SBI Mini Statement by Toll-Free Number, Missed Call & SMS Banking

SBI Mini Statement is a service given by the bank that allows customers to check information about recent account transactions. Users must first register their phone number to use SBI Mini Statement Services. They can access an SBI Mini Statement through various offline and online ways anywhere and anytime after a one-time registration of their phone number with their bank account. SBI delivers Mini Statements in multiple ways, without the need to visit a bank branch or. SBI Mini Statement information is available through online Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services.

SBI Mini Statement Important Details

Accountholders can request a mini-statement from the State Bank of India to inquire about their account’s recent debit/credit activities. SBI mini-statement can be accessed in various methods, including SBI Quick Banking, missed call banking, SMS banking, mobile banking, and net banking. Let’s check a few different ways to obtain an SBI mini-statement.

SBI bank statement includes all of your transaction information from multiple modalities such as RTGS, NEFT, UPI, IMPS, and others. However, if your mobile number is linked with the bank, you may obtain the short statement via various methods.

ArticleSBI Mini Statement
BankState Bank of India
SBI Mini Statement Number9223866666

How can I check my SBI bank Mini statement?

If an SBI bank user wants to obtain the SBI mini statement, then they can get it with the help of any of these:

  1. Missed call
  2. SMS banking
  3. Mobile banking
  4. SBI Internet banking
  5. SBI ATM Card

How can I check my SBI mini statement balance by Missed call?

With the SBI mini statement number Quick Missed Call service, you can check your SBI bank statement right away. You will get an SMS containing your account mini statement after making a missed call to 09223866666 from your registered mobile number. It is the easiest way to check the SBI bank statement because it can be accessed even if there’s no access to the internet.

How can I check my SBI mini statement balance by SMS?

You can send an SMS to 09223866666 from your registered mobile number by typing ‘MSTMT.’ Following that, you will get an SMS containing the information of the most recent five Sbi bank transactions.

How can I check my SBI mini statement balance by Mobile banking?

 SBI has released YONO SBI Lite, a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS phones. YONO SBI Lite app is available for download on the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store. The user needs to enter the sbi mobile banking Username and password to log in. Next, check the bank transactions by going to the account information option. Customers must have a stable internet connection to use this service. In this way, you can check the SBI mini statement.

How can I check my SBI mini statement balance With Internet banking?

Account-holders can log in to the SBI Net Banking website using their net banking User ID and password, in addition to SBI Quick banking and mobile banking. After logging in, select the ‘Account Details’ option to check the sbi bank statement. With the SBI Net Banking service, one can easily manage multiple accounts, view account statements, sbi mini statement online, account transaction history, and more.

How can I check my SBI mini statement balance by SMS?

One of the most popular methods for receiving SBI account mini statements is this method. Select the ‘SBI Mini Statement’ option on the screen, input your 4-digit PIN, and view your statement at any SBI or other bank ATM.

Register the Mobile Number for the SBI Mini Statement

Only the registered phone number with the SBI bank account can use the SBI Mini Statement service. Registering a phone number and activating SMS banking are both required in order to receive an SBI bank statement. The phone number is usually registered when the bank account is first opened. If you have not linked your phone number with the bank account, the SBI account holder can register the phone number using the steps outlined below.

The SBI account user needs to copy down the account number and send an SMS to the SBI bank to register the mobile phone for SBI mini statement services using SBI Quick. SBI free service gives missed call banking and SMS banking services. The SMS should be formatted as follow:


Customers have to 
and send it to SBI mini statement number 09223488888

The SMS as mentioned above should be sent to 09223488888 (SBI mini statement number) by the SBI account holder’s number. The mobile number will get registered with the SBI bank after the SMS is sent.

Next, the account holder must submit the following SMS code to register for SBI mobile banking services:

Type the code: <MBSREG>
Now send it to SBI mini statement number 9223440000 

Get SBI Mini Statement Number

For an SBI user, to get SBI Mini Statement, give a missed call at 09223866666.

SBI Mini Statement Number

SBI bank account-holders can request an SBI Mini Statement by dialling 09223866666 on the SBI Mini Statement number. The SBI account holder can request an SBI Mini Statement by making a missed call from the registered mobile number.

Users can access the SBI Bank Statement through the Missed Call Service by following the below instructions:

  1. To learn about the last five transactions, make a missed call to SBI Mini Statement number 09223866666.
  2. The call will get disconnected.
  3. The user will receive an SMS containing the SBI Mini Statement, containing the account’s most recent five transactions.

Get SBI Mini Statement using SMS Banking.

