How to Find Your SBI Rewardz Customer ID ?

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How To Find SBI Rewardz Customer ID

Do you have a savings account, credit card, loan or any other relationship with State Bank of India (SBI)? Did you know SBI offers an exciting loyalty and rewards program called SBI Rewardz to its valued customers? With SBI Rewardz, you can earn reward points on everyday banking transactions and redeem them for shopping vouchers, flight tickets, hotel stays and much more! However, to start earning and redeeming points, you first need to register for the SBI Rewardz program using your unique SBI Rewardz Customer ID.

Your SBI Rewardz Customer ID is an 11-digit number that serves as your key to unlocking the Rewards program. This ID is also referred to as the CIF or Customer Information File number. Unfortunately, many SBI customers are unsure about how to find their Rewardz ID and miss out on enjoying the benefits.

How To Find SBI Rewardz Customer ID

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through what the SBI Rewardz program is, explain the SBI Customer ID/CIF number, and outline multiple convenient ways to find your SBI Rewardz Customer ID. Whether you want to check your passbook, access online banking, use the mobile app or contact customer service – we’ve got you covered! Read on to find your unique ID and start redeeming rewards!

What is the SBI Rewardz Loyalty Program?

SBI Rewardz is the loyalty and rewards program introduced by India’s largest bank, the State Bank of India. It allows SBI customers to accumulate reward points and redeem them for an exciting range of rewards. Customers can earn rewards points on everyday transactions like:

What Is The SBI CIF Number / Sbi Customer Id?
  • Using SBI Debit Cards and Credit Cards – You earn points on every purchase, bill payment, online transaction, etc.
  • Banking online via Netbanking and Mobile Banking – Earn points for money transfers, utility bill payments, mobile recharges etc.
  • Availing Loans such as Home Loans, Vehicle Loans, Personal Loans etc.
  • Maintaining Demat Accounts and investing through SBI.

The reward points keep accumulating as you conduct transactions across these SBI services. The points can then be redeemed in the SBI Rewardz rewards catalog which includes:

  • Online shopping vouchers for top brands
  • Dining vouchers for restaurants
  • Gift vouchers from premium brands
  • Travel rewards like air tickets and hotel bookings
  • Exciting merchandise and electronics
  • Donations to charitable organizations
  • And many more redemption options!

To start earning points, SBI customers first need to register for the Rewards program at This requires your unique SBI Rewardz Customer ID.

Understanding Your SBI Customer ID (CIF Number)

The SBI Customer ID is an 11-digit number uniquely assigned to every SBI account holder. It is essentially used to link all your SBI accounts and financial information together so you can seamlessly use SBI’s products and services.

This 11-digit ID is referred to as the CIF or Customer Information File number. It acts as an identifier that contains key details about you such as:

Requirements To Get SBI Rewardz Customer ID
  • Personal Information – Name, Date of Birth, Contact details etc.
  • Demographics – Age, Gender, Occupation etc.
  • Residence Details – Permanent Address, Current Address etc.
  • Account Information – Account Numbers, Branch Details etc.
  • Loan Details – Existing Loans, Loan Amounts, EMIs etc.
  • Demat Account Information – Holdings, Nominees etc.
  • KYC Information – PAN Details, Aadhar Number etc.
  • And any other relevant information.

The CIF number helps SBI link all this information about you from your various accounts/relationships with them – into one unified customer profile. It remains unchanged for your lifetime and avoids any confusion across accounts.

This centralized SBI Customer ID enables seamless banking across channels like branches, internet banking, mobile banking etc. The CIF number also helps SBI offer personalized services tailored to you.

Now that you know what the SBI Customer ID is, let’s look at how to find it…

Multiple Ways to Find Your SBI Rewardz Customer ID

If you already have an account with SBI, here are some easy ways to find your 11-digit SBI Rewardz Customer ID:

1. Check Your SBI Account Passbook

One of the fastest ways to find your SBI Customer ID is to check your account passbook. This is the physical booklet provided by SBI where your transactions are recorded. Your 11-digit CIF number is printed on the first page of the passbook. Just open it and look for your unique SBI Customer ID.

2. Check Your SBI Chequebook

Similar to the passbook, your SBI Chequebook also contains your CIF number printed on the first page. So if you have a chequebook linked to your SBI account, flip it open and you can easily spot your 11-digit SBI Rewardz ID.

3. Retrieve it Via Online SBI Netbanking

Get An SBI Rewardz Customer ID Number From Your Online SBI Account.

