TS Sand Booking (SSMMS): TS Sand Booking Customer Registration & Track Sand Order Status

Easy Telangana TS Sand Booking Apply and SSMMS Registration. | sand.telangana.gov.in TS Sand Booking Registration Form. Check TS Sand Booking Track Sand Order Status 2023 sand.telangana.gov.in.

TS Sand Booking (SSMMS) TS Sand Booking Customer Registration & Track Sand Order Status

In the state of Telangana, there is now a simple way to book your stand. This article shares the details of the Telangana sand booking system (Ts sand booking) set up by the – sand sale management and tracking system, or SSMMS, in this article today. Here we guide you with instructions on how to register for the online sand booking portal. We’ll also take you through a step-by-step approach to tracking your sand order.

This article will go over every specification and a step-by-step guide to teach you how to complete various SSMMS sand booking procedures. (sand.telangana.gov.in)

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SSMMS Online Sand Booking in Telangana May ,2023

TitleTS Sand Booking – SSMMS
Category1. SSMMS – Online Sand Booking in Telangana
2. Customer Registration
3. How to book sand online in Telangana
4. Sand Booking order track
Concerned AuthorityTelangana State Mineral Development Corporation (STMDC)
DepartmentDepartment of Industries and Commerce
Mode of registration and bookingOnline  
Online systemSand Sale Management & Monitoring System (SSMMS)
StateTelangana State   
Official Websitetsmdc.telangana.gov.in

SSMMS Telangana Sand Booking

SSMMS Telangana Sand Booking

Telangana has created a new portal called SSMMS, which stands for Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System, which the concerned authorities have developed. Many incentives will be granted to the citizens of Telangana state, primarily to those who make the sand booking in their daily lives due to the implementation of this SSMMS portal. This ts sand booking is helpful for and convenient.

SSMMS website can also get used to performing a variety of other activities. The Website was created so that all Telangana state citizens can do their job efficiently and from the comfort of their own homes.

What are the Services Available At TS Sand Booking

Services Available At TS Sand Booking

The process for online sand booking has been grouped into the portal. There are several services available in the SSMMS portal.

Here is the list of services:

  • Customer registration
  • Vehicle registration
  • Tracking of orders
  • Inter-state sand transportation activities
  • Sand order details
  • Daily updates of orders.
  • Daily updates stockyard.
  • Daily updates of booked quantity, available quantity, and quantity delivered.

TS Sand Booking Portal SSMMS details May ,2023

The name of the portal is Sand Sale Management And Monitoring System (SSMMS), Telangana. Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation launched the SSMMS, and the beneficiaries are residents of the state. 

TS Sand Booking Portal SSMMS details

The objective of the SSMMS portal is to provide Sand through Online Mode.

  • Official Website: http://tsmdc.telangana.gov.in/
  • TS Sand Booking Helpline: 040- 23323150 

Documents Required For Bulk Sand (ts online sand booking)

Follow the below-given process for registration:

  • An official ID is required to register for government work.
  • Aadhar card, pan card, and registration copy are required to register a private firm or business.
Documents Required For Bulk Sand ts online sand booking


  • To apply for government work, you’ll need an official letter, a copy of the agreement/work order, and a copy of the material necessary to copy/estimate the document for sand.
  • To apply for a private company/firm, you’ll need a construction permit/approval, a building plan, proof of identification for approved signatories, and an application letter on company letterhead002E.

How to Book SSMMS Sand Online in Telangana May ,2023?

How do you book Sand in Ssmms May ,2023?
SSMMS portal has made it easier for customers to book sand and made the process more transparent and convenient. You must complete the TS Sand booking registration procedure and register your name to book sand. You can book a sand order on the SSMMS portal by following the simple steps outlined below in simple language:
Visit the official website. 
As mentioned above, you should begin by visiting the official SSMMS portal.
Sign in as a customer
On the portal’s homepage, there is an option for you to book sand, which you have selected.
In the third step, you will need to enter your credentials.
The candidates must enter valid login details such as a username and password before they can log in.
You need to select your district.
The next step is to select your district from the drop-down box at the top of the page.
It is now time to select a stockyard.
If you select “District,” then you will need to choose the “Stockyard” button after you have selected “District.”
You will enter all the details about your business.
The next step is to fill out all the fields with the required information. Click the “Register” button once you have filled in all the details.
You will see a confirmation window.
A confirmation window will appear, and you must click “OK” to proceed. Once the sand booking has been completed, the following window will appear. If you need to refer to the booking number in the future, keep it safe.
Collect the receipt.
Finally, click “Get Receipt” to download and print the receipt. Make sure you keep the receipt for future correspondence.

