How To Solve “No Accounts Mapped For This Username” Sbi Error

Abdhesh Gangwar

Are you having an account in SBI and using the internet banking services from the State bank of India & facing “No Accounts Mapped for This Username” errors while logging into net banking? If yes, make sure that you are reading this article from start to end carefully. Here we will talk about one of the most common internet banking service errors in SBI accounts, and we will also tell you some ways to solve this problem.

Internet banking is one of the most revolutionary and much-needed services in the banking industry. Internet banking has enabled access, use, or moderate different banking services from sitting inside your home and anytime. It has made banking thousands of times more easy and convenient. If you have access to internet banking, it saves your time to visit the bank’s branch, and you don’t have to stand in the queue to get your work done.

But still, there are some flaws in this system too. You may sometimes face issues or errors while using internet banking services with your account. In that case, you don’t need to panic when you get the error message on your screen. One of these basic errors that any SBI users face while using internet banking services is “No Accounts Mapped for This Username.” Errors like this are most common, and you must want/need to know why you are getting this error.

Cause ofNo Accounts Mapped for This Username” In SBI

Most of the users who face the “No Accounts Mapped for This Username” error are the ones who try to access the net banking services after registering for SBI internet banking with the credentials given in the internet banking kit, which the bank provides. When they register, they do not have full access to internet banking.

The account in which the internet banking services are allotted remains by default in the hidden accounts list. And that’s why the server is unable to find the account with the provided credentials and throws an error message saying “No Accounts Mapped for This Username.” While the account is hidden, you also have restrictions to changes to the account holder’s profile. You need to unhide your main account from the hidden accounts list to eliminate this problem. After that, you also need to give full authentication and authorized permissions to make transactions from the account to the account user. After doing so, it will take hardly one hour to get the problem solved, and then you can enjoy your internet banking services.

How To Solve The “No Accounts Mapped for This Username Error In SBI

To solve no account mapped error while logging into your SBI Netbanking account for the first time, you must follow the steps given below to avoid any possible error.

1. First, open your computer’s internet browser and then visit the official net banking website of State Bank of India, which is, and log in to your internet banking account using the credentials/ username and Password.


2. After login, you will find the “My Account & Profile” option, click on this option, and then click on the “Profile” option from my accounts section.

sbi my profile tab

3. Now, you will get several different services and options in the Profile Section, including Personal Details, change password, Set account Nickname, Manage A/c Display, PAN Registration, etc. Click on “Manage A/c Display” from the profile list.

sbi manage account display

4. Now, hereafter clicking on this option, the screen will display some options, including hiding Accounts, Unhide Account, Hide Debit Accounts, and Unhide Debit Accounts, etc. From the list, click on the “Unhide Accounts” option. It will ask for the profile password; enter the profile password in the given space and then click on the Submit.

 No Accounts Mapped for This Username SBI Error

5. The next window will show you a list of bank accounts associated with your internet banking credentials. Now select your Account Number, which you want to use for internet banking, and click on the Submit.

No Accounts Mapped For This Username

6. After submitting, you will get a message saying, “You have successfully modified your account profile for inquiry and transaction access to the following accounts.” 

Video Guide to Solve “No accounts mapped for this username” error

“No accounts mapped for this username” error video solution.

Other Possible Reason For “No accounts mapped for this username” error

1. First of all, login to the internet banking website,e of SBI which is, sign your login id and password. Then from the main menu click on the “Request & Inquiries Ta,b” from the menu bar, and here look for the “Upgrade Acces,s Level,” When you find this button, click on it.

reason behind No Accounts Mapped for This Username SBI Error

2. Here you will see a list of account numbers associated with your user account. Select your desired account number from the list and then click on the “Full Transaction Rights” button which you will get under the Upgrade, Access level Section. After doing so, click on Submit.

Steps to resolve the No Accounts Mapped for This Username error in sbi permanently

3, After submitting you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter OTP and click on the ConEnter

No Account Mapped For This Username SBi Problem Solve kaise kare?

4. Now you will receive a message saying “Y,,our request for up-gradation of rights for the account selected by you is accepted, and it may take 1 Hour to activate the same in our records”

5. The services will be activated w.ithin 1 hour after the request is made. After this, you will not get such type of error again in the future.


