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  1. Can I close my account online without visiting to home center,this is only when person is living abroad and this pandemic can not come to India.

  2. I wanted to close my PREVIOUS child account because i have open an adult account but the employee in charge said that i have to leave 5000rupee in that previous account to be able to closed successfully.. Is that really necessary???

    1. Yes sir,
      HDFC charges a 500INR account closing fee. You should have upgraded your existing account instead of opening a new one. Nevertheless, you should deposit the money and close it or else HDFC will keep charging you around 450 INR per month for “Balance Non-Maintenance Charges.”.

  3. Due to the bank’s “minimum balance” charges, my hdfc account balance is – 6000 & I cannot close the account.

    1. If you leave the account like that, it will be declared dormant after 2-3 years & you can close Close HDFC Bank Account without paying anything, or if you pay that amount immediately, you can close HDFC Account instantly.

  4. I want to close my HDFC salary account, since from last 2years i am living in outside of India. Its not possible to come India during this heavy pandemic. I would like to request you to kindly assist me in this case without visit to branch. If there is any other way to close my account from online or through my friend(If I filled a form and submit by my friend).

  5. Because of not maintaining minimum balance, my balance drops to -600 & I lost my debit card. So is it possible to close my account without paying that amount & Debit Card??

  6. 1. Mera salary account me salary aana bandh ho gya hai.. 1 saal ho gya hai.. Aur abhi negetive balance hai.. toh kya main negetive balance pay kar k.. account close kar sakta hu?

    2. account close karne k liye bhi kya charges dene padenge?

  7. I’m trying to get my account closed for good but am asked to travel in the times of a pandemic which is simple ridiculous. If I can visit my closest bank or send anything via post to the branch, they are not acknowledging anything on my end and expect me to travel states.

    The bank refuses to connect me to someone who can speak english while I cannot really understand Tamil

    I have had horrible experience with HDFC bank and cannot tolerate their negligence to my requests anymore. I’ve also raised requests on HDFC complain centre but no response.