Process of Customer Registration for TS Sand Booking

To enroll under the scheme, follow the simple procedure given below:-

Process of Customer Registration for TS Sand Booking
  • visit the official SSMMS portal (sand.telangana.gov.in)
  • Go to the homepage, and then click on the Registration.
  • Now from the drop-down menu, select the “Customer Registration” option.
  • A new page will come on your screen here; fill in the mobile number in the space provided.
  • Click on the “Send OTP” option, and an OTP will get received at your number; enter that in the given blank.
  • Now you can see a registration form on your screen; here, fill in all the details. (District, Village, House number, Email Id, etc.)
  • Click on the “Register” button.

The process is done, you are successfully registered on the portal.

Process of Checking Status Of Customer Registration At SSMMS

Checking SSMMS customer registration status is easy, and a user can do it in a few minutes. To look at the status of your registration on the SSMMS portal, follow the simple procedure given below:

Process of  Checking Status Of Customer Registration At SSMMS
  • Visit the official SSMMS portal (sand.telangana.gov.in)
  •  On the homepage, you have to select the registration tab.
  • As you click on the registration tab, a drop-down list will appear; here, you have to select “Customers Registered.”
  • On your screen, a list of all registered users will appear.
  • The user records will get displayed as you enter your registered mobile number.

*Your records will only be displayed if it is present in the database.

SSMMS-Customer Registered List

To check the SSMMS-Customer Registered list, you need to follow the simple procedure after visiting the official SSMMS portal (sand.telangana.gov.in)

SSMMS-Customer Registered List
  • On the homepage, look for the registration tab and then click on it.
  • As a user clicks on the registration tab, a drop-down list will show various options.
  • Click on the Customer Registered List option from the drop-down list.
  • On the new page, enter your mobile number (Only enter the mobile number which is registered)
  • If you are listed, your name will appear in the list.

Book Online Sand At SSMMS Portal Process

Here are the details for the process to book online sand at the SSMMS portal. After you’ve successfully registered on the site, you’ll need to place your first sand order. To place a sand order, follow the basic steps outlined below:

Book Online Sand At SSMMS Portal Process
  • A user needs to visit the official SSMMS portal (sand.telangana.gov.in)
  • Look for the stand booking link on the homepage, click it.
  • Now step ahead and log in by using the credentials.
  • From the drop-down box, the user has to select the Stockyard button.
  • The following step is to fill in the required information and then click on the register button.
  • Confirm the order and save the booking number for future use.
  • Keep the receipt safe for future use.

SSMMS TS Vehicle Registered List

Sand Booking (SSMMS) allows users to check ts vehicle registration and details. The process of checking ts vehicle list is easy. Follow the simple procedure given below:

Vehicle at SSMMS Telangana
  • Visit the (SSMMS) official website of the sand booking system of Telangana state (sand.telangana.gov.in)
  • On the homepage, Look for the registration tab and click on it. A drop-down list will appear on your screen.
  • From the registration menu drop-down list, Select the vehicle registration list option.
  • The website will direct you to a new page, and here you have to enter your vehicle number.
  • Your name or the details will be displayed on the screen.

*Your records will only be displayed if present.

SSMMS Inter-State Order Details

Telangana state government has made it easy for the citizens to check their details on the go with the ts sand booking system official website’s help. A registered user can also check interstate order details. If you want to check interstate order details, follow the points given below:

SSMMS Inter-State Order Details
  • The initial step is to go to the official ts sand booking system website for interstate or details. (sand.telangana.gov.in)
  • Look for the interstate sand transportation tab on the homepage.
  • As you click on the interstate sand transportation tab, a drop-down menu list will appear. Here select the interstate order details option.
  • The user will now get redirected to a new page, and here you will see Interstate sand order details date-wise.

How To Check Undelivered Orders on ssmms ts sand booking system

People of Telangana can check the status of undelivered orders on the ts sand booking online website. This SSMMS official website has various other features as well to help the citizens. Following are the steps to Checking Undelivered Order status:

Checking Undelivered Orders on ts sand booking system
  • Visit the official website (sand.telangana.gov.in) of the sand booking system of Telangana state.
  • Look for interstate sand transportation on the homepage of the online sand booking website.
  • As you click on interstate sand transportation, a drop-down menu will show a list of services. Click Inter-State Un-Delivered Orders With Mobile/Vehicle.
  • Users will now get directed to a new page; here, enter your mobile or vehicle number.
  • Next, click on search.
  • The SSMMS portal will direct the Interstate sand undelivered order details on your screen.

