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Prochesta Scheme West Bengal

The Chief Minister of West Bengal has announced a new scheme, the ‘West Bengal Prochesta Scheme,’ that will benefit all Bengal citizens. Mamata Banerjee announced this new scheme, especially for daily wage workers who have been unable to earn a living due to the lockdown of the region. In the wake of the coronavirus scare, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared a state of emergency worldwide. Let’s look over what you need to know about the West Bengal Prochesta Scheme in today’s post. 

We’ll go through West Bengal’s Prochesta scheme registration process, the submission form, and other details in this post. We’ll also go into the advantages of the WB Prochesta scheme.

Introduction: West Bengal’s Prochesta scheme 

Introduction: West Bengal's Prochesta scheme

The West Bengal government has been providing assistance that is often required by state residents, such as daily wage workers. West Bengal’s chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, has also proposed a rupee 1000 compensation package for all employees. Since the number of people infected is increasing, the state’s chief minister has urged residents to remain indoors and cooperate with the administration during the lockdown.

Primary Details Of WB Prochesta Scheme

Primary Details Of WB Prochesta Scheme

The full name of the Prochesta Scheme in West Bengal’s Prochesta scheme. The scheme is launched in the West Bengal state by Chief Minister Mamta Banergy. The Nodal Department name is Labour Department, Govt. of West Bengal. West Bengal’s Prochesta scheme beneficiaries are daily wage workers, and the employed workers in the unorganized sector will be given a financial aid of Rs 1,000. The objective is to help during the COVID-19 crises, and the application process of the WB Prochesta Scheme is offline. Here’s the link to West Bengal’s Prochesta scheme official website https://wb.gov.in/.

Benefits of West Bengal’s Prochesta scheme 

Benefits of West Bengal's Prochesta scheme

Here are some of the advantages that will be offered by the Prochesta Prokolpo scheme that the Chief Minister of West Bengal State has launched:

  • At Corona Airport, the Chief Minister had declared that he would give away 2 rupees worth of rice for free.
  • Both emergency response staff will be granted extra leave after their worship in this circumstance.
  • The attendance of private employees who attend will be limited to 5%.
  • Corona will be supported by the States Emergency Relief Fund.
  • Those employed workers in the unorganized sector will be given a financial aid of Rs 1,000.

Objective Of Prochesta Scheme

Objective Of Prochesta Scheme

The fundamental goal of this WB Prochesta Prokolpo scheme is to give regular salaries to all daily wage employees who are unable to earn their wages due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of a nationwide lockdown. Many incentives would be given to West Bengal employees as a result of the scheme’s introduction. Specifically, the provision of financial aid. Since everything in the coronavirus is on lockdown, the staff had to live their lives without jobs. Mamta Banerjee has announced this scheme to assist all those in need.

Important Dates of Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme West Bengal 

Listed here are few important dates related to the Prochesta Prokolpo scheme in West Bengal.

  • 15th April 2021 is the date for the Commencement of the scheme application submission.
  • 15th May 2021 is the last date of the scheme application submission.

Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme West Bengal Eligibility Criteria

Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme Eligibility Criteria West Bengal

To be eligible for the Prochesta Prokolpo scheme, you have to obey the eligibility criteria given below:

  • The individual must be a West Bengal State resident.
  • The candidate must be a daily wage laborer who is the family’s only breadwinner.
  • The applicant may not be qualified for any state-sponsored social program.
  • A family’s eligibility is limited to one male.
  • There must be no other means of income for the applicant.

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Documents Required for Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme West Bengal

Documents Required for Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme West Bengal

Here’s is the list of documents required for the WB Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme.

  • Aadhaar card
  • Address proof
  • Bank account details
  • Mobile number (working)

Have all the authentic documents before applying for the WB Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme (prochesta wb. in).

Application Procedure Of Prochesta Scheme

Application Procedure Of Prochesta Scheme

Applicants must register for the WB Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme in person or online at the official Prochesta Prokolpo website. The following are the measures you must take to submit. Applicants can register for the scheme by a free Application Form from the website through the District Magistrate’s Office or other offices appointed by the district magistrate and the Office of Commissioner of Kolkata Municipal corporation.

  • The details required to fill in the application form: Name Of The Applicant,
  • Father Name,
  • Gender,
  • Date Of Birth,
  • Age,
  • Voter ID No.,
  • Ration Card No.,
  • Aadhaar Card No.,
  • District,
  • Assembly,
  • Area,
  • GP/ Ward No,
  • House/ Premises,
  • Post Office,
  • Police Station,
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Detail

The candidate has to affix your recently clicked passport size image and read the declaration. Sign the application form and submit the form to the same office from where you get the form. After inspection, the district magistrate approves the application through BDO in rural areas, SDO in urban areas, and Commissioner KMC in KMC areas. The money will be transferred to the beneficiaries’ accounts by the nodal bank.

