Baroda UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

Hey there! Are you an account holder at the Baroda UP Gramin Bank and want to find out your balance via your mobile rather than making the tiresome journey to the bank? Then, my friend, you’ve landed at the right place. In this following article, I will share the Complete process of UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number through a simple process of a missed call. Now get your balance status at fingertips with Baroda UP Gramin bank balance check number.

UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

Baroda UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

Account balance of one’s account can be found in many ways. Some customers prefer to use the facility of internet banking if available, or some other customers might prefer the traditional approach by visiting their nearest branch and updating their passbooks to find out their account balances. Some also use their bank’s ATM facility to find out the balance in their account. But if you have a balance check number, you can do it easily.

UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

But what if your area has a low network coverage which only facilitates calls and no internet facilities? Then it definitely becomes an issue wherein one cannot access internet banking facilities via the bank’s website or dedicated app. Traveling to one’s branch only during business hours to update one’s passbook or traveling to the ATM can be a very tiresome task and, more importantly, time-consuming. Sometimes it might also happen that there is a long queue at the bank, adding to one’s misery of the travel or what if a customer makes a long journey only to find out that the ATM is out of order? Then it definitely becomes a tough task for one to find out their account balance.

UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

Even though technology has been evolving and changing lives at a very fast pace, it sometimes is difficult to implement it smoothly. But there are certain ways that we can use to do simple tasks such as finding one’s account balance without any hassle. And here, SMS banking comes into the picture, where through just a missed call, one can find out their account balance and other relevant details. It neither consumes a lot of time nor involves a lot of effort. Here in this article, we’ve given the complete process of Baroda UP Gramin bank balance check number.

And more importantly, this service is available 24 hours, round the clock. The service number is also toll-free and the bank won’t be charging their customers for dialling the dedicated number.

About UP Gramin Bank

Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank is one of the most popular and preferred rural banks in the state of Uttar Pradesh, headquartered at Raebareli. It resulted in a merger between two regional banks, namely, Eastern Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank and Western Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank. The bank has been providing banking services at par with other mainstream banks to the rural junta in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Innovation the Baroda UP Gramin Bank brought about

By the usage of Internet Banking, the bank introduced easy banking facilities for its customers. And among the list of facilities provided for their convenience was the facility of enquiring about one’s balance via a missed call on their registered mobile number. Just by merely giving a missed call to the assigned number, customers can now check their account balance at any time and from anywhere. If you’re an account holder with Baroda UP Gramin Bank, you can avail of this service.

UP Gramin Bank Balance Check Number

How to enquire my balance at UP Gramin Bank via missed call?

The steps involved in enquiring one’s account balance via a missed call is quite easy.

  • Dial the toll-free number 180030101886 or 9986454440 on your mobile number and give a missed call.
  • Shortly you will receive an SMS containing details about your account balance.

A point to note here is that, the mobile through which the number is dialed has to be registered with the bank. When a missed call is given from a mobile number, the server checks if the number dialed from is linked to any account. Upon finding that number, it returns with the relevant account details via SMS.

UP Gramin Bank Important Numbers and Contact Information:

  • Missed call balance enquiry number: 9986454440
  • Toll-Free Number: 18001800225
  • Toll-Free Number for Debit Card Users: 1800229779, 09323990644
  • Head Office Email:


So, through this simple method of giving a missed call, a regular customer at UP Gramin Bank can find the balance in their account. Hope I have been clear of the same through this article.  

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