How to close HDFC Bank Account

HDFC bank is known for its service and customer care, but according to the new government rules, you have to maintain a certain amount of balance in the account monthly. The minimum balance requirement for the Urban area is Rs. 5000, and for Rural Areas is Rs. 3000. If you cannot maintain the minimum account balance, then the bank will penalize you with a minimum balance charge.

Suppose you have multiple accounts in other banks, then it might be hard to keep the minimum account balance in all the bank accounts. The easiest way to get rid of minimum balance charges is by balancing or closing your account. The Account closure process is pretty straightforward. You have to follow some steps. If you’re searching for a How to Close HDFC account, then here is how you can do it.

How to Close HDFC Bank Account Online

How to Close HDFC Bank Account Online

Sadly, You can’t close the HDFC Bank Account Online; However, to close the HDFC bank account, you don’t need to visit a home branch. You can download the account closure form online below and see the nearest HDFC Bank branch to close your HDFC Account online.

Article HDFC Bank Account Closing Form
Bank HDFC Bank
BeneficiaryBank Customer
Form PDF DownloadDownload Here

How to close HDFC Bank Account Permanently

How to close your HDFC bank account?
If you are looking for a way to close your HDFC Bank Account, then we have a piece of very good news for you. The good news is that closing an HDFC account online is not a lengthy process. In this article, we will be talking about how you can close an HDFC bank account.
Withdraw the Balance Amount from your HDFC Bank Account
Prior to closing your account, ensure that you have withdrawn all of your funds from your HDFC. Additionally, you can transfer your entire balance to another account via UPI, NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS.
Download the HDFC Bank Account Closer Form
You can also download the Account closure form from the official HDFC bank website and take a filled form to the branch. Click Here To Download the HDFC Bank account closure form.
Fill Out The HDFC Bank Account Closer Form
After clearing the balance from your account visit your nearest branch and obtain the account closure form and fill in the form with the correct details.
Attach your KYC Documents
With the HDFC Bank Account Closure Form, all account holders must attach a copy of KYC documents, such as a copy of PAN, which also serves as proof of identity and also a proof of address. Account-holders may be requested to self-attest these documents as well.
Submit Balance Cheque Leaves, Debit Card, and Passbook
Now Submit the form to the bank executive along with the Debit card, Passbook, and Chequebook. Make sure to bring ID Proof with yourself as the executive may ask for verification.
Collect The HDFC Bank Account Closure Acknowledgment Receipt
After submitting the account closure form along with the other documents required to close your bank account the executive will give you a copy of the acknowledgment and your HDFC Bank account will be closed within 10 working days.

If you have any problem with the account closure procedure, you can call on 1800 22 1006 number for more help. The customer care executive will answer all of your questions related to account closure.

HDFC Account Closing Form Download

HDFC Account Closing Form Download

You can download the form for HDFC bank account closure form below.

Hdfc Account Closing Charges

There will be no charges if you close your HDFC Bank account within 14 days of starting. If the HDFC Bank Account is closed after 14 days of opening or within 12 months of opening, a fee of Rs.500 or the account balance, whichever is less, will be charged.

Time periodCharges
14 Days of Account OpeningNill
15 Days -12 Months of Account Opening.Rs.200 or balance in the A/c (whichever is lower)
12 Months after Account OpeningNill

How to Close Hdfc Bank Account Online with Negative Balance

If you have a negative balance on your HDFC bank account, you cannot be close it online. You will need to zero out the account balance. You can do this by making an online money transfer into the account. However, you must complete the account closing process and submit the account closure form in person at the branch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Close My HDFC Account?

In Order to close your HDFC bank Account, you have to visit your nearest branch where you can ask for the account closure form. After obtaining the form fill all of the requirements and submit the form to the bank executive along with Debit Card, Passbook, and CheckBook. Your account will be closed within 10 working days. Make sure to bring along an ID Card in case the Bank Executive asks for the verification.

Can We Close The Bank Account Online?

Currently, you can not close your bank account online. However, you can download the account closure form from the HDFC website and visit the branch to close your account.

Are There Any Charges For Closing The HDFC Bank Account?

If the account is closed within 14 days of opening or beyond 12 months of opening, no charges will be levied. If the account is closed between 15 days and 12 months of opening, an amount of Rs.500 will be levied (Rs 300/- for Senior Citizens).

What Happens If The Minimum Balance Is Not Maintained In HDFC?

If you cannot maintain the minimum balance in your account, you will be penalized with a penalty fee. The Penalty fee depends on the account types and area.

Can I Close The HDFC Account Before 1 Year?

You can close your account anytime you want. but if you close the account between 15 days and 12 months of opening a charge of Rs. 500 will be levied.

How Can I Change My HDFC Account To Zero Balance?

HDFC bank zero balance savings account can be opened by any individual who is not having any exiting account in the bank and does not have complete KYC. A Zero Balance Savings Account Can be open in the HDFC Bank, but you have certain transactional and operational limits.