If you use online net banking provided by SBI, you can conveniently find your Rewardz ID by:

  • Logging into your Netbanking account
  • Going to ‘My Account
  • And opening the ‘View Nomination and PAN Details’ section.

Your 11-digit customer ID will be shown here.

4. Check on the SBI Mobile Banking App

Find The SBI Rewardz Customer ID Number Using The SBI Anywhere APP.

You can also retrieve your SBI Customer ID using SBI’s mobile banking app called ‘SBI Anywhere’. Simply:

  • Log in to the app
  • Tap on ‘Services’ on the home screen
  • Then click on ‘Online Nomination’ under Services.

This will display your 11-digit CIF number.

5. Refer to Your SBI Account Statement

If you receive e-Statements for your SBI account, your CIF number is printed on the statement. So you can open any recent account statement and look for your SBI Rewardz ID there.

6. Contact SBI Customer Service

How To Find SBI Rewardz Customer ID

If you are unable to find your SBI Customer ID through any of the above options, you can also get it by contacting SBI Customer Care. Call them at 1800-209-8500 or email Provide your account details and they will share your Rewardz ID.

So in summary, your SBI passbook, chequebook, netbanking, mobile app, account statement and customer service are quick access points for your 11-digit Rewardz Customer ID.

Now let’s look at how to maximize the benefits once you have registered for SBI Rewardz…

Tips to Make the Most of the SBI Rewardz Program

Here are some tips to help you unlock the full potential of SBI Rewardz and redeem exciting rewards:

  • Check Reward Points Balance: Frequently log in to your Rewardz account to view your points balance and redemption history. You can also check it instantly on the SBI Rewardz app.
  • Transfer Points to Rewardz Account: Don’t forget to transfer the reward points earned on your SBI transactions to your Rewardz account, so they are available for redemption. Do this via Netbanking.
  • Redeem Points Regularly: Explore the reward catalogue and redeem your accumulated points often for online vouchers, flight tickets, hotel stays, merchandise and more.
  • Track Expiry: SBI reward points expire in 36 months from the transaction date. So redeem them within validity to avoid lapses.
  • Refer Friends: Refer your family and friends to join Rewardz and earn bonus referral points.
  • Know Rewards Partners: SBI has tied up with premium brands to bring you the best rewards. Stay updated on the latest offers.
  • Activate Email/SMS Alerts: Opt for alerts to get notified about new rewards, points expiry, exclusive deals etc.
  • Download Mobile App: Use the SBI Rewardz app for easy access and instant redemption on-the-go.

By following these tips and redeeming judiciously, you can unlock maximum savings and enjoyment from the SBI Rewardz program.

FAQs About SBI Rewardz Customer ID

What is the SBI Rewardz program?

SBI Rewardz is a loyalty and rewards program by SBI that allows customers to earn and redeem points on banking transactions like using credit/debit cards, taking loans, netbanking, etc.

What is the SBI Customer ID or CIF number?

The SBI Customer ID or CIF is a unique 11-digit number assigned to every SBI account holder. It helps link all your account information for seamless banking.

Where can I find my SBI Rewardz Customer ID?

You can find your 11-digit SBI Rewardz ID on your account passbook, chequebook, netbanking, mobile banking app, account statements or by contacting SBI customer service.

Can I change my SBI Customer ID or CIF number?

No, the SBI Customer ID remains unchanged for a customer’s lifetime across all their accounts.

How do I register for the SBI Rewardz program?

Visit or the Rewardz app and register using your 11-digit SBI Customer ID and registered mobile number.

How can I earn SBI Rewardz points?

You can earn points on SBI debit/credit cards, netbanking transactions, loans, etc. Just transfer points from your account to Rewardz to redeem.

How long are SBI reward points valid?

SBI reward points are valid for 36 months from the transaction date. Redeem before expiry.

What are some tips to maximize SBI Rewardz benefits?

Check points balance, transfer points regularly, redeem often before expiry, use the app, set alerts, refer friends etc. to maximize rewards.

Who can I contact for SBI Rewardz queries?

Contact SBI Customer Care at 1800-209-8500 or email for any SBI Rewardz related queries.

In conclusion, SBI Rewardz offers an exciting opportunity to earn rewarding benefits from your everyday banking transactions. Your 11-digit SBI Rewardz Customer ID serves as the key to registering for this program. This guide covers multiple convenient methods to find your unique Customer ID/CIF number. So whether you check your passbook, netbanking, mobile app or customer service – you can now easily find your SBI Rewardz ID.

Register on Rewardz with your ID today and open the door to special rewards, offers, deals and an enhanced banking experience!

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