Prochesta Prokolpo Mobile Application

Prochesta Prokolpo Mobile App

The state government has also unveiled a mobile application for the Prochesta scheme. To obtain the application, you must complete the following steps:

  • Go to the West Bengal government official website.
  • On your screen, select the “Prachesta” option and then click on the “Download” button.
  • A new web page appears on the screen, from which you must choose “download the Android app.”
  • Install the Prochesta Prokolpo application and log in.
  • Now you have to register yourself with your mobile number and complete the process.

Click here to download the a mobile application (application for android)

Prochesta Official Portal: prachestawb.in Portal 

West Bengal’s government has created a web portal called prachestawb.in. The WB Prochesta Prokolpo portal is specifically for workers in the unorganized sector. Workers can apply for Prochesta scheme benefits and get the Prochesta prokolpo online application link from the WB official website prochesta wb. in Portal.

Prochesta Scheme Payment Procedure

First, a candidate has to submit the application form, and then the application form will go through the Preliminary inquiry and verification process. Next, the Prochesta application Verification is done by the district magistrate/ Commissioner of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Finally, the application will now get forward to the concerned banks for payment.

WB Prochesta Scheme Mode of Payment

WB Prochesta Scheme Mode of Payment

Beneficiaries will receive a cheque for Rs. 1000 in their bank account. After verifying the Prochesta application, the Nodal Department will grant the one-time ex-gratia. The beneficiaries’ files will be sent directly to the banks for payment by the nodal department.


This article concludes that the Corona Virus Pandemic has impacted all of us, both physically and financially. Complete lockdowns have harmed all sectors of the economy. While this was an essential step in preventing the spread of this deadly disease, everything comes at a cost. These lockdowns cost us money and had a variety of other consequences. Those with a middle income and those who are economically disadvantaged suffered the most during this time.

The West Bengal government took the necessary efforts to address the situation and assist the affected people. Financial assistance discounted food grains, unrestrained LPG gas cylinders for Ujjawal connection users, 1000 rupees cash for Jan Dhan account holders, and free health insurance for health sector employees are among the benefits. The state government has also adopted several measures, one of which is the Prochesta Scheme. As the name implies, Prochesta Prokolpo (prochesta wb. in) is an endeavor to help financially disadvantaged persons in the state.

I hope you guys find the West Bengal Prochesta Scheme information in this post helpful. We’ve attempted to answer all of your queries in this post.

If any further queries, please ask them in the comments section. You may also save our website to your favorites.


Wait for the online registration for the West Bengal Prochesta Scheme to open. It’s possible that the link isn’t functioning correctly due to high usage. Due to increased use, the link to the prochesta prokolpo online application may not operate correctly at times.

In how many days the West Bengal Prochesta Scheme fund will get transferred to Bank Accounts?

The West Bengal Prochesta Scheme fund will get transmitted as soon as the officials scan the documents attached to the application form. Your money will be in your account after the verification, and the transaction is completed.

Can I get emergency relief funds from West Bengal Government if I am not a West Bengal resident but a worker?

It’s sad to report, but the emergency relief fund is only available to locals. Workers from other states who work in West Bengal are not eligible.

How to Fill Prochesta Prokolpo Online Application 2021?

To fill the Prochesta Prokolpo online application, go to the state government official website. Some websites also have the direct link: prochesta prokolpo online application link. Here are the steps to fill the online application

1) On the Prochesta Prokolpo official website (prochesta wb. in) go to the ‘Scheme section’ and select Prochesta Prokolpo Online form 2021. Click on the link and wait.

2) After that, upload all required documents. Fill up the Bank Account Number, Beneficiary Name, and the Bank’s IFSC Code. Now press the submit button, but first, double-check all of the facts. Not possible to alter after submission.

Where can I submit Prochesta Prokolpo form?

WB Prochesta Prokolpo Application Form must be filled out completely. Candidates can submit the application: 

1) In-district regions, the District Magistrate.

2) If the applicant lives in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation area, the Commissioner of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
WB Prochesta app download link – http://prochesta wb. in

Who is eligible for Prochesta Prokolpo Scheme?

To be eligible for the benefits, an applicant must be a West Bengal resident who lives below the poverty line. Workers in the unorganized sector who receive daily earnings are eligible for the Prochesta Prokolpo scheme’s benefits.

What is Prochesta app?

Indian individuals can quickly upload their data and fill out the online form to collect all of their benefits using the Prochesta Prokolpo utility and tool app established by the West Bengal government.

What is the Prachesta scheme?

The new “Prachesta” scheme will give financial help to laborers, daily wage earners, and those who have lost their jobs or livelihood chances due to the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19).

How do I open the Prochesta app?

Go to the official government website and look for the prochesta prokolpo online application link. To download the form, under the Scheme area of the official website, you will find a link to the Prochesta Prakalpa Online form 2020. Please wait for the link to open after clicking it.

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