So that’s all about the error “No Accounts Mapped for This Username” in SBI. If you want to know anything else regarding this issue, let us know in the comments below. Do share your feedback with us, if you liked this article. Your feedback is important.

Abdhesh Gangwar

I am Abdhesh Gangwar, a writer at Hriday India, with a knack for explaining complex banking topics in a simple way. My articles help readers understand financial matters better, making their banking experience smoother and less daunting.


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  1. I’m so glad I found this post! I was getting frustrated with the ‘No Accounts Mapped for this Username’ error on my SBI account. Your troubleshooting steps were clear and helped me resolve the issue quickly. Just out of curiosity, do you know what causes this error in the first place? Is it a common issue with SBI accounts?

  2. Thank you for addressing this common issue many of us face with SBI online banking. The ‘No Accounts Mapped for This Username’ error can be quite confusing, especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy. It’s great to have a resource like this that breaks down the solution in simple steps.

    • Thank you for your feedback! We’re glad that this article helped provide a solution to your problem. We strive to provide resources that offer clear explanations of technical issues in an easy to understand format. Thank you for your support!

  3. Encountered this error a few times and was clueless. This step-by-step guide made resolving the issue a breeze. Thanks for the clear instructions!

    • Glad to hear that the instructions were helpful! It’s always a relief when a technical issue can be solved with ease.

  4. Great information! I faced the “No Accounts Mapped for This Username” error while using SBI internet banking. Following these steps helped me solve the issue. Thanks for sharing this helpful guide!

    • I’m so glad to hear that these steps helped you! It’s always a relief to be able to fix an issue quickly. Thanks for letting us know!

  5. In my account no account mapped for this user name is coming how solve and profile password I have forgot.

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  7. For upgrading the rights after submitting the full transaction rights i am getting a message “Sorry, unable to process your request. Please try later”.. What should i do now.

  8. Iam living in USA and my bank a/c is in India in SBI I applied for international Debit
    card to sbi bank remarks No Account mappedfor this username
    i opened my profile and click the manage account desply.use my profile passward and submit itry to unhide account click now bank remarks again
    NO Accounts available
    sir please guide me now what can i do

  9. Very useful blog which has mentioned all the steps to recover your account successfully. I was able to recover from the error myself.

  10. For the Problem was Not Solved Sir!
    again It is asking that

    “”User does not have any account to downgrade the access level””

    Like these

    • Same I am also getting the same problem.I am not able to do online transaction with my debit card.Were u able to solve ur problem??

    • For Upgradation of the access level can the bank takes 1 year to rectify ,before the comment would usually express till now is ” No a/c is available for You “

  11. This was an extremely helpful blog, as it helped resolve my problems with the ways suggested here. Thanks for taking time to put this into a detailed blog.

  12. Thanks for being so kind and helpful to me. It always showed “No account mapped to this username” when I logged in. I am very grateful to you today. For the past year, I have been unable to make the transaction through net banking. I always remember you.

  13. With net-banking, I am unable to generate my pension slip from my SB account with SBI. The same message appears every time, stating “We are unable to process your request due to some technical problem”. Try again after some time. Could you please tell me how to generate my pension slip?

  14. I tried all the way like unhide account or upgrade but it shows me always no account mapped for this user name.
    Not at the bank branch.

    • No way to solve this problem. I too have the same problem. Never try to visit the branch. They are bitch. I got frustrated after vising 7 times in a month, but they didn’t solve the problem. If you have zero balance in the account ; just close your bank and open in HDFC or ICICI. They require minimum balance but you will not have to get a lot of headache for all this. And strongly support the privatisation of banks to give a lesson to them, no matter you support BJP or congress.

      • I’m sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience with the bank. I understand your frustration and it can be really discouraging. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to solve this problem. However, I do agree with your suggestion of looking into other banks that may have better services. Privatization of banks could also be an option to address these issues, and could be something to explore.

  15. But sir, the same problem occurs while changing the registered mobile number. Sir, I have unhide account and also upgraded full transaction rights.

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  19. I tried all the way like unhide account or upgrade but it shows me always no account mapped for this user name.please help me out.

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