How to Track Inter-State Order on TS sand booking portal?

Tracking Inter-State Order on TS sand booking portal

To track user interstate order of sand on TS sand booking portal. First, go to the home page of the SSMMS portal and then look for the interstate sand transportation tab. From the drop-down menu on the page, you have to select the Inter-State Track Order option. On the new page, enter your order number and then click search. Interstate order details will be displayed on your screen.

How to check SSMMS Inter-State Order Receipt?

Tracking Inter-State Order

To print a receipt for your interstate sand order, visit the official Website of the sand booking system of Telangana state and click the interstate sand transportation tab. Now Inter-State Sand Transportation Receipt option from the drop-down menu. Next, enter the required details like consumer information, order information, construction site, and delivery address. The last few steps are to enter the captcha code and click the register. The receipt will now be displayed on your screen.

How to Reprint SSMMS TS Receipt?

Receipt Reprint SSMMS

To reprint your SSMMS TS receipt:

  1. Visit the SSMMS website of the sand booking system of Telangana state.
  2. Click on the interstate sand transportation tab on the homepage and Click on the Inter-State Receipt re-print option.
  3. Enter the following information on a new page (Order ID, Mobile Number, ID Type, ID Number).
  4. Click on search and get a duplicate copy of your receipt.

Sand Reports on TS online sand booking portal

Sand Reports on TS online sand booking portal

To get the sand report from the online sand booking portal: first:

  1. Go to the sand booking system of Telangana state’s official website.
  2. Snap-on the Reports tab and then select the dates.
  3. Select the search option.

Then, on your screen will appear the report for that particular date.

List of Sand Stockyards in Telangana district wise with stock yard names:

SSMMS is a telangana government initiative under the TSMDC department for sand mining and sand sale management. TSMDC built many sand stock yards to store sand after digging it out of the area. TSMDC had 304 stockyards spread across 22 Telangana districts. These stockyards are filled with sand by contractors chosen through the TSMDC competitive auction process. To check the number of stockyards in each Telangana district, Go to the sand booking system of Telangana state’s official Website and follow the steps given below:

S.NoDistrictMandalStockyard NameContact PersonContact NumberSand QualitySand Price (Rs / Cu M)
1ADILABADChennurAkkapalle 108Kiran9063322104Normal550
3ADILABADChennurChennur 103Sreedar8499962053Normal550
4ADILABADChennurChennur 231Limbareddy7731011115Normal550
5ADILABADChennurChennur 95Daniyal9550659090Normal550
9BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMMulkalapallyAnnaram3Narsimha9959423220Normal600
10BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMBhadrachalamBhadrachalamRamakrishna9652556050Good600
11BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruChinnaravigudemvijay7382552294Good600
12BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMAswapuramChintriyalRambabu7036392586Normal600
13BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEddulla Bayyarm 331/A/EJeevan Reddy8143991442Normal600
14BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEdullabayyaram265Srinivas9542640499Normal600
15BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEdullabayyaram326Guruswami9866152937Normal600
16BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEdullabayyaram331Srinivas9542640499Normal600
17BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEdullabayyaram331/ASrinivas9542640499Normal600
18BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEdullabayyaram336Jevan Reddy9652821033Normal600
19BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEdullabayyaram341/A/1Kiran7674938851Normal600
20BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEdullabayyaram349Kiran7674938851Normal600
21BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaEdullabayyaram350Kiran9573166180Normal600
22BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaJanampetG.Naresh7799690997Normal600
23BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruKondaigudemPasha9494542933Good600
24BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMCherlaKothpallyPrabhakar8897539219Normal600
25BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMCherlaMogalapalli67S.Shiva Prasad9440495246Normal600
26BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMCherlaMogallapallyS.Shiva Prasad9440495246Normal600
27BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMCherlaPeddipallySivaprasad9440495246Good600
28BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMMulkalapallyPogallapalli188Rambabu9652499940Normal600
29BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMPinapakaPothireddypallyPASHA9491206212Normal600
30BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruRamanujavaram 21/P3Pasha8500385670Normal600
31BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruRamanujavaram LAL22Pasha9491206212Normal600
32BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruRamanujavaram19Rambabu9652499940Normal600
33BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruRamanujavaram21/P2Naveen9912348934Normal600
34BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruRamanujavaram21/P4Rambabu7997824181Normal600
35BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruRamanujavaram977/PPasha9491206212Normal600
36BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMDummugudemRamaroapetaRambabu9652499940Good600
37BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruSamabaigudem893Prabakar8897539219Normal600
38BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruSambaigudem853Virender7337077807Normal600
39BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruSambaigudem892Krishnareddy8897254481Normal600
40BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruSambaigudem927Srinivas9177097348Normal600
41BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruSambaigudem938Pasha9491206212Normal600
42BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMBurgampahadSarapakaRamakrishna8008739962Normal600
44BHADRADRI KOTHAGUDEMManuguruVijayanagaramGuruswami9866152937Good600
46JAGITHYALKorutlakorutlaShiva Reddy8897939495Normal1200
47JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurAnnaram Barrage Right BankNikhil9502610849Medium600
48JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYWajeduBomannapally37Rakesh7995373581Normal600
49JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurBommapur 1Srikanth Reddy9100621161Good600
50JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurBommapur 2Srikanth Reddy9100621161Good600
51JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurBramhanapally2Anus kumar8897593295Normal600
52JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYEturunagaramChalapaka2Arun Kumar8897583963Normal600
53JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYEturunagaramChalpakaPurnachandar8985145715Normal600
54JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMangapetChenchupalliK MALLIKARJUN7095665295Normal600
55JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYWajeduChintoor13M Arunkumar8897583963Normal600
56JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYKataramDamerakunta IAravind9951176515Medium600
57JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYKataramDamerakunta IIKeerthan9032111092Normal600
58JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYWajeduDharmavaram-IIPrakash8500192422Normal600
59JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYWajeduDharmavaram56G Rajeshwar9573346660Normal600
60JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurElkeshwaramSudhakar9963002680Good600
61JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYKannaigudemEturu 1S MANOJ9963215997Normal600
62JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYKannaigudemEturu 3Manoj9963215997Normal600
63JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYKannaigudemEturu 4V Rama Krishna9542609899Normal600
64JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYEturunagaramEturunagaramRajeshwar9441631200Good600
65JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMangapetGollagudem-1 RajupetRaju7995252232Normal600
66JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurGundrathpallyJagadish9849911971Medium600
67JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYVenkatapuramKondapuramG Rajeshwar9573346660Good600
68JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurKuntlam 1MAHENDER K9502217717Medium600
69JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurKuntlam 2MAHENDER K9502217717Medium600
70JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurKuntlam 3SB KEERTHAN9032111092Good600
71JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYKataramLaxmipurJagadeesh9573130277Good600
72JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYWajeduLingapet44Rajeshwar9573346660Normal600
73JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurMahadevpur 1MADHU9493833581Good600
74JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurMahadevpur 2Chalapathy9951878945Good600
75JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurMahadevpur 3Anush8897593295Normal600
76JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurMahadevpur 4SRIDHAR9966686839Good600
77JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurMahadevpur 5CHALAPATHI9963975422Good600
78JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYVenkatapuramMarikalaM.ARUN KUMAR8897583963Good600
79JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYVenkatapuramMorramvanigudemK Mallikarjun7095665295Good600
80JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYVenkatapuramMutharamM Arunkumar8897583963Good600
81JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYTadvaiOorattam MedaramPurnachander9440404728Normal600
82JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYTadvaiOorattam16/E 16/C 7/A 16/A 7/BPurnachander9440404728Normal600
83JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYVenkatapuramPalem87/26D Raju7995252232Normal600
84JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYVenkatapuramPalem92D Raju7995252232Medium600
85JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurPalugula 1NAGESH R9493712757Normal600
86JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurPalugula 2VINENDAR R7337077807Normal600
87JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurPusukupalle 2B KIRAN7702049767Medium600
88JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurPusukupalle 3K Sreekanth9542420216Normal600
89JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMangapetRajupeta-1D.Raju7995252232Normal600
90JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYEturunagaramRampurMallikharjun7095665295Normal600
91JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYEturunagaramRampur Agraharam 37/1 & 38/29Venkanna9010008547Normal600
92JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurSuraram-2Eswar9676375942Good600
93JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYMahadevpurTallagadda1Kiran7702049767Medium600
94JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYKannaigudemThupakulagudemD Venkanna9010008547Normal600
95JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYVenkatapuramVeerabhadraram43raju7995252232Normal600
96JAYASHANKAR BHUPALPALLYVenkatapuramVeerabhadraram48M Arun kumar8897583963Normal600