So it was the article about “How to close HDFC bank account without visiting branch.” We tried to explain everything you need to know while closing your HDFC Bank Account. But still, if you have any doubts about “how to close hdfc bank account online,” ask in the comment section, we will be happy to assist you. You can also call HDFC Bank customer care for more details.

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    1. God Manger I’m sharwan Kumar vishwakarma please may account colge NRI hai may account no hai 50100087892740

      NRI please close my account

  1. Hi,
    I read your article about closing hdfc account.

    You have mentioned that one can visit the nearest branch.

    I opened the account in pune city but now I moved in imphal city. Can I visit nearest branch in imphal to close the account? Will they accept it?

    I await your prompt response.

  2. What can we do to close account without paying negative balance,
    In situation you are not able to pay them and you do not have any saving with you,
    What is use of saving account definition if we do not able to save anything in bank and banks are looting us.

  3. My Name:- saraj rai
    S.B A/C :-50100370776520
    BRANCH:- 63/1,indira chambers,hosur main road,madiwala ,bengaluru-560068,karnataka
    IFSC CODE:-HDFC0004310


  4. Account mera har mahine – me kiye ja rahe hai.,
    Yese account se kya kare ge jo costomer ko hi lute
    I want close account Hdfc bank
    M/N= 8286553743
    A/N = 50100212069233
    ID- 75704016
    Plz. Call mi
    Plz close the account
    C\O_ kalanagar (कलानागर) bandra mumbai

  5. I want to close my hdfc bank account but It has some non maintenance charge. I have no money to pay it off. What can I do ?

  6. dear sir
    hdfc bank sandila branch
    please close my account 50100510430970
    branch sandila (hdfc0002636) i beg to say that my personal problem so i close my account .if i start my account thus i reopen for visit your branch .

  7. Dear sir
    I have to close our company ( Pvt Ltd)current account.

    May I know the procedue with document details.


  8. Hii…
    I’m an international student at Canada and due to some issues I can’t go India. Could you please help me out with how to close my bank account at HDFC bank? I’m no longer using the account. My dad went at branch office to close the account but the bank manager denied saying that this is a joint account and your daughter needs to be physically here. Unfortunately I can’t fly India for next year, and I wanna close my bank account.

  9. My Name:- PRADIP DASDEB
    S.B A/C :-50100358356997
    IFSC CODE:-HDFC0000324


  10. Mera accnt har moth pay _ balance kar raha hay.bahut paraysan bank 50100181046441.ifc cod.HDFC0003501.

    A/C NO 50100384711974
    IFSC CODE HDFC0000163
    Please close my account

  12. Dear Team,

    Recently my corporate has been changed so for salary I am using other account and I am not using HDFC salary account. But the salary account is now automatically changed to Saving account and monthly deducting Rs.600/- as non maintaining minimum balance.

    My question is Should I need to pay that deducted amount if i need to close the account?

  13. Mere pass balance nahi Ac.ko balance banane ke liye asliye me ac. Band karna chahta hu ac.nam. 50100431993499 ok

  14. Is it mandatory to visit Home branch for closing an account ? Or can we close an account by visiting nearest other HDFC branch ?

  15. Hello am Nikhil Sharma can I close my bank account online my bank account number is 50100266703273
    Branch is C-34/4,Lawrence road Industrial Area , IFSC : HDFC0000932
    Contact number is 9773645658

  16. मैं विगत वर्ष नवम्बर या दिसम्बर २०२० में बचत खाता बन्द करने का फार्म में हस्ताक्षर करके शाखा में जमा किया था लेकिन मेरा खाता बन्द नहीं हुआ है और -7532,65 रुपए दिखा रहा है। इसके लिए मुझे क्या करना पड़ेगा।

  17. Main yah Mera Khata band karna chahta hun Kyunki mere pass maintenance balance rakhne ke liye pahchan Nahin Hai Main Pareshan hun mere pass hokar Nahin Hai Kya maintenance rakhne ke liye isliye main band karna chahta hun

  18. I have not used my account past two years the charges are very high so that’s way I have to request to close my account How to close my hdfc account plz tell me

  19. Sar mera naam Lokesh Sen hai main Madhya Pradesh Rewa se Rahane wala hun mere salary account mein dikhaya jaaye jaaki iske procedure ke bare mein mujhe nahin pata tha sar sar to isliye main bahut dur se Rahane wala hun apna account ko close karna chahta hun sar please help me

  20. I am not interested HDFC Bank
    Sir. I am not using for the Account that is why I am requesting for the closer of the Account

  21. My account close hdfc bank se sevieg account permanent close kar diya jaye please urgent close Mari sir

  22. Please close my hdfc account I don’t want to use this Please help me
    My account number 50100491384385
    Ifsc code HDFC0001111