SBI account holders can also receive SBI mini account statements by SMS. To get the SBI Mini Statement through SMS, the account user should send an SMS to 09223866666: write ‘MSTMT’ in the message body. The SBI bank Statement will get delivered to the registered mobile number, detailing the latest five transactions.

SBI Mini Statement Number
  • To get an SBI Bank statement through SMS banking, you can SMS ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666 from your registered mobile number.
  • You can quickly check the State Bank of India Mini Statement’s last five transactions.

Important: If an account holder has multiple SBI

accounts, he or she can register for SBI Quick for just one of them at any time. If the SBI account holder wants to change the registered account number for SBI Quick, they can de-register the number with SBI Quick from the first account and re-register with the other. You can also get details on How to Generate SBI Atm Pin By SMS

Get SBI Mini Statement Online by Mobile Banking

Customers can also obtain an SBI Mini Statement utilizing mobile banking services are as follows:

  • First, customers must download the ‘SBI Anywhere Personal’ – SBI Mobile Banking app. One can download it from the google play store or Apple app store.
  • Next, log in to SBI Anywhere App using the SBI login credentials.
  • Go to the SBI Mobile Banking app home page.
  • Select the “My Accounts” option.
  • Select the ‘Mini Statement’ option.

Finally, check the SBI Mini Statement, which includes ten recent SBI bank account transactions. SBI users can also get details on How To Get SBI Passbook Statement Online? | Click here

SBI Mini Statement Using SMS Banking

Advantages of SBI Mini Statement Service

Customers can take advantage of various features and benefits from SBI, including the SBI mini statement service, with automatic and integrated services like those provided by SBI Quick. This has the following benefits:

SBI Mini Statement Number
  • There’s no need to connect to their SBI online banking account to check SBI bank account statement information.
  • Here we have a faster and easier way to get a mini statement sbi with details on the bank account’s last five transactions (recent ten transactions in the case of mobile banking).
  • The banking process does not necessarily require a laptop, computer, or smartphone. A simple mobile phone with an SMS facility is enough to access these details.
  • The SBI customers do not have to visit the bank, wait in queues, or wait for the SBI lunch timings to get over, and having the bank account passbook updated for such minor data is no longer necessary. 
  • The procedure helps the customers save time and effort. All required is to send an SMS, and the information will be transmitted to the phone.
  • The SBI statement obtaining services is a smooth, stress-free, easy-to-understand, and trouble-free process that even those from rural and underserved areas can comprehend and use.

SBI has also extended some former SBI associated banks to this service. SBI account-holders can check with the bank or send the SMS and check for themselves. If the bank is an SBI associated bank, an account holder may also be eligible for the missed call banking service. 


With online banking services, checking bank balances in the SBI or mini statement has become easy. Banks are working with the era and letting their customers utilize all the benefits of net banking. Even if you do not have an internet connection, you can check your SBI bank account balance with the help of your phone number (if linked with the SBI account).

  • SBI mini statement toll free number 9223866666

If you have any doubts about SBI mini statement checking, let us know in the comment section below.


How to register for SBI mobile banking service?

Send REG<space>Account Number to 09223488888 to register for SBI Quick services such as missed call service and SMS service. Now send <MBSREG> to 9223440000 to register for SBI mobile banking services. One can also go to the SBI bank and register by submitting the necessary documentation.

How to check SBI mini statement?

You can view your SBI mini statement in several ways. You can leave a missed call to 09223866666 or text ‘MSTMT’ ( sbi mini statement toll free number). Download and utilize the SBI mobile application or log in to the SBI net banking page. Account mini statements can also be accessed at any ATM operated by SBI or another bank.

How to view the SBI mini-statement without the internet?

In case of no access to the internet, you can leave a missed call at 09223866666 or text ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666 from your registered mobile number linked with your SBI bank account. You will instantly receive an SMS on the same number regarding your previous five transactions.

How to check my last five transactions in SBI?

You may view the details of your last five debit/credit transactions in SBI by sending an SMS ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666 or making a missed call on this same number. You can view the mini statement using the SBI mobile app if you have a smartphone with working internet. One can also check the transactions by logging in to the SBI Net Banking Portal with your customer ID. Users can also check micro statements at bank ATMs in real-time.

Is Checking SBI mini statement Free?

SBI MISSED CALL BANKING is a free service provided by SBI Bank that allows the customer to obtain the Mini Statement and account balance information by making a missed call or sending an SMS from your registered mobile phone.

How to check the SBI account statement without a registered mobile number?

Please follow the instructions below to use USSD for SBI Balance Enquiry: Enter your User ID by dialing *595#. Choose ‘Option 1’ from the list of choices, and then choose ‘balance inquiry or mini statement.’

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