SBH Balance Enquiry Number by Missed Call

State Bank of Hyderabad gives its user the facility to know the remaining balance by simply giving a missed call. Usually, people use traditional methods to know the balance by visiting the bank and updating the passbook. Internet banking and mobile banking are also a way to know your SBH account balance but it is a little bit complicated process for elders. You also need to have a smartphone and laptop with a working internet connection to check balance Internet banking or mobile.

One such great way to check SBH balance is by giving a missed call from your registered mobile number. The process is super friendly for elders and doesn’t require you to have an internet connection. You just need to have a working recharge plan in your sim card so that you can give a missed call. Here’s how to know the SBH balance inquiry by missed call.

Steps To Know SBH Balance By Missed Call

SBH Missed Call Bank Balance Dial 09223766666
  1. First of all, give a missed call on 09223766666 from your registered mobile number. The call will get disconnected automatically after 2-3 rings.
  2. Within a few minutes, you will get an SMS from the SBH bank containing your remaining account balance.
  3. By this method, you can know your SBH bank balance 24×7 and you don’t need to pay any amount for giving a missed calls

Note: Make sure that your number is registered with State Bank of Hyderabad otherwise you will not get any update with SMS on your mobile number. Here’s how to do that.

How to register or activation of Missed call Service on SBH

By following the below steps your number will get registered with State bank Of Hyderabad.

  • Type REGSBH (Your Account Number) and send it to 09223488888. For example REGSBH 0123456789 and send it to 09223488888
  • After sending the SMS you will instantly get a reply containing “Your Registration Is Successful”.

Note: If this method is not working for you then simply visit the SBH branch and ask them to register your number with your account so that you can your SBH account balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my SBH account balance through mobile?

To get SBH Balance Enquiry simply give a missed call to 09223488888 from your registered mobile number.

How do I know if my SBH account is active?

Just call the bank customer service and inquire about the account status. Or visit your bank branch. You must go to the nearest bank branch with your account number. There you can find out whether your account is active or not.


So it was the about SBH Balance Enquiry Number By Missed Call. You can also check the SBH bank balance by login at your internet banking or by visiting the branch. Apart from this you can check the remaining balance by visiting the nearest ATM as well. It depends on you which method you like the most. If you have any other queries related to SBH bank then feel free to ask us in the comment section and we would love to help you.

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  1. Hi, I have two accounts, one in SBH bank and another in SBI, but when I try to Enquiry Number SBH Bank Balance By Missed Call, I only receive SBI balance but not SBH account bal details. What to do?


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