Intra Haryana – GPF Statement, E-salary, and Property return at allows E-salary and Property return downloading, GPF Statement 2020 Download PDF, and more

Intra Haryana is a state government portal that provides a wide range of services. Haryana’s state government has preferred digital transition and incorporation of new online services for Haryana’s Government employees. With the help of new online Intra Haryana login, the state government employees can easily avail of various services, including 

  • GPF statements
  • e-salary
  • annual reports
  • GPF account services
Intra Haryana – GPF Statement, E-Salary, And Property Return At Intrahry.Gov.In

State employees do not need to visit the HR office if they require GPF statements, esalary Haryana, annual reports, or GPF account services. With Intra Haryana, government employees receive all services online from Intra Haryana login. The portal is modified to suit the government to have all employee details in one portal, and the employee needs to get all services online. 

Intra Haryana website portal services

Intra Haryana website portal services

Government employees can easily Register on the Intra Haryana portal and use various services. The portal allows the employees to check Intra Haryana property return, E-salary Haryana, Official registration process, GPF account services, Online employee leave application & details, Service books, Information on tour module, and more.

How to do Intra Haryana Login Registration

How to do Intra Haryana Login Registration

Each employee must enroll and take advantage of the Intra Haryana portal.
Follow the steps below for the registration process:

  1. Hit the Intra Haryana official website page
  2. On the home screen, select the option of ‘new registration.’
  3. A new page will display on your screen. Here you have to write employer type, payee code, and your salary bank account number.
  4. After you’ve double-checked the details, click the ‘submit’ button.

Property Return process on Intra Haryana portal after registration

Property Return process on Intra Haryana portal after registration
  1. Visit the Intra Haryana official website page
  2. Log in with your user ID & password (enter captcha if required)
  3. Go to the ‘menu’ and select the ‘property return’ option.
  4. Now select the year, and continue.
  5. Moving forward, fill the application form with the details, including immovable and movable property, loan details.
  6. Upload your signature
  7. Make the final submission.
  8. Download and take a printout.

The Property return form can also be downloaded and printed from the Intra Haryana portal for future reference.

Annual property return on Intra Haryana Portal

Annual property return on Intra Haryana Portal

Integrated Financial Management System Haryana website portal also empowers employees to submit their annual property returns. A state employee has to perform a few steps to submit their yearly property return.

  1. Visit the Intra Haryana website
  2. Click on the ‘new registration’ tab.
  3. Now fill in the details: Employer type, Payee code, and Salary bank account.
  4. Click the submit button.
  5. Enter the registered mobile number or the HRMS number.
  6. Click submit.
  7. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number to verify the details, click submit.
  8. The screen will display your user name.
  9. Write the preferred password and confirm the password again.
  10. Now the portal will show a message of successful completion.

Fill online leaves using the intraharyana official website.

Haryana state employees can easily apply for leaves with the help of the Intra Haryana official website. For first, an employee has to register itself on the website for a leave application.

Fill online leaves using the Intra Haryana official website.

If you require to apply for leaves online, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the official Intra Haryana website page and log in.
  2. Go to the account tab and then select the ‘online leads and tour module’ option.
  3. Go to the menu list and tap on ‘my leave.’
  4. Click ‘apply for leaves.’
  5. Your screen will display a leave application form for you to fill.
  6. Now fill in the requisite details, then click the ‘save’ button. (pending leaves will display from the leave menu).
  7. Pick one of the options according to your preference: pending leave, pending approval, or leave status.
  8. Now enter details about when to take the leave and proceed.

Your leave application is complete. A state employee can also check the status of the leave application on Intra Haryana.


What Is Intra Haryana?

The Haryana government designed the HRMS (Human Resources Management System) official portal where the Haryana state employees can instantly check their GPF statement, payslip, and e-salary slip HRMS

What Are The Benefits Of The Intra Haryana Portal?

The portal saves the time of employees as well as the government. It is easy to do data management in a precise manner. Easy access to the portal enables the employees to get their information.

क्या इंट्रा हरियाणा पोर्टल सभी लोगों के लिए उपयोगी है?

नहीं, केवल हरियाणा के राज्य सरकार के कर्मचारियों के लिए है। कर्मचारी लॉग इन करने के लिए अपने आधिकारिक पंजीकृत यूजर आईडी और पासवर्ड का उपयोग कर सकते हैं।

इंट्रा हरियाणा पोर्टल क्या है?

इंट्रा हरियाणा पोर्टल राज्य सरकार के कर्मचारियों के लिए सरकार द्वारा शुरू किया गया पोर्टल है। ये पोर्टल हरियाणा के लिए बेहतर है।

Can An Employee File A Complaint With The Help Of The Intra Haryana Portal?

Yes, employees file a complaint with the help of the Intra Haryana portal. Log in to your account with an Intra Haryana user id, go to the ‘complaint section’ and file a complaint easily from the portal.


Haryana state government and employees both benefit from the Intra Haryana portal. The government can quickly assess and maintain the employee data, and also, the state employee can access the services online without and a manual visit to various departments. This technological transformation has also helped to prevent fraud.

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