97JOGULAMBA GADWALIeejaAiza Seized SandSubramanyam9000101495Normal600
98JOGULAMBA GADWALAlampurAlampurVENKATAIAH9177921832Normal600
99JOGULAMBA GADWALAlampurAlampur sized sandR Manjula9999999999Normal600
100JOGULAMBA GADWALGadwalGADWALA Vinod Kumar7893311455Good1460
101JOGULAMBA GADWALItikyalaItikyal Seized sandD LaxmiNormal600
102JOGULAMBA GADWALMaldakalMaldakal SSM Hariharanath9999999999Normal600
103JOGULAMBA GADWALUndavellyPullur Kalugutla SSRaju9999999999Normal600
104JOGULAMBA GADWALRajoliRajoli SSNaresh9999999999Normal600
105JOGULAMBA GADWALWaddepallyWaddepally Seized SandCHANDRA MOULI9000101497Normal600
107KAMAREDDYBanswadaBanswadaBheem Rao9704219467Normal1200
108KAMAREDDYBichkundaGunde Nemali16srikanth9999999999Normal600
109KAMAREDDYBichkundaGunde Nemali16A1Anil8106330637Normal600
110KAMAREDDYDist KamareddyKamareddyAkhil8096749126Normal1200
113KARIMNAGARHuzurabadHuzurabadJayapal Reddy9441177278Normal1200
115KARIMNAGARKothapallyKazipur – LMD ProjectR Srikanth reddy9550963361Normal550
116KARIMNAGARThimmapurKothapalli LMD ProjectRaviteja9701520347Normal550
117KARIMNAGARSultanabadSultanabadKumara Swamy8712164929Normal1200
120Dist KHAMMAMPinapakaAnantharam505Kiran9491618915Normal600
122KHAMMAMPinapakaBarlagudem1013Guru Swami9866152937Normal600
123Dist KHAMMAMPinapakaBarlgudem1011Guruswamy9866152937Normal600
126Dist KHAMMAMPinapakaEddullabayyaram310Guru Swami9866152937Normal600
128KHAMMAMPinapakaEddullabayyaram333/2/EGuru Swamy9866152937Normal600
129Dist KHAMMAMPinapakaEdulla Bayyaram328Madhu9493833581Normal600
130KHAMMAMPinapakaEdulla Bayyaram330Madhu9493833581Normal600
131KHAMMAMPinapakaEdulla Bayyaram332Madhu9493833581Normal600
132Dist KHAMMAMPinapakaEdullabayyaram333/1Guruswamy9866152937Normal600
135Dist KHAMMAMPinapakaGovindapuram480/32Sateesh9553859075Normal600
136KHAMMAMDist Khammam (Rural)KHAMMAMYellaiah9490167237Good1740
138Dist KHAMMAMWazeedLingapeta44/3Normal600
141Dist KHAMMAMBurgampaduMorrampalli Banjara 335Ramakrishna8008739962Normal600
142KHAMMAMMudigondaMudigonda SSRajesh9848156778Normal600
143KHAMMAMVenkatapuramPalem 45Jangaiah8500519891Normal600
144Dist KHAMMAMVenkatapuramPalem 87Jangaiah8500519891Normal600
147Dist KHAMMAMMulakalapallePogallapalli140Rambabu9652499940Normal600
148KHAMMAMManuguruRamanujavaram 977Pasha9491206212Normal600
150Dist KHAMMAMManuguruRamanujavaram18/PNaresh7799690997Normal600
153Dist KHAMMAMManuguruRamanujavaram401Vijay7382552294Normal600
154KHAMMAMManuguruRamanujavaram900/AJeevan Reddy9652821033Normal600
156Dist KHAMMAMGundalaRayapaduVenkat9849763273Normal600
157KHAMMAMManuguruSamabaigudem895Krishna Reddy9542968198Normal600
159Dist KHAMMAMManuguruSambaigudem353/AVenkat9849763273Normal600
160KHAMMAMPinapakaSambaigudem356S Jaipal9440590058Normal600
161Dist KHAMMAMManuguruSambaigudem894Prabakhar8897539219Normal600
164Dist KHAMMAMManuguruSambaigudem899Shankaraiah9866243201Normal600
165KHAMMAMManuguruSambaigudem899/AAJeevan Reddy9652821033Normal600
167Dist KHAMMAMManuguruSambaigudem934Shankaraiah9866243201Normal600
169KHAMMAMManuguruSambaigudem937JEEVAN REDDY9652821033Normal600
170Dist KHAMMAMManuguruSambaigudem940Jaipal8497966071Normal600
172KHAMMAMPalawanchaSangam 89Venkat9849763273Normal600
173Dist KHAMMAMMadhiraThorlapadu110Anush8887593295Normal600
174KHAMMAMVenkatapuramVeerabhadraram 90/7Satish9703969435Normal600
175KHAMMAMVenkatapuramVeerabhadraram 91/1AKiran9491618915Normal600
176Dist KHAMMAMVenkatapuramVeerabhadraram 92Kiran9491618915Normal600
177KHAMMAMManuguruVijayanagaram30Jeevan reddy9652821033Normal600
178KHAMMAMManuguruVijayanagaram32JEEVAN REDDY9652821033Normal600
179Dist KHAMMAMManuguruVijayanagaram59Venkat9849763273Normal600
182Dist KHAMMAMManuguruVijayanagaram86Venkat9849763273Normal600
184KHAMMAMManuguruVijayanagaram92/AKrishna Reddy8897254481Normal600
185Dist KHAMMAMManuguruVijayanagaram92/AAKrishna Reddy8897254481Normal600
187KHAMMAMVenkatapuramWadagudem117N SHIVA PRASAD9440495246Normal600
188KUMARAMBHEEM ASIFABADAsifabadSamela39N. Ravinder9492541547Normal550
190MAHABUBNAGARMadgulAndugulRajender reddy9666150999Normal600
191MAHABUBNAGARKoilkondaAnkilla KoilsagarLavakumar7207760415Normal600
194MAHABUBNAGARChinna Chinta KuntaBandrepallesrikanth8888888888Normal600
195MAHABUBNAGARDevarakadraDevarakadra sized sandpurushottam reddy8008888658Normal600
196MAHABUBNAGARUppununthalaKamsanpalli DindiVenkateshwar Rao9999999999Normal600
199MAHABUBNAGARManopaduManopad Seized SandVenu9999999999Normal600
200MAHABUBNAGARMidjilMunnanur143Ravi Kiran9553152011Normal600
202MAHABUBNAGARMahabuanagar (U)NirmithaSrikanth9999999999Normal600
