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Purvanchal Bank is among the popular banks in the state of Uttar Pradesh. An account holder with Purvanchal Bank must be aware of the advanced and modernized banking services they offer. The services offered are on par with those of other prominent banks in the country. In this article, I’ll guide you on ‘How to check Purvanchal Bank balance and Purvanchal Bank Balance Enquiry Number.

Purvanchal Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Every account holder keeps checking their balance regularly. Given the advent of technology in banking, there are many ways to make a balance enquiry. You may not use all the ways to check the balance in your account but may use the one that best suits your comfort level. In this article, we will find out how an account holder can check their Purvanchal Bank balance and details about the Purvanchal Bank Balance Enquiry Number.

Purvanchal Bank Balance Enquiry by missed call

To enquire about the balance amount in your account with the Purvanchal Bank, dial 09266592669. Within a few minutes, you will receive an SMS alert on your mobile phone, which contains the details of the current Purvanchal bank balance in the account linked to your mobile number. Also, you don’t have to worry about being charged as the Purvanchal Bank balance enquiry number is toll-free.

purvanchal bank balance enquiry number

If a customer has multiple bank accounts, he or she has to set up one primary Bank Account. To execute this, send an SMS to 09266592669 with the text SET<Account Number>. After this, the customer can do purvanchal bank balance enquiry and get SMS alerts regarding the same.

The Advantages of the Missed Call Balance Enquiry Feature

This new era method of enquiring about one’s balance in their account saves a lot of time and can be accessed round the clock from the comfort of their home. One needn’t have to take the trouble of traveling to their branch or the ATM to enquire about the balance in their account.

Some others may suggest trying our internet banking services, but the issue here is that the minimum network required to run internet banking services may not be available everywhere.

Point to be noted
An important point to note here is that to avail of this facility, your mobile number must be registered with your bank account at Purvanchal Bank. Once registered, you can try this balance enquiry via the missed call feature and get SMS alerts regarding your bank account.

How to avail of this feature on your Purvanchal Bank account?

Visit your nearest Purvanchal Bank branch for registration, or you submit an inline request by visiting the bank’s official site here: http://purvanchalbank.com/ServiceRequestApplication.aspx

Accurately enter your name, address, phone number, and other relevant details in your bank passbook, and submit the application online. Don’t forget to tick on the required service in the application form.

purvanchal bank balance enquiry number

Other methods to enquire about the balance in your account with the Purvanchal Bank. One can use the bank’s internet banking facility to check the current balance in their account. By visiting the nearest ATM and enquiring about the balance through a Debit Card.

Another method by which one can enquire about the balance in their account is by updating their bank passbook, which will give a list of transactions immediately. For other bank-related services and details, you can check our website. Click here

What to do in case of an issue with your Purvanchal Bank account?

For any problems, one can instantly connect with Purvanchal Bank Customer Care on their toll-free number for quick assistance. Give a call on 1800 532 7444/ 1800 833 1004/ 1800 123 6230 to raise a complaint regarding your issue. In turn, the customer care executive will guide you to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

purvanchal bank balance enquiry number

You can also mail your grievances at pgbgkp@gmail.com

If customer care fails to resolve your issue or fails to respond to your multiple calls, you can drop a complaint letter addressed to the head office of the bank.

Purvanchal Bank Head Office Address:


Buddh Vihar Commercial Scheme,

Taramandal, Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) – 273016 India

The Head Office can be contacted on the following numbers:

+91 551 2230210/2230240/2230058/2230177/2230170/2230215/22300068


In the above article, I have told about how an account holder with the Purvanchal Bank can check the current balance in their account via a missed call. If the account holder’s mobile number has been registered with his bank account, this feature is free to use round the clock. If any problem arises, feel free to contact their customer support for assistance.

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