala, Darjeeling, and Puri situated vacation homes.
  5. Retired Employee Cards are given to people who retired on Superannuation (Circular ref: HRM 48/2009-10 dated 04.07.2009.)
  6. All staff employees who retired under VRS are awarded a pensioner’s card (Circular ref: MD/ED 24/2014-15 dated 16 03 2015).
  7. All qualifying Ex-staff Members who are Senior Citizens (who are eligible for the staff rate of interest) are eligible for dual benefits in Domestic Term Deposit Interest, namely, 1% for Ex-staff status and 0.5 % for Senior Citizen status. (Circular ref: HRM: 55 / 2010-11 DT, issued January 7, 2010)
Facilities Available For Indian Bank Retirees

You can also read more details about Indian banks like Indian Bank Staff Self Service Portal Login Online | we also have a complete procedure explaining How To Close Indian Bank Account Online on our website.

Indian Bank Pension Slip Download

With the help of hrconnect Indian bank and ib retirees portal, Indian Bank employees can now download Indian bank pension slips online easily. In Feb 2016, IThe Indian bank launched a portal to serve its retired employees. In order to download the Indian bank pension slip, please follow the steps below-

  1. Please visit the following website:
  2. Once the website has opened, you will see a page requesting your login information.
  3. In the User Id section, enter the e-mail address associated with your Indian bank’s account and the password in the Next field.
  4. After that, display the CAPTCHA. When displaying the captcha, keep in mind that it is case sensitive, so be mindful of both upper and lower case characters.
  5. You are now ready to access your employee portal. Simply click Login and you’re done.
  6. If you have any issues with the Indian Bank Staff portal, you can contact technical support at 044-28134496 or 044-28134309 from your registered mobile number.
  7. Once inside the portal, you can download indian bank pension slips by selecting the month and year from the navigation bar at the top.


How to access indian bank retirees portal?

First, you have to visit the Indian bank’s official website to access indian bank retirees portal, and then you have to create a new user through the retiree website link. Enter the SR NO and Date of Birth. Following this, you have to enter the verification code; you will receive OTP on your registered mobile number as you click on verify. Once you answer the security question, you are done.
Click Here ( for the Indian bank retirees portal link.


So it was the article about the Indian bank retirees portal. Indian Bank has a great deal of admiration and respect for its retired staff. In case of any questions about this topic, leave them in the comments section below, and we will get back to you asap.

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    1. not able to login in Retirees Portal. Shows invalid user id. Please help to login. SR no.21525

    2. Not able to login in Retirees portal. Shows invalid id. SR no.21525. Please help to login

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    email : VJ_SHARMA59@YAHOO.COM

  15. Sir
    For loving in indian bank retireis portal after putting SR No . They require OTP of registered mobile no.
    But so many employees having problem of mobile no was old. Due to non use. That no was aloted to another persons . In my case 8983769563 is registered but it was with another person . The otp generated will be going to that person.
    So my request is to change this method. Use finger prints for verification. Or face to open this portal.
    Thanks sir

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