  23. my account hdfc bank se seving account permanently close kar diya jaye please
    i am very sorry!!
    other bank m mainus balance kiya jata hai app ki bank m kyon

    bench Sec 63 Noida up

  24. my account hdfc bank se seving account permanently close kar diya jaye please
    i am very sorry!!
    other bank m mainus balance kiya jata hai app ki bank m kyon

    bench Sec 63 Noida up

  25. hdfc bank
    my account is a salary account but debit amb chrage so
    i request close my account hdfc bank system is third quality
    135774587 is coustmer id
    my mobile no is 9665724942
    mai geya tha bandra hdfc branch me oo log account close nehi kar raha hai ulat se mere account me – amount kara raha hai

        1. Dear Sir Mera a/c nm 10038836 accaunt me deyya huwa pehele NOMBER hatake ye 7708459896 NOMBER active Kar do pls I request you

  26. Hi, sir my negative balanc is 2897 without paying how to close my account iam out of the state please help on urgent bases

  27. मेरा खाता बंद कर दिजिए
    क्योंकि मैं उत्तर प्रदेश से हरियाणा तक नहीं पहुंच सकता हूं

  28. मेरे भारत के लोग गरीबो को लुटने वाले HDFC के लोग जो की एक गरीब का बेटा अगर कंपनी मे था तब भी पैसे काटे जाते थे और आज कोवीड के कारन घर तब भी पैसे काटे जा रहे हरामी है HDFC कुतो की तरह गरीबो को लुट रहै

  29. The previous company opened my salary account at HDFC Bank. However, the account balance has become negative due to not maintaining the minimum balance. I want to close my account without paying a negative balance. Please close my account as soon as possible.

  30. I have an account at the HDFC bank in the Jodhpur branch in Rajasthan. My job has ended and I do not have enough funds in my account to close it. I wish to close my account. I would appreciate your assistance and suggestions. Would it be possible to close my salary account, which has already been converted into savings? There is a negative balance in my account, so I am unable to maintain the minimum balance. Please assist me

  31. Hi
    I would like to close my hdfc account as I am aboard and will not be able to come to India because of pandemic. Can any of my relative submit the account closure form to any hdfc branch ?


  32. My account is also getting negative due to salary account, I have not used this account and without my consent the company has opened this account by giving my documents, in which there is no photo of me.
    please suggest me to close the account without paying
    Vijay Lakhera

  33. HIi my negative balanc is 4117without paying how to close my account iam out of the state please help on urgent bases…

  34. I want to close my Account. please call me as soon as posible. I am not using my account. My account Number is 50100240655114

      1. I want to close my Account. please call me as soon as posible. I am not using my account. My account Number is 50100240655114

  35. I’m trying to get my account closed for good but am asked to travel in the times of a pandemic which is simple ridiculous. If I can visit my closest bank or send anything via post to the branch, they are not acknowledging anything on my end and expect me to travel states.

    The bank refuses to connect me to someone who can speak english while I cannot really understand Tamil

    I have had horrible experience with HDFC bank and cannot tolerate their negligence to my requests anymore. I’ve also raised requests on HDFC complain centre but no response.

  36. 1. Mera salary account me salary aana bandh ho gya hai.. 1 saal ho gya hai.. Aur abhi negetive balance hai.. toh kya main negetive balance pay kar k.. account close kar sakta hu?

    2. account close karne k liye bhi kya charges dene padenge?

    1. 1- Yes, you may close your HDFC account if you pay off the negative balance.
      2- No, you will not have to pay any additional fees.

  37. Because of not maintaining minimum balance, my balance drops to -600 & I lost my debit card. So is it possible to close my account without paying that amount & Debit Card??

    1. You have to pay that amount in order to be able to close your HDFC account, you don’t need to submit the debit card.

  38. I want to close my HDFC salary account, since from last 2years i am living in outside of India. Its not possible to come India during this heavy pandemic. I would like to request you to kindly assist me in this case without visit to branch. If there is any other way to close my account from online or through my friend(If I filled a form and submit by my friend).

    1. It is not possible to close an HDFC bank account without going to the branch. Close the account when you visit India next time.

  39. Due to the bank’s “minimum balance” charges, my hdfc account balance is – 6000 & I cannot close the account.

    1. If you leave the account like that, it will be declared dormant after 2-3 years & you can close Close HDFC Bank Account without paying anything, or if you pay that amount immediately, you can close HDFC Account instantly.

  40. I wanted to close my PREVIOUS child account because i have open an adult account but the employee in charge said that i have to leave 5000rupee in that previous account to be able to closed successfully.. Is that really necessary???

    1. Yes sir,
      HDFC charges a 500INR account closing fee. You should have upgraded your existing account instead of opening a new one. Nevertheless, you should deposit the money and close it or else HDFC will keep charging you around 450 INR per month for “Balance Non-Maintenance Charges.”.

    1. Sending it to the home branch via post might work. However, I haven’t personally tried it. If you try it, let us know how it goes.

  41. Can I close my account online without visiting to home center,this is only when person is living abroad and this pandemic can not come to India.

    1. Without visiting the bank, it is not possible to close an HDFC Bank account. Therefore, you will have to close it when you visit India next time