Post Office Timings in India – Lunch Time & Working Hours (2021)

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Indian Post Office is helpful for the citizens of India in many ways. Even today, the post office plays a significant role in many official and personal works. We all know the basics that people send and get letters through the post office. It is essential to know post office timings, speed post timings, post office working days, etc. We all have moved at great speed with technical advancement; still, the Postal Department has maintained its harmony. 

Suppose you deal with services related to the postal department. In that case, it is necessary to know about post office timings, post office working days, post office holidays, post office lunchtime, speed post timings, post office holidays 2021, etc. Then, with proper knowledge and plan, you can visit the post office without waiting for long hours or returning without doing the work.

Indian Postal Department has branches all over India. Your nearby post office is also a branch of the Indian Postal Department. Before the post offices came into the picture, people used to send and receive letters through messengers. With the help of the Indian postal department, people do not face any problems.

Lord Dalhousie founded the post office on 1st October 1854 and introduced the new Indian postal services. Today the Indian postal office services are ruled by the Government of India. The Post office headquarters is in Sansad Marg, New Delhi, and the post office’s annual revenue is 11,496.18 crore. 

Under the Chief postmaster general, India stands distributed into 23 postal circles. The circles are divided into regions, known as divisions. The Post Offices are classified into three categories, i.e., Head Post Offices, Sub-Post Offices, and E.D. Branch Post Offices.

Very few people know that- the highest post office in the world, which has a height of 14,567ft, is in Himachal Pradesh.

Indian Post Offices Timings and post office working days

Indian Post Offices: Timings And Working Shifts

The Indian post office timing is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

On Sunday, the post offices are closed except for the night post offices. Sometimes the post office timing extends in some occurrences, under the instruction of the Director-General.

If you want to know about post office holidays, the post offices are closed on government announced holidays. The post offices remain closed on Saturday & Gazetted holidays. Post office timings on Saturday are the same as other days. 

To avoid the crowd and get your work done quickly, you must know the opening times and working hours.

If possible, avoid visiting the post office just before the post office lunchtime. And after lunchtime, the post office will get highly crowded. Instead, make sure you visit a nearby post office during post office working hours.

Follow the below-given timing for Indian Post Office is working shifts:

DaysIndian Post Office Timings
Monday8 AM to 4 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 4 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 4 PM
Thursday8 AM to 4 PM
Friday8 AM to 4 PM
Saturday8 AM to 4 PM
Indian Post Office Timings 2021

You can keep an idea about the nearby post office timings in your area by calling the nearest office as sometimes it might be closed due to local holidays which aren’t listed above and get your work done without any delay. You must also have an idea about post office holidays so that you could set your appointments accordingly.

Indian Post Office Lunch Time

Indian Post Office Lunch Time

Indian post office timings for lunch vary from circle to circle. This lunchtime is a break from employees’ working hours. If you visit a post office during lunchtime, you have to wait until post office lunchtime is over to get your work done.

Indian Post Office Lunch Time: 1:30 PM to 2.30 PM or 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM

A suggestion is to visit a post office as soon as it opens or if you do not have much work visit an hour before lunchtime.

Indian Post Office Daily Working

Indian Post Office Daily Working
Indian Post Office Daily Working

Many types of works are being conducted in a post office. The various services are:

  • Money remittance
  • Mail services
  • Speed post
  • Life insurance
  • Banking services
  • Retail services

With time and technology, new services are also being introduced in the post offices. With the help of mail services and speed post, people can easily send and receive letters and parcels. There are no specific speed post timings; visit during the working hours and get your work done.

List of Indian Post Office Holidays List 2021

Is The Second Saturday Holiday For An Indian Post Office

Here you can learn about post office holidays 2021. So many times, people get confused and check if the post office is open today?

The postal department takes holidays only on some special days. Check the post office holiday list 2021:

26 January 2021SundayRepublic Day
06 April 2021MondayMahavir Jayanti
10 April 2021FridayGood Friday
07 May 2021ThursdayBuddha Purnima
25 May 2021MondayEid-Ul-Fitr
01 August 2021SaturdayEid-Ul-Adha
15 August 2021SaturdayIndependence Day
30 August 2021SundayMuharram
02 October 2021FridayGandhi Jayanti
25 October 2021SundayDussehra (Vijay Dashmi)
30 October 2021FridayEid-E-Milad
14 November 2021SaturdayDeepavali (Diwali)
30 November 2021MondayGurunanak Jayanti
25 December 2021FridayChristmas Day
Republic Day26-01-2021Tuesday
Good Friday02-04-2021Friday
Mahavir Jayanthi25-04-2021Sunday
Buddha Purnima26-05-2021Wednesday
Independence Day15-08-2021Sunday
Mahatma Gandhi’s Jayanthi02-10-2021Saturday
Dussehra (Vijay Dasami)15-10-2021Friday
Milad-un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad(Birthday of Prophet Mohammad)19-10-2021Tuesday
Diwali( Deepavali)04-11-2021Thursday
Guru Nanak’s Birthday19-11-2021Friday
Christmas Day25-12-2021Saturday
India Post Office Holidays October , 2021

The above table lists the national post office holidays list for 2021, but it might vary from region to region depending upon local holidays. Therefore, always check the government-announced holiday list before planning any official or personal work-related to post offices & postal services.


What is the working time of the post office?

The Indian post office working timing is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Therefore, do not visit the post office during government-announced holidays.

What is the speed Post Timing?

You can easily do speed post during post office timings, i.e., 8 AM to 4 PM.
The performance of speed post is always faster and more secure. For example, if it is Metro to Metro, then the speed post takes 1 to 3 days; for State Capital to State Capital, it takes 1-4 Days, and for the rest of the country, it takes around 4-5 Days.

Does Speed Post Work on Second Saturday?

Speed posts get delivered on second Saturdays.
Mon to Fri 9 AM to 6 PM and on Sat 9 AM to 12:30 PM, excluding Sundays & Public Holidays. There is a misconception that the post office is on leave on second Saturdays.

Is Saturday a working day post office?

Yes, Indian post office timings on Saturday are from 8 AM to 4 PM. So yes, Saturday is a working day in the post office.

Can I do a Speed Post on Sunday?

Indian Post Offices are closed on Sundays except for the Night Post Offices. However, you can do a speed post on Sunday to find a night post office nearby. 

Does Speed Post deliver at night?

Yes, speed post letters can get delivered by 8 pm.
A postman will deliver parcels through a mechanized delivery process on a pilot basis. 

What happens if the speed post is not delivered?

If not delivered, the item stays at the speed post office for 18 days. After that, it gets returned to the source. If the item is not delivered and the customs charges are due, it remains for 21 days at the post office.

Is the second Saturday holiday for an Indian post office?

Post Office bank (India Post Payment Bank)  remains closed for two Saturdays, on the second Saturday and the fourth Saturday of every month. But the post office is open on the second and fourth Saturdays. 

Can I collect the parcel post office?

Yes, but to collect a parcel, you should have identity proof. Take the original identity (not a copy) and the person to whom the package is addressed. 


Post offices play an essential role at the core of local communities. Individuals and businesses rely on the postal services for many services, not just sending and receiving items but accessing banking, paying bills, getting local information, and many other reasons. So one should be aware of post office working days, post office working hours, post office half days, and post office lunchtime. Get the work done conveniently in the post office without any rows by visiting during appropriate post office work hours. We have also listed post office holidays 2021 so that you don’t visit there on post office holidays.

So it was the post about Post Office Timings In India – Lunch Time & Working Hours (2021); if you have any queries or suggestions regarding this post, feel free to ask me us the comment section. We would love to help you.

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