203MAHABUBNAGARMahabuanagar (U)Nirmitha KendramVenkataiah9848410594Normal1200
204MAHABUBNAGARKothakotaPamapur Seized SandKoti Reddy9160981646Normal600
205MAHABUBNAGARPebbairPebbair Seized SandRavi9553152011Normal600
206MAHABUBNAGARDevarkadaraPeddagopalpurComming Shortly9999999999Normal600
208MAHABUBNAGARAddakalRachala 448Ramakrishna Reddy9063169263Normal600
211MAHABUBNAGARMakthalSangambandaRavi Kiran8712846144Normal600
212MAHABUBNAGARAddakalSankalmaddi252Ravi Kiran8712846144Normal600
214MAHABUBNAGARThimmajipetaThimmajipet Seized SandRavi9553152011Normal600
215MAHABUBNAGARWaddepalleTurpugarlapadu Seized SandSreedhar8499962053Normal600
217MANCHERIALChennurChennur 227Normal550
218MANCHERIALChennurChennur 230Normal550
219MANCHERIALChennurChennur221/222Ch Daniel9912913169Normal550
220MANCHERIALChennurChenur1/ACH Danial9912913169Normal550
222MANCHERIALKotapallyKollur Kuntlam 1D. Kiran9398902866Good600
223MANCHERIALJaipurKundaram448/1E Naresh9553818018Normal550
224MANCHERIALJaipurKundaram449/1 449/2SURENDER REDDY9908595006Good600
225MANCHERIALJaipurKundaram697D Kiran9063322104Normal550
226MANCHERIALKotapallyRavulapally2/1S Krishna9000440205Normal550
227MANCHERIALKotapallyRavulapally6S Krishna7893353221Normal550
228MANCHERIALChennurSuddalaT krishna8520009154Normal550
229MANCHERIALKotapallyYerraipeta Palugula2N.Ravindar9492541547Good600
230NAGARKURNOOLUppununthalaDindi KamsanpallyRamkrishna9063169263Normal600
231NAGARKURNOOLVangoorVangoor Seized SandTahsildar9999999999Normal600
232NALGONDAMunugodeChikatimamidi Govt WorksSreedar9966686839Normal600
233NALGONDAMunugodeChikatimamidi222 ASridar9966686839Normal600
234NALGONDAMunugodeChikatimamidi222 CNormal600
237NALGONDAShaligouraramItukalapaduHari Prasad9441356102Normal600
238NALGONDAJaji Reddi GudemJajireddigudemRamu8500791615Normal600
240NALGONDADameracherlaNS TailpondRakesh9866450044Normal600
241NALGONDASaligouraramShaligouraram SST JANGAIAH9985021451Normal600
243NALGONDAGundalaVangala135T Naresh9704561204Normal600
245NALGONDAGundalaVastakondur 118Sriram9553884416Normal600
246NALGONDAGundalaVastakondur 34Virender7337077807Normal600
250NIZAMABADBirkoorBirkur1119Pasha Shareef9949359328Normal600
255NIZAMABADKotgiriHangara503B Dhanujay9700974200Normal600
261NIZAMABADKotgiriKaregaon IMadhu8008384510Normal600
262NIZAMABADKotgiriKaregaon IIAnwar7095787771Normal600
263NIZAMABADKotgiriKaregaon IIIPasha7732024262Normal600
265NIZAMABADBirkoorKistapoor 499Limbareddy9030611115Normal600
266NIZAMABADKotgiriKodicherla 178Pasha7732024262Normal600
268NIZAMABADBodhanMandharna240G Sai Murali9573258383Normal600
269NIZAMABADKotgiriPotangal 550Srinivas7386811774Normal600
270NIZAMABADKotgiriPotangal 709Naveen8790595232Normal600
271NIZAMABADKotgiriPothangal 681Shivraj9701860968Normal600
273NIZAMABADBichkundaPulkal 237Limbareddy9030611115Normal600
274NIZAMABADBichkundaPulkal 238Vijay9505584600Normal600
275NIZAMABADBichkundaPulkal 239Venkat9347507431Normal600
278NIZAMABADBichkundaWazidnagar M1Bheem Rao8096371347Normal600
279PEDDAPALLIManthaniArenda449N Venu9133634686Good600
280PEDDAPALLIManthaniMallaramR.Srikanth Reddy9550963361Good600
283RAJANNA SIRICILLAKonaraopetBavsaipet83A.Vijendhar Reddy9642522272Good600
284RAJANNA SIRICILLASircillaKodimunja SircillaSivachandra Reddy8897939495Normal600
285RAJANNA SIRICILLABoinpalliKodurupakaJagadeesh9849911971Normal550
286RANGA REDDYHayathnagarHayathnagarMahendar9391127954Normal1425
287RANGA REDDYRajendranagarSVP NPA RRKeerthan8977111092Normal600
288RANGA REDDYGhatkesarUppalSrinivas Reddy9553169404Normal1425
289RANGA REDDYYelalYalal1Raju9010319921Normal600
290RANGA REDDYYelalYalal2Normal600
291Dist SIDDIPETSiddipet (Urban)SiddipetBapureddy9985522982Normal1200
294WANAPARTHYMadanapurRamanpaduD Venkataiah9177921832Medium600
295WARANGAL URBANDevaruppulaChowdur/chinnamaduruRaju9676929019Normal550
296WARANGAL URBANEturnagaramEturu 2K Mallikarjun7095665295Normal550
297WARANGAL URBANEturnagaramEturu1APrakash8500192422Normal550
298WARANGAL URBANEturnagaramManasapalli3/3Srikanth8331881354Normal550
299WARANGAL URBANDevaruppulaPeddamadur198Anuj9999999999Normal550
300WARANGAL URBANEturnagaramRamannagudemSrikanth8331881354Normal550
301WARANGAL URBANEturnagaramRamannagudem113Prakash8500192422Normal550
302WARANGAL URBANEturnagaramRampur Agraharam35/1 and 37/1Manikanta7095521672Normal550
303WARANGAL URBANMangapetWadagudem120Rajeswar9573346660Normal550
304YADADRI BHUVANAGIRIBommala RamaramChikatimamidi222 BChakrapani9912779626Normal600
  1. Click on the help tab
  2. Next, click on the stockyard details option
  3. From the list, select your district
SSMMS Stock Yards

