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Indian Bank is a Government operated bank with over 21000 employees, 6000+ branches, and 5000+ ATMs all over India. It is one of the top-performing public sector banks in India. Indian Bank has a dedicated Self Service Portal, especially for its employees. The Portal makes everything more accessible and convenient for its employees and staff. If you’re an Indian Bank employee and looking for ways to log in to the Staff Self service Portal, then this post is just for you.

Steps To Login Into Indian Bank Staff Self Service Portal

indian bank staff portal login service
  1. First of all, Visit the Official Indian Bank Staff Self Service Portal.
  2. A page will appear where you are asked to enter details to log in.
  3. In the User ID section, enter your user Id provided by the Indian Banks.
  4. In the password, section enters your password and fills up the captcha.
  5. Now click on the Login button, and if your details are correct, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

Note: The captcha is case sensitive, so write the captcha as it is in the captcha section.

Benefits Of Indian Bank Staff Portal

Indian Bank employees can check the below basic information and essential announcement and notice regarding banking in the Portal.

Branch Name

After logging into the Portal, an employee can check the branch assigned for the job. It is excellent if you just started your job or transferred from one branch to another.

Pay Slips and Payment Details

An employee can check their payment details and status directly from the Portal. Not only this, but it will also show you the incentives and other benefits that you’re getting from the bank. The good thing is that you can check these details anytime, anywhere.

Important Announcements From the Bank

Banks directly send important announcements and notices to their employees through the Portal. This allows banks to share sensitive information with their employees without sharing openly.

So these are some of the benefits that employees will get from the Staff Self Service Portal.

Frequently Asked Question

Who can log in to the Staff Portal?

Only Indian Bank employees are allowed to log in to the Staff self-service portal,

How to reset the password of the Indian bank staff service portal?

You can not reset the password directly from the password. However, if you forgot your password or User Id, you can call 044-28134496 or 044-28134309 from your registered mobile number.

What To Do If I Forgot both user id and password?

There are chances that anyone can forget both user ID and password. In this case, you can contact the technical support on 044-28134496 or 044-28134309 or contact your bank manager.


So it was the post about How to Indian Bank Staff Self Service Portal. It is a great way to get all the essential information related to your work in one place. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to ask us in the comment section, and we would love to help you as soon as possible.

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    • Hi. My Sr. No 61790. I could not able to login Retired Employee Staff Portal. So please guide me. My registered Mobile No: 9933398966.


  1. Hi! my s r no. is 30599. When In tried to login to Retirees portal, the system displayed a message that the new password is sent to my email. However, despite repeated trials, no email was received. Kindly help

  2. My S.R. No. Is 1948
    Whereas username requires seven digits. Whenever I’m trying Indian bank retirees portal login, insisting for downloading Instagram. Afterwards unable to find Indian bank retirees portal

  3. I am unable to register my mob no:- 9471745696 with COHRM. Pls. do it.
    I am ex staff of Allahabad Bank
    Name:- Supabitra Chatterjee
    SR NO:- 414819
    Home br:- 7170(Mango Jamshedpur)
    Mob no- 9471745696 regtd. with SB/Pension a/c:- 20322957205
    Pls. confirm through my regtd.e-mail:-

  4. I am unable to login, inspite of several attempts. As per instructions how to login looks easy but it is not so in reality.

  5. As per your circular CO/HRM Department HRMD 46 dated 31 05 [year] regarding IB-DigiDoctor Digital Health care Platform.
    I am super annuation Retired Staff from Indian Bank the year 2009 my SR NO 21895. I tried to login in the system not able to get in to the site

    Can you sir help me to login in to the system. My mobile number showing else number and the registered number with the bank.
    Kindly advise and suggest

    • Sir, Your only option, in this case, would be to visit the bank and ask them to update your mobile number. I afraid there is anything else that can be done to resolve this issue.

      • I tried to login to HR Connect and on entering forgot password there is a message that password has been sent to me Email but not received They say to contact Administrator how can I contact him


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