IKYA PORTAL: IKYA Salary Slip Login Payslip Download at qpay.quesscorp.com/IkyaPortal

IKYA is a product of Quess Corp Limited which is a leading company in the workforce industry. Quess corp helps in managing, recruiting, hiring, impact skills development, digital implementation to many brands and big companies. It provides a wide range of services to organizations in all sectors so that they can work easily without any hassle. Quess Corporation was started in 2007 in Bangalore and from then to now it helps thousands of companies in the business and technology sectors. Quess Corp is also listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE.

What Is IKYA Portal?

The Quess Corporation is so big as it has more than 4 lakh employees. The Quess Corporation not only growing in India but also spreading its arm in places as North America, the Middle East, and South Asia. Currently, it has offices in 64 different locations and now you can assume how big it is. Now you might think about what IKYA Portal is and what it does?

What Is IKYA Portal?

Well as the Quess Corporation has a huge number of employees who get monthly salaries and benefits which makes it hard to follow up on each employee’s details easily. To make things flexible the Quess Corporation introduced a website portal named IKYA Portal that helps employees to get their payslip, statements, complaints, and paid leave dates on a single platform.

IKYA Portal Login

The IKYA login portal is specially designed for employees of the company so that they can check and download their payslips, statements, etc through quess login using the link www.qpay.quesscorp.com. The employees just need to login into the portal with their login details to access all these things. Both employees and employers can log in to the portal. Below are some of the things that you can do on the IKYA Portal.

  • Employees can check their monthly ikya salary slips and statements
  • You don’t need to visit the employer’s office for a payslip as you can get it from anywhere in the world.
  • It gives you a platform to communicate between employers and employees with ease.
  • It gives transparency as everything is found online.
  • Employers can easily track any employee’s details individually.
  • No delays in delivering payslips as everything can be done online.
  • Proper data records management as everything will be store and saved online.
  • Employees can also raise a complaint from the IKYA portal if they have any.
  • Employees can also check the latest schemes and benefits from the company directly on the portal.

IKYA Salary Slip Login Steps

Before login to the IKYA Portal AKA quess corp salary slip portal make sure that you have the User ID and Password with you. Below is the step-by-step guide to logging into the IKYA Portal and downloading the ikya payslip.

ikya portal login
  • Now it will ask you to enter your User Id and Password. Simply enter it and click on the Login tab.
  • After entering the required details it will redirect you to the dashboard where you will get many options related to employee’s payment details.
  • Employees can check their monthly payslips and download the statement for the same as well. The system will also allow you to take a print of your Payslips and statements for your records.

IKYA Portal Forgot Password Reset Guide

In case if any employee forgot their password then they can simply reset their password by visiting the website.

IKYA Portal Forgot Password
  • Now click on the forgot password and then you have to enter some details such as Employee ID number, DOB, Employee Full Name, Registered Mobile Number, etc.
IKYA Portal Password Reset Guide
  • After entering all the required details you need to verify your number with OTP as well.
  • Now you will be able to reset your IKYA Portal Password.
  • Simply fill in a new password and confirm the same by entering it again in the respective field.
  • At the end click on the Save button and that’s how you can reset your IKYA Portal Password.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I download the Quess Corp salary slip?

Go to the official IKYA website, which is www.qpay.quesscorp.com/ikyaportal. You will see the IKYA home page on your screen. Following it, enter your user ID and password. Next, click on the Login tab to access the page.

How do I get a salary slip from Quess?

The IKYA portal allows employees to check and download their payslips and access their Quess login information through the link www.qpay.quesscorp.com. Employees need to log in to the web portal to access other details. The portal offers many benefits attached to both employees and employers.

Final Verdict

So this is all about IKYA Portal. I mentioned almost everything related to IKYA Portal that helps you to easily log in to the Portal without any issues. However, all the information mentioned here is only for educational purposes and we are not responsible for any error.

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  1. at the time of payslip opening i forget my password in method of forget pass word option automatically my email id taken wrong kindly correct my email id subhaanurag2010@gmail.com in my payslip so that i have seen my payslip and my emp id is 2000555191