Now the Website will display the stockyard’s details on your screen.

SSMMS Procedure to Apply For Bulk Sand

SSMMS Procedure to Apply For Bulk Sand

Go to the Website of the sand sale management & monitoring system to apply for bulk sand and follow these steps:

  • On the home page, click “application for bulk sand.”
  • Read the instructions carefully on the screen.
  • If you’re a first-time user of the site, choose “new user.”

TS online sand booking portal ‘New User Registration.’

TS online sand booking portal 'New User Registration.'

For New User Registration, choose “registration for government work” or “registration for private company/ firm” on the TS online sand booking portal.

  • The user has to enter Aadhaar UID or Aadhaar VID and click send OTP.
  • Fill in the OTP and submit.
  • On the screen, you’ll see an application form.
  • Fill in the form’s details, upload the documents, and click register.

SSMMS TS Apply Procedure

Select the “existing user” option if you have already registered or “new user” if you have not yet registered. The existing users can log in with the site by user ID & password.

Now the application form will appear on the screen as you go to the new application option. List all the details in the form and upload the documents. Submit the application form, and you are done.

How to Check SSMMS TS sand application status in Bulk May ,2023

Go to the Website of the sand sale management & monitoring system.

SSMMS Procedure to check bulk sand application status

To apply for bulk sand, go to the home page and click “application for bulk sand.”

Select the “existing user” option and then log in with your user ID & password. Next, go to the “my applications” option. Your applications will be listed, along with their current status.



Sand Sale Management & Monitoring System (SSMMS) is a Telangana-based online system for monitoring sand sales.

How Can One Make TS Sand Booking Online In Telangana?

First, the user has to go to the official SSMMS portal, i.e., https://sand.telangana.gov.in, and then click on the “Registrations” link given at the Menu bar. A drop-down list will appear when you click TS Sand booking SSMMS “Registration.” From the drop-down list, choose “Customer Registration.

How To Contact AP Sand Booking?

On Monday, the chief minister established a toll-free number at his camp office – 14500, to manage complaints and grievances about sand supplies. According to the CM, people should call the toll-free number to report sand sales anomalies anywhere in the state.

What Documents Do I Need To Register For SSMMS TS Online Sand Booking?

For the SSMMS online registration process, it is not required to upload any documents. However, to register, you’ll need your Aadhaar number, a valid email address, and a working phone number.

How Do I Register For A Vehicle With SSMMS Telangana?

For a vehicle with SSMMS Telangana, the user must first complete the vehicle registration form, after which you must upload the RC and other required information.

Is There A Charge For Booking Or Registering On The SSMMS Portal?

No, there’s no charge for booking or registering on the SSMMS portal. All registration and booking are entirely free.

In order to register on the SSMMS portal, what documents and information must a customer provide?

Before filling the registration form, make sure you have all of the necessary information. This information consists of a valid phone number, email address, Aadhaar number, address evidence, RC (for vehicle registration), and so on.

Is It Posible To Do Inter-State Sand Transportation Through The SSMMS Portal?

Yes, individuals from other states should book sand through the portal’s inter-state sand transportation options.

Is it possible to order large quantities of sand through the SSMMS Portal for government projects?

Yes, TS SSMMS also offers a bulk order booking service. To do so, go to the SSMMS portal’s homepage and click on the “Application for Bulk Order” link.

Can I Check The Status Of My Sand Order On The SSMMS Official Website?

Yes, the SSMMS Portal has access to the TS Sand Online Order Tracking Facility.

Who Is Eligible To Use The TS Sand Booking Online Facility In 2023?

Telangana State residents are eligible for Ts sand booking online via the official Website.

What Services Are Available On The TS SSMMS Portal 2023?

Here is the list of services available on the TS SSMMS Portal 2023
-Customer registration
-Vehicle registration
-Tracking of orders
-Inter-state sand transportation activities
-Sand order details

What Is The Official Website Of Telangana’s SSMMS (Sand Sale Management And Tracking System)?

sand.telangana.gov.in is the official website of Telangana’s SSMMS (sand sale management and tracking system).

You can contact the call center helpline at 040- 23323150 if you have any complaints or questions about the SSMMS portal. I expect you will find the information on TS Sand Booking (SSMMS) to be very helpful. I’ve attempted to answer all of your questions in this article.

If you have any further questions, please ask them in the comments section. You can also save our Website to your favorites.

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