How to track UTR Number SBI Status Online?

A few times, you must have come across people who say that their money was never delivered to the recipient’s bank account or, in order words, the money got stuck somewhere midway through the transaction. This usually happens due to a technical snag, and you don’t even receive a confirmation message. This is where the UTR number comes into play.

In this article, we will learn about what a UTR is. How do you find the SBI UTR number of an SBI transaction, and finally, how can we track the UTR online?

How to track SBI UTR Number status online?

What does UTR mean? What is the SBI UTR Number?

UTR expands to ‘Unique Transaction Reference Number. This number is given to identify a particular transaction, and every UTR is unique to the transaction. No transaction has the same UTR, thus helping better track the transaction.

Banks generate UTRs for all kinds of transactions. It creates different UTRs for transactions through NEFT(National Electronic Fund Transfer), RTGS(Real Time Gross Gross Settlement), or even UPI (Unified Payments Interface) transactions. Thus every financial transaction has a unique UTR Number assigned to it. And this UTR Number can be used to track your transaction in case something happens.

One can find a Unique Reference Number in their online bank statements or account passbooks. A UTR Number may consist of a combination of alphabets and numbers, or it may just contain alphabets. Since there is no fixed format for the UTR Number, it differs from bank to bank.

Why is UTR important and How to use the SBI UTR Number?

On the whole Unique Transaction Code is used to track the status of the financial transaction. Since the UTR code is unique to its transaction, it is only with this that you can track your transaction. This is because other details within a particular transaction may be the same as another transaction.

The UTR is the essential part of the transaction, simplifying the process of tracking the transaction. In case of the transaction is stuck somewhere, causing you a tonne of worry, the UTR helps you and the employee at the bank to get complete information regarding it. You can also get to know more about sbi bank and transactions, click here.

The arrangement of the UTR number is as follows,

  • XXXXAYYDDD999999
  • XXXX: The first four digits refer to the bank code. Let’s take SBI as an example where its code is SBIN
  • YY: Refers to the year of the transaction. For example, if the year is 2018, the number would be 18.
  • DDD: Refers to the Julian dates, i.r., 031 for Jan 31st
  • 999999: Refers to the six-digit succession numbers.

How to track SBI UTR number status online?

  • To track the SBI UTR status of your transaction online, visit the State Bank Of India’s Net Banking Portal. Login into your account by entering your credentials (SBI Banking ID and password).
  • Next, tap on the Request and Enquiries button on the top bar. A drop-down menu will appear. Here click on the ‘More’ option.
  • A new page will appear before you, where you must click on ‘Status Enquiry.’
  • Next, select the transaction’s date range, which will filter out the transaction for you.
  • Now among the list of transactions displayed on the screen, click on the transaction whose UTR Number you wish to see and tap on ‘Click here.
  • On the following page, you will get the UTR Number and the status of your choice NEFT or RTGS transaction.
How to track SBI UTR Number status online?

How to check SBI UTR Numbers using an account statement?

  • Log in to the SBI Bank website with your credentials.
  • Next, open your bank statement.
  • Date wise transaction history of your account will appear before you.
  • Click on the transaction details of the transaction whose UTR you wish to see.
  • Upon clicking, a window appears containing the information of theta transaction, including the Transaction ID, also known as the SBI UTR Number.
  • Using this UTR, you can follow up or track your transaction’s status.
How to track SBI UTR Number status online?

What could be an alternative method of UTR number SBI?

If the above methods fail to provide you with the follow-up details regarding your transactions, you can ring up the State Bank of India Customer care number at 1800112211, 18004253800, or 080-26599990. Give the executive your UTR number, and she or she will provide you with the latest update.

Visiting the nearest SBI branch could also be done for the same process.

How to track SBI UTR Number status online?


I hope you now understand how to track your SBI UTR number. Please make sure before making any transactions or bank-related work is done securely. Do not share essential bank credentials with anyone. If you notice any suspicious activity related to your bank account, please bring it to the notice of the bank officials at the earliest.

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